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Joan Grande – Ariana’s mum, the handler, I’ll expose this evil for what it is…. now Joan Grande, did the parents get their kids back please?

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Various news outlets posted articles after the Manchester arena bombing including quotes from Ariana Grande’s mum Joan Grande stating that she took around ten kids backstage during the initial moments after the bomb was heard in the arena on May 22, 2017.

With reports mixed between Joan Grande being in the seating area as the bomb was heard, or actually already on her way backstage as the events of the night unfolded, either way, the 48-year-old, it is alleged, joined forces with Ariana’s security team and helped young fans to dressing rooms, securing their safety until the area was evacuated.

There seems to be a few things wrong with this from the outset, firstly, the media coverage went into a frenzy after the attack, which it is suggested left 22 dead and at least 119 injured, with reporters scrambling over themselves to interview the victims and so called heroes who were all caught up in the euphoria as the eyes of the world looked on.

We heard so many heroic stories we may expect to see marvel writing a new super hero movie with an all new cast based on events at the Manchester Arena, we had homeless people wading through blood and guts to help the children, parents battled back through blast forces and shrapnel to treat family members with jumpers before running away from the whole scene without being captured by any cameras, and now we have the hero mum of the heartbroken pop star whose pretty little pink balloon burst abruptly on May 22.

various mainstream news outlets and magazines have ran with the story of Joan Grande taking ten kids to the dressing rooms, though it is also alleged even Ariana, miraculously, was NOT in the arena as the bomb was detonated. This will be more smoke and mirrors. How did the singer get out so fast? Why was her mum and whole security team still inside the arena seemingly bundling little girls into backstage dressing rooms?

It is hard to believe all of this took place without any of the interview hungry BBC or SKY News journalists finding it within themselves to locate and interview any of the children. They went from being caught up in a bomb scene to being backstage in Ariana Grande’s dressing rooms with the stars mum. These children could of had another £100.000 raised via crowdfunding with this heartstrings puller but no. Not a single word spoken about what happened to these children after they went backstage with Joan Grande.

Questions must be asked based on these reports, so here goes.

Who are the children taken by Joan?

Where are the children now?

What happened to the children after they went backstage?

Can we find the children and interview parents of the kids taken by Joan Grande?

Exactly how many children went with Joan Grande?

Did this really happen?

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