May 24 2016

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Here We Can Decode & Document All Of The Things we See On Our Tv Screens, The Songs We Hear On Our Radios, The Advertisements We See On The Billboards & Tv, This Is How The The Things We Expose At Enchanted LifePath  Are Hidden In Plain Sight. Well The Veil Is Lifted And They Are No Longer Hidden.

Produced by Wieden+Kennedy London, Three’s latest campaign signals the UK exclusive availability of dial on Three.



Purple puppet is probably a prince reference. purple being Satan’s colour the mixing of the two blue and red. And I think the elevator I believe is also a symbol of accession. . Will I am could mean several things.

The will of “I am ” meaning Satan proclaiming to be God as the Bible states “I am ” is a reference to Yahweh and is who Satan wants to be. And could mean the will of Satan (mark of the beast) being brought upon the world…

That part where the ” puppet” tells the kid to stay in school, pounds fists, and the watch is transferred to the kids right arm right where the mark is said to go..also a lot of CERN references from the glass firm breaking to the portal in the sky, to the ring shapes on the speakers… Is Jackson the puppet is a reference to Michael Jackson…. Also at 9 seconds there is a picture of and Illuminati Cypher/ alchemy symbols that could take most of the night to decode… and at 26 seconds freeze that pic… there is a puzzle there…

Timotheus Hoettges, chief executive officer of Deutsche Telekom AG, left, hugs Will.I.Am, musician-turned-entrepreneur, at the Telekom Unleashed event launching the Dial smartwatch at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, on Monday, Feb. 22, 2016. Mobile World Congress, an annual phone-industry event organized by GSMA Ltd., runs from Feb 22 to Feb 25. Photographer: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg *** Local Caption *** Will.I.Am; Timotheus Hoettges
Timotheus Hoettges, chief executive officer of Deutsche Telekom AG, left, hugs Will.I.Am, musician-turned-entrepreneur, at the Telekom Unleashed event launching the Dial smartwatch at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, on Monday, Feb. 22, 2016. Mobile World Congress, an annual phone-industry event organized by GSMA Ltd., runs from Feb 22 to Feb 25. Photographer: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg *** Local Caption *** Will.I.Am; Timotheus Hoettges

Three teams up with in new TV advert to launch dial

Following a streak of wildly popular campaigns, including 2014’s #SingItKitty and 2015’s rousing #MakeItRight, mobile network Three and Wieden+Kennedy have collaborated once again to advertise the launch of the world’s first voice operated device, the dial. The dial is available exclusively to the Three network and has been developed by, the fashion and technology brand from musician and entrepreneur
The dial, a next-generation wearable developed by, will be available at Three UK from May 13, 2016. In the spirit of Three, dialendeavours to set people free from technological constraints with its many features.
Featuring the groundbreaking, voice-based AneedA platform in addition to a stunning selection of over 20 million music tracks available free of charge, dial is an intelligent new wearable that gives users the information and speed they expect from a smartphone — without being tethered to a smartphone.
To mark the arrival of dial at Three stores in the UK, Wieden+Kennedy has produced a bold 60” TVC that sees and Jackson, the loveable hero of the #MakeItRight campaign, introducing the wearable to a dark, futuristic cityscape.
Unleashed into the wilds of this urban environment by night, the unlikely cowboys gallop along to’s new song “Superdope.”Combining sweeping cinematic visuals with pulsating beats and the irresistible pairing of and Three’s lovable puppet Jackson, the commercial was helmed by Daniel Wolfe of Somesuch, who previously directed #MakeItRight spot and film thriller Catch Me Daddy.
A true intersection of film, music, and technology, the TVC is peppered with spirited action sequences, humour, excitement, and the same heart Jackson brought to #MakeItRight.True to the core of Three and alike, the commercial celebrates innovation, cultural change, and the thrilling new frontiers unlocked by technology.
As and Jackson spread the word about dial to curious teens, they bring to light the new possibilities opened up by the device, backed by an infectious new track as the soundtrack to future adventures.Lianne Norry, Director of Brand & Communications at Three, said: “When came to us with this opportunity we knew we couldn’t walk away from it, as we are on a mission to make mobile better for our customers.
With we’ve found something of a kindred spirit: another challenger brand that genuinely shares our ambition to push the envelope and make things right in the mobile world.
The launch of dial represents a new era, and we couldn’t be more excited to share the new advert that celebrates our partnership.Larry Seftel and David Day, Creative Directors at Wieden+Kennedy London, are equally excited about the latest commercial collaboration between Three and W+K, saying: “Collaborating with has been a blast. It’s not often you get to work with the man who’s conceived the product, stars in the campaign, and writes the theme tune.
To work on a project that fused technology, music, film — and Jackson! — all at once was creatively challenging and exciting, and we’re looking forward to sharing it.”The commercial will debut on May 13, 2016, coinciding with the release of dial to Three stores nationwide.
Three UK is a telecommunications and internet service provider operating in the United Kingdom as a subsidiary of Hutchison Whampoa. The company launched in March 2003 as the UK’s first commercial video mobile network. It provides 3G and 4G services through its own network infrastructure.The Three mobile service was launched in the UK on 3 March 2003 (03-03-03),[1] with handsets going on sale later that month. This made Three the UK’s first commercial video mobile network. On 9 December 2004, Three announced that they were the first network to meet their regulatory requirement of 80% population coverage in the UK.[2]
Dial Was Released In The UK on May 13 2016 Let’s See What We find here…

May 13 Is 13 Days Into The Feast Of Baal, 13 Days After The Festival Of Beltane Began With Fires Burning In Canada, In Manhattan, New York We Seen The Serbian Orthadox Church Of St Sava Burn To The Ground, This Church Was Built And Named In Honor Of Serbian Priest St Sava Also Known As The illuminator.OTHER PLACES I FOUND THE ILLUMINATOR Sveti_Sava_Kraljeva_Crkva_Detalj

AboutMission: To smash the myths of the information industry and shine a light on the urgent issues of our time. The Illuminator is a collective political art project based in New York City that was initiated in March of 2012. The project emerged out of the Occupy Wall Street movement, in the wake of the original “OWS Bat Signal” projection-action of 17 November 2011. Since then the collective has staged hundreds of interventions in public spaces—both geographical and virtual—as acts of incitement and invitation. We transform the street from a site of transit to a space of engagement, conflict, and dialogue. The images we create circulate over the Internet as vivid talismans of trespass within the over-saturated and suffocating visual culture of commodity capitalism, provoking much needed dialogue concerning the issues of our time. By adopting a superhero persona we strive to communicate in a pop culture vernacular so that all may understand our mission. We call for heroism—for an insurgent broad based popular movement to challenge entrenched power and initiate the radical political, social, and economic transformations that the urgency of this moment demands. 

So How Does All This Tie Into Baal?

May 13 Is 13 Days After May Day Also Known As The Beginning Of The Feast Of Baal, Beltane As We Said Earlier. 13 Days Before Beltane Began We Entered The 13 Days Of Preparation.

13 Days of Preparation April 19th - May 1st MEME

13 Days of Preparation | Occult Significance of May Day and the 13 days of April 19th – May 1st

There are various occult (hidden) days of significance throughout the calendar year which have special importance. From March 22nd to May 1st is known as the ‘season of sacrifice,’ which as a period of time when many false flag events have occurred.  All of this underscores the importance of knowledge. What is hidden can only remain so if we never look. The illusionists trick can only be experienced as real if we do not gain awareness of it. Help others see the truth by sharing it with those who do not know.  Knowledge is the only true immunisation against fraud, deception and manipulation.

During This Period We Have Seen Many Satanic Things Take Place Including The Sacrifice Of Prince, Symbolized By The Purple In This Will I Am & Jackson Advert.  We Seen Will.I.Am And Jackson Enter The Elevator And Come Out Of It, Lets See Why This Is Significant To Prince

Here Is My Research On The Prince Sacrifice.


Prince Sacrifice Research – I Would Die 4 U In Reverse – Purple ‘Imbolc’ Rain –

July 2017 has hit back after being slated for his London shout out during One Love Manchester concert

Wieden+Kennedy is an independent, creatively driven advertising agency that creates strong and provocative relationships between good companies and their customers. Our work builds cultural influence and bottom line value for our clients. We do this for some of the world’s biggest brands and some of the world’s most ambitious challengers. Here are some things other people have said about us:

Forbes magazine:

In a recent survey among 1,850 CMOs Wieden+Kennedy emerged as the favourite ad agency. W+K is looked upon as being head and shoulders above the rest. The agency was voted best all round by a remarkable 68% of respondents.

Shots Magazine:

W+K has demonstrated once again how to create iconic work, irrespective of the category in which it plays. They don’t just create great content, they seem to create new benchmarks with freakish consistency.

It’s nice that industry folk pay us compliments, but what really matters is how real people feel about the work. If you look at the Google leaderboard for most popular ads on YouTube – the hits that rack up millions of unpaid views (the work people chose to watch and share), our track record is unparalleled.

Business Insider wrote about this:

“(In 2012) One agency showed its endless ability to make viewing gold – Wieden+Kennedy had seven ads on the list including the top spot,” they said. “In 2013 three out of the top ten were by W+K. In 2014 four out of the top ten – including the top two – were by W+K, and W+K again was #1 on the creative agency rankings. And in 2015 W+K was again ranked #1 on the agency leaderboard, with eight of the world’s most watched ads in the year.

Andrew W.K.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  (Redirected from Andrew W.K)
Andrew W.K.
Andrew WK.jpg

Andrew W.K. in 2006
Background information
Birth name Andrew Fetterly Wilkes-Krier
Born May 9, 1979 (age 38)[1]
Palo Alto, California, United States
Origin Ann Arbor, Michigan(childhood residence)
New York City, New York(current residence)
Genres Punk rockalternative rockparty-metalnu-metalhard rockalternative metalheavy metalexperimental
Occupation(s) Singer-songwritermusicianproduceractor
Instruments Vocalsguitarpianobassdrumskeytar
Years active 1998–present
Labels HansonBulbIslandUniversalMercury, Skyscraper Music Maker/Steev Mike
Associated acts Wolf EyesTo Live and Shave in L.A.Matt SweeneyLee “Scratch” PerryMatt & Kim, Reverse Polarity, Ancient Art of Boar, The Pterodactyls, Dave Grohl and Steev Mike (inc)
Website Official website

Andrew Fetterly Wilkes-Krier (born May 9, 1979), better known by his stagename Andrew W.K., is an American singer-songwritermulti-instrumentalistentertainermotivational speaker, and music producer. As a musician, he is known for his singles “Party Hard” and “We Want Fun“. He also has a role in the game Fallout 4 in the Nuka-World DLC. He plays the character known as “Redeye” who runs the Nuka-World Radio Station.

Andrew Fetterly Wilkes-Krier, better known by his stage name Andrew W.K., is an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, entertainer, motivational speaker, and music producer. Wikipedia
Andrew appeared as one of the 77 drummers in the 77 Boadrum concert held at the Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park in Brooklyn, New York
There are lots of stories out there about this guy that Andrew and his “team” had apparently worked very hard to cover-up, ignore, or spin in some more flattering way.

Not only do some people think he’s part of the Illuminati, but some think that he was actually created by an organization such as the Scientologists or even just plain Satanists.

Andrew W.K. is a creation!  He’s a corporate creation! He’s a big publicity stunt promoting certain ideas about life that other people might not want the public to know about. He is a Scientologist and quite possibly a Mason.  He’s worked with a lot of the same industry executives as Lady Gaga, who many people think is the later effort by the same team to make a female version of Andrew W.K.

Steev Mike & Andrew WK’s Dark Secrets

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