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Paedophile hunter group Trap scored a huge victory for members of the public after uploading a video to Facebook showing the end results of his own citizen investigation into a paedophile after using social media to arrange a meeting with him outside a children’s school.

The video which now has 618.000 views shows the moment a Trap member confronts Kyle Fourie who believed he was meeting a 13 year old boy in Southampton after explicit conversations online.

Kyle Fourie had engaged in sexual conversations in an attempt to lure a 13 year old boy to meet him unknowing he was talking to an adult who was documenting all the information with a view to performing a citizen’s arrest on the would be child abuser.

The paedophile hunter approaches Fourie as the child sex predator is looking for the minor he thought he had groomed, caught of guard, Fourie turns away from the camera and covers his face with his hood whilst walking away erratically as the hunter stays in pursuit reading out disturbing details of the conversation he had with Fourie online.

He can be heard quoting the the perverted questions Fourie was asking during the conversation which included asking the decoy child if he was gay and did he like paedophiles and child abusers!

The member of public said whilst referencing Fourie: “You asked, are you gay? Do you like talking to young and older men?

“Yes, okay, do your parents know you are gay?

“Have you got a boyfriend?

“Do you masturbate?

“I wish I had a boyfriend, do you watch a film called children’s island? The special friendship.

“I am 25, do you live alone?”

The hunter contacted police and followed Fourie for up to ten minutes whilst the paedophile, who is believed to be older than 25, seemed to be frantically deleting messages and evidence of his vile ways from his mobile phone before being quoted as saying: “Do you like people who are paedophiles and child abusers?”

In a desperate attempt to escape Fourie tried to board public transport twice before being shunned by bus drivers who were made aware of the crimes committed by Fourie, who was trying to use learning difficulties as a way to gain help from the general public, who remained vigilant and rebuffed Fourie’s attempts to gain an easy route out of being exposed in such a way.

The Trap member (grey) can be seen talking to police with details of the sordid conversation in his hand with Fourie (black) continuing to try to wriggle his way out of being caught by then running out into the middle of the road and falling over onto his face where he then remained laying face down as if seriously injured until paramedics arrived on the scene to treat him as he made strange noises in a vein last attempt to escape being exposed in public as a paedophile any further.

Traps video has since gone on to be seen by millions of people with other Facebook pages sharing the post resulting in over three million views, helping to raise awareness of daily horrid activities in the UK.

This comes as a global effort to raise paedophile awareness during 2017 and gather enough evidence to bring convictions to child sex predators in the wake of thousands of complaints coming in to hotlines set up after the football child abuse scandal hit some f the best known football clubs in the United Kingdom late in 2016.

Campaigns are in place around the world to help tackle this huge problem which leaves countless children in danger each day, one such campaign is hopeful of exposing paedophile activity around a secret annual celebration held by such monsters in April every year.

April the 25th is Alice Day, originally known as “Paedophile Pride Day” the day was devised by paedophile activists during the 1990′s to celebrate their desire to molest children.

Paedophiles use this day to secretly boast in public about the sick world they live in, the mind set and the abuse of children.

Using their own secret codes and logos they are able to remain fairly undetected by the general public as many of us go about our daily lives without realising the dangers around our children.

A petition is now in place to request extra policing around public places such as schools and parks on Alice Day in the United Kingdom in 2017.

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