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Brenda’s Beaver needs a barber is a book from Bimisi Tayanita (Author), Sumguyen Bangladesh (Illustrator) that was published by Reach Around Books.

Brenda's Beaver needs a barber

Brenda’s Beaver needs a barber is a book about a woman who has a pet beaver that has overgrown hair.

In the story Brenda does not realise how bad society sees her hairy beaver and after she makes an appearance at the beach her friends pull her away and convince her to let them shave it.

Brenda's Beaver Shaven In Sexual Subliminals 'Reach Around' Kids Books

The book is loaded with references to shaving vaginas and one of the characters even mentions having a Brazilian.

Although it is placed in literature and humour categories (not kids) on Amazon the sexualised nature of the book and the writing style raise questions about the writers intentions as the book is child friendly on the eye with less than 10 words on some pages.

The publishers, Reach Around Books name is taken from a sex act defined as:

Noun. (plural reacharounds) Manual stimulation of a sexual partner’s genitals during anal or vaginal intercourse from behind. (idiomatic) An ostensibly thoughtful gesture, especially one performed to win favour or mitigate unfair treatment.

Reach Around Books have a very strange sense of humour that blends sexual adult themes with child themed illustrations and depictions.

The company also publish a host of other books in the same worrying style with titles such as Suzy Likes To Look At Balls which has a front cover featuring a cartoon girl aged around 5 peeping around the corner in a boys changing room.

Suzy Likes To Look At Balls

Another adult/child book they published is called “Put Tony’s Nuts In Your Mouth” and again it is in a child friendly design.

The caption on Amazon is “If you have not done it yet, you are really missing out…
Grab a sack of Tony’s nuts and put them in your mouth!

Put Tony's Nuts In Your Mouth Sick Book Blasted By Enchanted LifePath News & Media

Another horror story that refers to masturbation is called “Spank The Monkey Lends A hand” and it features a cartoon monkey that would attract a child to the book.

Part of the description for this installment is “Spank the Monkey Lends a Hand is a fun and light hearted story that everybody can relate to, except for you of course…you have no idea what everybody is laughing about (wink, wink).”

“Come Swing With Us” is another publication from the mad writers Bimisi Tayanita and Sumguyen Bangladesh and this one takes the reader on a tale of swinging but it is all designed in a way that will be of interest to children with the front cover featuring a small cartoon boy and girl swinging on swings at the park.

Come Swing With Us Sick Kids Book Blasted By Enchanted LifePath News & Media

The reviews on the book are a also concerning when we consider the amount of people who bypass the fact that this book is aimed to please the eye of children and could potentially be used by paedophiles who like to talk to children in sexual innuendos as proven in my articles about the children’s online game Roblex that raised alarms and was reported on by Enchanted LifePath after incidents in 2017 prior to police warnings to parents in 2018.

One person did leave a review which nailed the issue with the books, the comment was left on the book about Brenda’s Beaver and outlines the serious nature of the books content and how it will be attractive to paedophiles also.

Brenda’s Beaver Needs A Barber can be seen in full below.

Sick Book Blasted By Enchanted LifePath News & Media
Sick Book Blasted By Enchanted LifePath News & Media
Brenda's Beaver
Brenda's Beaver
Brenda's Beaver
Brenda's Beaver
Brenda's Beaver
Brenda's Beaver
Brenda's Beaver
Brenda's Beaver
Brenda's Beaver

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