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Couple Are Scared of Being Separated on Coronavirus Infected Cruise Ship | Good Morning Britain

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In the COVID-19 game show we allegedly had a cruise ship in Quarantine near Japan. It was called the Diamond Princess. Anyone who knows basic gematria will tell you that diamond is 33, that number hidden in plain sight again.

Based on all these mini codes that tell us this is a Freemason’s hoax I can now show you how David Abel, who was allegedly in distress on the Diamond Princess is also an actor on the Star Now acting database.

When considering some not so obvious observations, this does seem like Mr. Abel was put in place to help ease the public into accepting whatever policy and law changes are at the ready due to COVID-19.

It does not take a genius to suggest that everybody will feel so comfortable in quarantine because they have spent hours on end watching the Abel’s make it all seem so pleasant.

These operations are not put together by people who are braindead. They are carried out by global think-tanks with an agenda that have a start, a middle, and a conclusion.

The people who play the roles of the operation may not be the sharpest but they are sharp enough to trick most of the public into their story.

Emotion is a key weapon in the war on humanity. It is my opinion Mr. Abel and his family are playing the role of the pied piper and luring and the unsuspecting public into a false sense of togetherness.

A fork-tongued salesman of the devil at work?

David Abel had been doing live VLOGS on Facebook and YouTube from onboard the Diamond Princess and it has become something of an eyeopener even for myself as he uploaded a video where he vigorously denied being a crisis actor.

This rant was after I had published this article and read it off in a live stream to various platforms.


David told over 21k YouTube subscribers that he has not been an actor for a long time and he did it as something fun to do 20-years ago. He mentioned how he was in episodes of Downton Abbey which did not start until September 2010. He states how he does anything to stay in the eye of the big payers.

We can see on David’s own website how he is listed as appearing in films and TV shows in his spare time. A photograph of him as a featured guest on The Alan Titchmarsh Show is also visible on David Abel’s site along with a photograph of his work on Downton Abbey. You can also see how it says we may also see him in the occasional walk-on roles in TV programs and commercials. He has also been credited with work on a film called ‘Off The Aisle’.

You can see how David’s Star Now profile lists a number of his cameos. He has appeared on the Lee Mack Show, The Hotel Inspector, ITV News for a 3-minute interview and GMTV on the sofa for another 3-minute interview. All of this work pre-dates his current role during the Coronavirus ordeal.

Another thing I just noticed is how David has connections to a very large television production company called Carnival. I wonder if they are owned by Carnival PLC who we have seen linked to cruiseliners?

David’s attempt to wriggle away from fingers being pointed in the direction of him being a crisis actor turned into a largely unnoticed PR disaster which should deem his testimonies as invalid as they have the capacity to be scripted. You can see that he appears to be reading from a script during this video that he uploaded on the first day of the Diamond Princess being placed under quarantine.

Is David Abel an elephant in the room? Click the image or his video URL below to watch the exclusive hot off the deck’s quarantine video.

Quarantined onboard Diamond Princess. Yokohama Bay.

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His videos and live streams are mostly based on YouTube channel, David Abel Celebrant Training.

David Abel Celebrant Training 22K subscribers

David becomes less of a credible witness when it was swiftly discovered that he was also an 18th Degree Mason. He is pictured at the Wykham Rose Croix Masonic Lodge Chapter No 1004, in 2015. He will probably be higher up the ladder by now. Snakes and Jacobs ladder. Rose Croix is a reference to the red cross that was used by the Knights Templars. Oh what a lovely tea-party.

Somehow I don’t think he took his Freemasonic oath of secrecy too seriously as he single handily threatens to wake millions of people up to the fact that he is part of a sick joke, excuse the pun, cough cough.

David Abel informed thousands of his adoring followers that he was un-Abel to send or receive emails and could not contact framily (who are on his Facebook profile so he could have contacted them there) or the British Embassy. David made these claims despite continuing to comment on the post after he made it and also making further posts on social media including pictures of him with his wife Sally.

David also lashed out on his social media pages to say how he was smelling a rat after he was confirmed to allegedly have COVID19 and was due to go to a hostel with no phone no, medical equipment and separated from his wife, Sally Abel for the first time in 50 years.

David had made numerous live streams at this stage and not once had he shown any sign of illness despite allegedly being diagnosed with early-onset dementia, type 2 diabetes, pneumonia, flu, and Covid19 as well as a tooth infection. His son Stephen Abel appeared on ITV’s This Morning via a live feed from ITV News studios in Media City, Salford Quays, near Manchester after his father denied being a crisis actor. Stephen then said that his father has said some things out of stress and down to him having early-onset dementia. I think Stephen said this to conduct damage limitation.

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So out of the thousands of people affected by this, the frontman & UK mouthpiece of Coronavirus is a Freemasonic actor with dementia? Not a great start! David with his age, dementia, diabetes & underlying tooth infection puts him in the high risk category for normal flu, let alone anything else. No proof other than David’s word has been provided to confirm or clarify his current medical status. David has stated, in among a ridiculous amount of contradictions that he and his wife have received ZERO medication for their conditions. If we were to humor the official “back story” for a moment, it was stated by Stephen in the media that David was diagnosed with the early offset of dementia “a couple of years ago” Let’s ponder that for a moment.

In order to have a dementia diagnosis in the UK, one has to meet a certain degree of confusion and this is confirmed via memory tests. Two years down the line, dementia would have advanced significantly. Due to the nature of dementia and its effects on the human brain, a person with advanced dementia is not allowed to vote, change or make a will, nor would they be considered as a reliable witness in court due to their mental capacity. If David has dementia, the media companies airing his ramblings should be held accountable for exploiting a vulnerable man. As at this stage in his illness he can’t be considered a credible witness to anything. And that’s not being mean, or a troll as David calls people who state facts, it is a medical FACT. However, call me cynical, but I’m not buying this embarrassing, agenda-pushing, product placing, media manipulating, psyop, its an insult to intelligence.

David also told us he has had no medication despite all his lingering problems, and world leaders telling us elderly people with underlying health issues are most at risk from the alleged virus.

He then went on a spree of posting photographs that seemed to comically document every move the doctors and nurses made in a totally unprofessional hospital environment based on any time I have ever been to the hospital. The time for the nurses to treat you is time to put the phones away never mind cameras. Despite being diagnosed with an alleged deadly global pandemic level threat to life virus that kills in hours, David seems to be dragging his illness out before COVID19 ensures he meets the same gruesome zombie-like death as we have seen from thousands of propaganda fuelled, problem reaction solution, videos coming out of China. That was a joke because let’s face it if you have made it this far down the article I think it’s a pretty nailed on that you know he is not going to die from Covid19 and neither is his wife Sally.

These videos are produced to subliminally prepare and to scare the obeying members of society who are feeling emotionally attached to another reality television psychological operation. David Abel has just come from a death ship with 690 (69 as above so below) cases of COVID19. We don’t see anywhere near those figures of people telling their stories on board the Diamond Princess.


On February 20, 2019, David and Sally appeared at the Shonan Fujisawa Tokushukai Hospital | Clinical Training Center in Japan. The place seems to have a medical version of the spoof 80s movie Police Academy when looking at first glance this is what I found when I clicked the link on David’s page that showed me where his hospital is. It is fitting that this training center picture was uploaded on April Fools in 2018. Again, you can click the image to open up the page in a new tab.


Credit David Abel, Facebook

Despite all his videos and live streams that do not show him with any signs of any illness over any of the time on the ship, we are expected to believe David had a series of problems that would mean he would be bed bound. David found time and energy to somehow start dancing around the makeshift hospital room to Dirty Dancing song ‘I Had The Time Of My Life’ while rubbing a sponge on his armpits and down by his crotch region. Here is the video with the music from Silence Of The Lambs movie instead as it is more fitting for his dance that seemed to confirm Covod19 was a farce. It could not even harm a hair on the head of a 74-year-old man with alleged diabetes, dementia, pneumonia, Flu, and whatever else they put in the mix.

The Mirror reported on this dance and used language in their article such as David was caught red-handed, I do wonder if the relationship between the Abel’s and the printed media has taken a funny turn after the same news outlet featured a picture of David Abel in an all-seeing eye shirt sporting the words “Don’t Trust Anybody” during a holiday in Florida in 2016.

On, February 17, 2020, David Abel said during a live stream on YouTube how he was in his cabin and a light appeared to him, a higher power that is guiding him and it gave him a sign, it showed him a vision that he was going to get off the ship and head home and it was his belief in a higher self that sent the vision. He then said if it does not come true then he will hold his hands up. It never happened like that as we all now know. Watch David Abel talking about his vision before it never happened but then ask yourself why he thinks he had this vision.



78,416 views • Streamed live on Feb 17, 2020

vid Abel was revealed to be an actor and a Freemason which may well plunge his trustworthiness levels to a very low capacity when analysing his time spent in quarantine.

David Abel has a son, Stephen Abel, who threatened me in person during a live stream on his father’s channel. This was after David denied being a crisis actor, again on his channel as he was live on YouTube also. I cover David Abel more extensively at the bottom of this article but for now, let me show you how Stephen Abel has led me to be able to connect him to the 2Faced Theatre Company owned by Simon Schofield who we now know has spent time in Wuhan by his own photograph that I covered earlier.

Stephen Abel has 2 different director IDs. One is this one for Fancy Bike Thing. Remember you can click the images to be directed to the original source in a new tab so this page will stay open for you.

Another ID he uses has a different birth date (July 1975 instead of July 1974) ( this is to try and hide links to other companies) But his company Think Courier LTD was registered at the same address in Woodstock as Roberta Watts other company Virtuous Erp LTD. It was not hard to link these accounts.

And as you can see he has other directors at Think Courier LTD, Form10 are formation agents. Form 10 are also directors of his other company Abe1 LTD.

Form 10 are linked to 788-790 Finchley Rd and mentioned in the Panama Papers. Form 10 is also named as directors on 2Faced Theatre Company books.

2 Faced theatre company indeed. Of which Schofield is a patron and his mate Simon Schofield is director. And where he met his alleged lover Mathew McGreevy when he was 10!

You can how see FORM 10 SECRETARIES and DIRECTORS are named in a dossier of evidence that was handed to the BBC by, Gordon Bowden, a former RAF veteran who had investigated serious, £billion, government level, frauds, abuse, and money laundering that led him back to 788-790 Finchley Road.

There is more information in the video below

There is more information in the video below.BBC cover ups, Pedophilia, and Gordon Bowden 788 Finchley…….SHARE

David Abel Sally Abel Crisis Actors Diamond Princess Cruise Ship

Finchley rd popped up again with a Liverpool based taxi firm’s self-employed drivers using protective screens between the driver and passenger, The screens caused me to lose breath and feel suffocated, I complained and was banned from the company cabs ever again, for my own safety they said.

When I looked into who was supplying the screens it was a garage in the Wirral Called Handy Cab n Car Hire. The screens were fitted with approval from Liverpool City Council who’s Mayor Joe Anderson was arrested late in 2020 for accusations of witness intimidation and fraud regarding building contracts.

The thing is, the taxi I was in was not licensed by Liverpool City Council, who were the only taxi firm to issue certification for the screens at the time. Sefton Council had not approved them for insurance purposes etc.

When I looked into the companies house profile of Handy Cab n Car Hire, they too had links to 788-790 Finchley road. You can’t make this up.


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