Police Cars Seen At Vatican By Enchanted LifePath

Police At The Vatican NOW?

This video shows Police Cars near the Vatican on Sunday evening, the footage is live from webcams on various live street cam sites around the world.

Police cars seen live at the Vatican

Police cars can be seen at the Vatican, in Vatican City, Rome, on Sunday, January 10, 2021. The flashing lights of the cars could be seen at around 9 pm UK time on live cameras overlooking St Peter’s Square. It is not known if the police were in attendance for a general crime from a member of the public or if they are in the area in relation to anybody who works or lives within the Vatican.

The cameras caught what appeared to be three cars at the scene at first before one left leaving just two.

30 minutes later, four cars could be seen on the live cameras as Enchanted LifePath returned to check what was happening and if the incident had cleared up. Two more cars had attended the scene.

You can watch the video on the Enchanted LifePath Truth Podcast YouTube channel below.

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There were possible shots fired also caught on the cameras earlier in the day as can be seen in the video below.

The camera picks up a large area though so the shots may be from anywhere, or fireworks but they are clear in headphones that I had on when I made this video. They do appear to be in the vicinity of St. Peter’s Square.

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The footage in the video above was from a Google search of police at the Vatican. it was uploaded to YouTube by various channels.

The first place I became aware of this was when information came to Enchanted LifePath via a WhatsApp group containing a group of friends called The Wide Awake Club who keep an eye on current world events.

The situation is ongoing and people will be monitoring events at the Vatican until answers are found as to why shots were fired and police have remained at the scene for hours.

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