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Spotify – Enchanted LifePath Truth Podcast

Spotify – Enchanted LifePath Truth Podcast is a collection of research and reports from the Number 1 independent news platform in Liverpool. Catching crisis actors, exposing false flags and media hoaxes, highlighting occult rituals, weather modification, and more at

Enchanted LifePath Truth Podcast is courtesy of Radio Enchanted LifePath, ELP TV, and Listen to the latest episode on Spotify, Google Podcasts, or Apple Podcasts via iTunes. Watch Enchanted LifePath videos in more ways than ever with Instagram and IGTV now part of the set-up joining Enchanted, YouTube, Periscope, DLive, Bitchute, 153 News, Brand New Tube, and the FB Page.

The podcast enables you to listen to Enchanted LifePath episodes on your mobile devices whilst being able to minimise the app as you listen. You can lock your screen and carry on with the episode. All podcasts can also be found on the Enchanted LifePath Truth Podcast YouTube channel. We Are The News.

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