The phrase Simspon’s did it comes to mind in more than one major incident or event since it was first aired in 1989. The subliminal cartoon’s creator, Matt Groening has been likened to a Time Traveler as reality constantly imitates his art when the topics in The Simpson’s keep coming true.

I see this Cartoon as a form of mockery of the bible in a way that my opinion of the Bible is that it is said that 30% of it is prophetic, but I have a serious problem with these claims when all I seem to see is people acting it out on a world stage of pantomimes and then it is often said that prophecy has been fulfilled.

Look at the screenshot of an episode of The Simpsons that shows the words Corona that is placed over Apocalpyse Coming Soon. The image also shows a ship that reminds me of the Diamond Princess and other cruise liners that are involved in current world events.

Did The Simpsons predict the China coronavirus in 1993? | Daily Mail Online

If I go and write a story now, somebody reads it, they then go and act out my story in a real-life setting, could I then claim to be a prophet? No, they may well have just treated it like a script. It could be a coincidence or possibly even collusion between me and the person, or bodies, acting out my pre-written, publicly known tale. The Bible, in my opinion, is full of mini-scripts, not prophecies. Just like The Simpson’s.

People Think The Simpsons Predicted Tom Hanks’ Coronavirus Diagnosis

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Another corker from the Simpsons is in an episode called ‘A Totally Fun Thing That Bart Will Never Do Again‘ that features a virus that is about to wipe out humanity whilst the Simpsons are stranded onboard a cruise liner that has a secret court.

The clip ends with viewers being informed the virus was faked by Bart who then admits it to the judge at the makeshift court. You can see that clip in my video at the top of the article, here is another reference to the episode.

The Simpsons – A Totally Fun Thing That Bart Will Never Do Again

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The Simpson’s episode called Marge In Chains, is one to be noted also, remember, Marge is possibly a depiction of our Maj’s, The Queen of England’s family life in childhood as her uncle ran away from the British Monarchy.

King Edward gave up his place on the throne so he could be with his lover, an American divorcee named Wallis Simpson. The British Government would not allow him to Marry her so he got up and left his Royal role’ just like we have seen with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, although they were already married. The back end of 2019 moving into 2020 was when Prince Andrew had to drop his public duties as a member of the Monarchy.

This episode of the Simpson’s in the video above is called Marge in Chains. This is because Marge goes to jail after being caught stealing in the supermarket. I wonder if the title is telling us the Queen of England is in chains, or her hands are tied behind her back? Maybe it is showing us she has no power.

The funny thing about this particular episode is how it depicts a Dangerous Flu Virus coming from Japan after Homer and other residents of Springfield order an orange juicer machine that is coughed on by workers at the dispatch center on the other side of the world where we are told COVID19 originates from in 2020.

You may have noticed something else at the very start of that clip. Bart was writing his lines on the chalkboard in detention as usual but it was what he was writing that caught my eye this week. Once again The Simpsons lines up to current world events in the same episode that a flu pandemic breaks out in Springfield Bart can be seen scribbling “I Do Not Have Diplomatic Immunity” as his punishment for messing around in school.

This marries up perfectly to the story of Harry Dunne who was allegedly killed after being run over by reported C.I.A, agent Anne Sacoolas, in the UK before fleeing to the States and claiming Diplomatic Immunity to escape justice. She now faces a legal team spearheaded by the same lawyer who is helping alleged Jeffrey Epstein victims to get justice on their behalf, Lisa Bloom. Lisa is now going for Epstein assets and Prince Andrew in 2020.

This is why I see the Simspon’s like a mockery of the Bible because of it’s uncanny ability to align up to real events. Are Matt Groening & friends, mocking scripture? He is part of a huge television network industry that has been fooling the people of the world since the dawn of television via a propagandised media and entertainment industry. A place of grandeur built on lies, deception, and abuse as more are now aware of. The Simpson’s is a cartoon version of The Bible in a way that I suggest, instead of world events being comparable to biblical events, we live in a world that is closer to the long-running animated series. If the people who want to mock the Bible or lend arguments to it being prophetic are covertly showing us that it is a book of scripts that are then played out, then is the Simpson’s is the poster-child of that philosophy.

Simpsons already did it

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To help you understand what I am saying I want to look at the word “Scripture”. It defines the writings in the Holy Book, the official meaning in English is: The sacred writings of Christianity contained in the Bible.

So it is the stories in a book that is what scripture is.

From this I gather, scripture is, Biblical writings of stories and alleged testimonies that are documented within the pages of a book that is deemed Holy and prophetic so it is worshipped by billions of people around the world.

Let me now show you the English language definition of the word script. We do know the famous saying from Shakespear about the world being a stage, don’t we?

There are a few definitions of the word script, but it is the second that I want to draw your attention to initially, then I want to continue it onto the section about psychology that is highlighted in the image below.

The psychological definition of the word script is: “The social role or behaviour appropriate to particular situations that an individual absorbs through cultural influences an association with others”.

Wow. Really? Okay, so we have script and scripture, your script, scripted for you, scripted to guide you, scripted to control you, just like we have seen in the movie ‘The Book of Eli’ when Denzel Washington played a post-apocalyptic traveler who was tasked to guard a book that had the power to control the minds of every person on earth. He did not want the book to get into the wrong hands because it would be used to brainwash people for centuries. The Book of Eli was about religion and the Bible.

What The Book of Eli Tells Us About Religion:

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If we see so much power, hope, control and chaos all from the pages of one book based on its prophetic nature, is it not overly tongue in cheek to state that if we had a mass extinction-level event now and only a few children survived would they possibly find a recording of the Simpson’s then see how many times it predicted events and then hail Matt Groening as God? It is proven many times that Biblical events are acted out cryptically on the world stage.

These are rituals and they go on all over the planet. Rituals can also be done to harvest energy from the masses who are consenting to the spell by not rejecting it, simply because they can not see it. The powers that be who are tuning into other belief systems have got to tell the masses what they are doing. And this is why we see events play out that appear to be prophetic when in reality they are being foreshadowed. They are being shown to you to make sure you subliminally accept a scenario when it plays out.

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With Matt Groening, it could also be a case of people feeding him information regarding future paths that world leaders are going to take? One thing I would like to rule out (for now) is time travel. I think it is easier to give the illusion of time travel than to perform the task.

What a way to do it than to watch episodes of the Simpson’s then act them out to give the perception of prior knowledge, a supernatural element cleverly constructed. Donald Trump was foreshadowed as President of The United States in the show, as was the 9/11 destruction of the Twin Towers, the Ebola outbreak in 2014, too many to name. In fact, South Park dedicated an episode to show that the Simpsons had done everything under the sun. It features Butters who is in character as his evil-alter-ego, Captain Chaos, (CC=33) and he is trying to think of new ways to destroy the world. To his annoyance, he learns that every idea he can possibly have has already been done by the Simpson’s. There is nothing new under the sun as they say. He tries to block out the sun but is told “Simpson’s did it”, this goes on and on until he cracks up for trying.

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