A  Liverpool couple have been left puzzled after waking up to find two clocks had stopped at the same time on Sunday, October, 30, 2016.

Jennifer Ball, 30, Halewood, awoke on Sunday morning to find strange activity on three clocks in her home with two stopped exactly at 07:10 am.

The third clock stopped at 11:15 am but even more unexplained occurrences took place with the third clock face being turned upside down from inside.

Jennifer Ball, security worker, Liverpool John Lennon airport, said: “I woke up and came into the living room and two of the clocks had stopped at the exact same time.

“It freaked me out as I know the odds of this happening must be huge.

I often think of my late mum if anything a bit spooky happens but this is different as I have no logic towards it”

“I had to look at them couple of times because I knew the clocks had gone back during night, when I checked the time on the television menu it was 08:40 am”.

Kevin Ball, 31, Halewood, said: “When I looked at them I was confused, all I could say was that is not right, this is not normal”.

Theories towards the mystery phenomenon include EMI, electromagnetic interference with signals within the electronics clocks, but in this instance both were analogue, battery powered.

Lightening could trigger EMI but there was no lightening in Liverpool over the weekend during build up to Halloween.

Low batteries suddenly reaching low temperature at night for the first time in the Autumn season is another reason clocks may also stop suddenly.

Spiritualists say clocks can hold a spiritual meaning and it may be a warning or communication from the dead.

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