As always another little hunch spirals off into all sorts, stick around while I work on this article and main video about the findings I have made during what I thought was an innocent walk to the shop in the morning..

Enchanted Liverpool | Bootle’s Hidden Hex & 6 Pointed Star Saturnalia Worship The Baphomet.

During a walk to the shops I decided to cut accross Bootle’s North Park, on Stanley road, L20, as I approached the Bootle Leisure Centre which is located within the grounds of the park, I noticed something very odd right under my feet.

Hundreds of people walk accross or past this fairly innocent looking feature built into the ground outside the entrance to leisure centre, which is also the local Swimming baths replacing Oriel road baths in 1997.

The thing which struck me but will go unoticed by 99.9% of the people who visit the complex when taking children to the play areas, or to use the sports fascilities at the centre on a daily basis, was the symblic meaning to the occultists and satanists of the world who own 99.9% of the land and major establishments.

This leads right into a lot of my research over the past two years documenting the hidden history of Liverpool in many articles and videos which contain highly exclusive findings and a unique research style never seen before in our city, bringing me to the conclusion that Liverpool has indeed been built on evil foundations, this is just the latest discovery, let me show you what I see hidden in plain sight.

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The 6 pointed star is visable on the floor in the open space outide the main entrance to the leisure centre, it is placed inside a hexagon by design, this is deliberate as when the drawings for the site were created by the architect of the centre, surrounding areas and pathways, he will of been precise in his workings, but what is symbolic about this star and hexagon, and why is this not here by accident?

This is Saturnalia worhsip and is the symbol often used to represent the baphomet, the beast, who is Saturn (Satan) and his mark is the 6-pointed star, Saturn is the planetary name for Satan, the mark of Cain was the mark of Saturn, a six-pointed star.

The star in bootle is aligned purposely and placed inside a hexagon, this is like walking into your worst nightmare and his evil twin, yet so many are oblivious to what could possibly be the link between 666, a star and Saturn.

You may not realise it but the whole world has been unknowingly worshiping Saturn for thousands of years, is it strange to suggest all religions hail the same God repackaged into different cultures using other deities and demons to carry on a long and winding tradition of evil and deception dating back to before the Knights Templars began worshiping Saturn?  Who and where are the Templars now?

The Vatican is ran by Templars and Jesuit black Popes who embark in satanic and freemasonic practices and never ending secret rituals to such Gods and demons still to this day, other examples include Mecca (pictured below).

The cube we see at Mecca is symbolic of Saturn but how? When we look at images of Saturn we not only see it’s rings but it also has another noticable feature, the hexagon on the north pole of the planet which is a cloud pattern generated by a persistant storm, inside the hexagon is the eye of the storm another reason we see freemasons including celebrities worshipping the eye symbolism.

A shock to religions or the truth in plain sight? It depends how you process the information here, but most people will not of known any of this up on arriving at this webpage so let me answer the questions which must be going through your mind now.

The storm on Saturn (pictured right) is the reason we see the word Hex affiliated with the occult, the hexagon has the eye of Horus in the middle, the all seeing eye.

When you place a six pointed star inside a hexagon you are clearly more than leaning towrds saturn worship and sacrifice to the Baphomet, but what is the Baphomet?

One of the most symbolic images we have had etched into our minds when thinking about the Devil is one of a horned figure, we also see many celebrities covering one eye and sticking out their tounge, the tounge is sumbolic of the lamb, the mocking of Jesus, the hand over one eye is in reference to Saturn in honour of the all seeing eye of Horus. The Baphomet is a horned Devil with breasts of a woman, the head of a goat and the strentgh of a man, he is often depicted with his hands in an as above so below gesture. He requires child sacrifice which are carried out by the people who follow this shocking way of life and it happens all around us.

This is a short introductary explanation of the Hexagon, the six pointed star and the Baphomet, now we can go looking into what I found when looking deeper into freemasoonic links to Bootle.


Bootles north park is situated very close to the docks which ensured the area became a prime target for German Luftwaft bombers during World War 2 after playing a major role in operations and logistics resulting in Bootle becoming known as Britains most bombed Bourough during the war.

The town was rebuilt and was home to an all new shopping centre called Bootle New Strand, which was commerated by The United States of America in 1969 for its ties with the small Merseyside Borough.

Bootle Strand went on to be the scene of one of Liverpool’s most heartbreaking stories as the kidnapping and murder of two year old Jamres Bulger swept not only the city but the whole nation in 1993.

Just a few hundred yards up the road we come to North Park, the place this article began.

As I was taking a short piece of footage outside the leisure centre, I did not notice the shape of the building at the time, but after I uploaded the footage and images to my computer at home I soon realised there was more to this layout than meets the eye and I may have been onto something with my hunch about the place.

On inspection it strikes me they have coded at least three sets of 666 into the design of this sports centre and park, the picture below shows how the number six is hidden three times on the buildings roof feature and again into the six pointed star and six sided hexagon.

This guide illustrates why I said I could see 666 above the leisure centre, V is the hebrew number 6 as you can clearly see in the diagram. This is how the elite hide things right under our noses using numeric codes, nuumerology, anti-dates and even secret calandars to perform ritualistic sacrifices on, monuments like this one here in Bootle are on display for the freemasons of the city to be proud of in their sick and twisted ways, remember a lot of this satanic mind set leads to child abuse and sacrifice, these designs and codes are in honour of the Devils they adore.

The building was suspect but how about the Hex (hexagon) and six pointed star what made me think of 666 when I walked up to it?

There are litterally hexagons everywhere on the grounds of bootle leisure centre, the image above covers the star, but as you see it does contain a hexagon within the star, you can also join the tips of the star points to create another hexagon, then the actual hexagon around the star on the bootle shrine to Satan, when you look at it now does it look Satanic to you? This is very dark stuff and I don’t expect you to be able to take it all in right away but it will hit home.


The New Strand Shopping Centre, known locally simply as The Strand, is the main shopping centre in Bootle, Merseyside, England. Strangely enough the address of the shopping centre is Address: 73 The Hexagon, Merseyside, Bootle L20 4SZ.

The distance between the Bootle, North Park Leisure Centre Hexagon & The Bootle New Strand Hexagon Is 0.33 Miles, yep he have the infamous masonic call sign, the number 33. This Is illuminati Confirmed.

You can not make this up #weAreTheNews, bonus fact, the date of the images (Below) on Google Earth is a spooky 6/6/2016, 2016 = 666 but how Carl how???? Simple maths, 666+666+666+6+6+6 = 2016, remember these freaks like to hide things in numerology and geomatric values of a letter, this means  letters representive number, eg, a=1 b=2 c=3.

There are many ways to decode this type of stuff but the main focus here was the 33 discovery.

Somewhere in the article I left a hidden subject which I thought would be best to tackle last, it is a topic which I have put a lot of work into in 2017 after becoming aware of some seriously disturbing information regarding a paedophile pride day known as Alice day which celebrated annually by paedophiles all around the world on April 25.

So whilst looking at Bootle North Park from above on Google Earth I was shocked to discover one of the paedophile logos released by the FBI to warn us of the secret codes, logos and symbols used by these child sex monsters to communicate but remain undetected by the masses.

Remember, I have informed you of the child abuse and sacrificial rituals involving children in this post, it goes hand in hand with these people, please look at my articles about the subject, and I have a critical belief you need to know this urgently.

We are just 28 days away from Alice day 2017, I have been running a campaign to raise public awareness and highlight key facts to help parents and children be more educated on the dangers around us at all times not just on April 25.

Image result for pedo symbols fbi

Using data and information, readily available to the public, which I have sourced from the official UK & Ireland paedophile database, I have published various articles and lead three petitions with the latest asking for a paedophile content amnesty on Alice day in reply to a shocking government responce to an earlier petition asking for a greater police presence in public on april 25, in which they branded the campaign as nonsense and a joke.

I have have had a funny feeling about that park for a while, but now, after making this discovery I now will be stepping up the drive to make sure no paedophiles feel safe going near that park and escaping justice on Alice day, April 25, 2017.

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