The owner of Enchanted LifePath Independent News & Media was attacked by a security guard at a Covid-19 testing centre in Liverpool on Thursday, November 19, 2020.

Liverpool’s number one alternative news outlet host was filming at the Crosby Test Centre which is located on the grounds of the public library near to Waterloo train station.

The reporter was there to comment on a reply from Public Health England regarding a reply that had been obtained to a freedom of information request about false-positive results during the alleged coronavirus pandemic.

Images of the mindless yob, who was dressed like a footsoldier, unidentifiable behind his mask and hood, were captured as he approached his victim.

The security guard can be seen walking around 150ft to launch the unprovoked assault without engaging in any prior conversation.

The original footage has been edited into a video that was uploaded to YouTube and Bitchute by the all-action presenter a week later after deciding not to press charges following the attack.

The video shows the thug striking the journalist twice before the camera cuts off due to being caught in the flair-up.

Enchanted LifePath Truth Podcast’s broadcaster acted fast to protect his equipment by taking his phone from the camera attachment and placing it in his pocket, keeping hold of it to safeguard it against any more damage after the screen was slightly cracked earlier in the year.

The camera was in Enchanted’s right hand, (which was outstretched in the air) behind his head as the guard was trying to snatch it.

The Liverpool based truth seeker was unable to defend himself as both hands were being used to avert any damage to his property.

The guard then grabbed the reporter by the hood and pulled him down to the ground before punching him three times as well as booting the defenseless journalist whilst he was on the floor.

After the attack finished, the guard stamped on the lens hood that had been knocked off the camera, smashing it to pieces in another act of madness.

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We then see a member of the public alerting to the attack by stating he had filmed the incident on his mobile phone.

The security guard can be seen re-entering the test centre alongside a lady who it is thought, is part of the management team at the test centre in Waterloo, as well as being stationed on the Bootle Town Hall site as seen in earlier videos from Enchanted LifePath TV.

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There is further footage from later that night when staff on duty at the site stated the amateurish security guard was fired from his job instantly quote: “honestly though, he should have been”.

This happened as Enchanted LifePath had returned to the centre to find the parts of his lens hood in bits on the floor.

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