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Police Chief: Ex Prime Minister Satanic Child Abuse Ritual Allegations “Totally Convincing”

A group of women who say former prime minister Sir Edward Heath abused them as children have also accused their parents of being involved in a satanic child sex ring responsible for at least 16 murders.

British police continue to probe shocking claims that the former prime minister was linked to the paedophile ring  and any convictions would make them the worst child murderers in British history.

Details forwarded to police investigating the horrid levels of abuse and murder carried out include victims being stabbed, burned, tortured and maimed during satanic orgies.

Wiltshire Chief Constable Mike Veale is reported to believe child abuse allegations against the late politician – are ‘totally convincing’

Veale said: ‘The legal role of the police service is to, on behalf of the public, impartially investigate allegations without fear or favour, and go where the evidence takes us.’

The women claim the evil cult often slaughtered children during rituals in forests and churches in southern England.

Allegations of historic child abuse are building against high powered people in the United Kingdom amidst the football paedophillia scandal which broke in December 2016, and now the women claim their mother and father – who is said to have known the former Conservative leader – were responsible for slaughtering children ranging from babies to teenagers – but as always with such complaints, they evaded justice.

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