Patsy stevenson crisis actor

Patsy Stevenson Crisis Actor Exposed

Patsy Stevenson shot to the front of every newspaper and online press article in the country today as her arrest at Sarah Everard’s protest last night has gone viral.

But, as usual with these events that get catapulted into extremism from nowhere. we often see how the people leading the calls for changes to laws and society are crisis actors who can only care about being paid to play a role.

This is exactly what we have with Patsy Stevenson who has an acting profile that has also gone viral which will go unreported by the press as they continue to use propaganda on the public.

It is not only an acting background with the aptly named Patsy, but we discover how she has connections to quantum physics and universities.

Patsy Stevenson’s Casting Now Actors Profile was found within minutes of her shouting her mouth off about how “all women including trans” are not safe to walk the streets.

Patsy continued to crave attention after being arrested in another obviously staged event.

Her (crisis) actors profile is still available online to view but I have added it to the WayBack Machine for good keeping.

It can be viewed by clicking the image below.

Patsy Stevenson Crisis Actor Profile

Patsy Stevenson actors profile crisis actor

We get a few key details in this casting page that we can then line up to other parts of Patsy’s life that build more of a picture later on.

We see Patsy Stevenson, from Southend-On-Sea, she is listed as an actor/actress, model. dancer, entertainer, and an extra.

The about me section belonging to Patsy’s page has her down as having a unique look, ginger with brown eyes and able to play younger roles.

But it is when we continue to scroll her bio that we see a clue to Patsy’s acting background.

The next screenshot shows how Patsy Stevenson attended the same stage school as a well-known child actress called Masie Smith who plays Tiffany Dean in EastEnders.

The School is called Sandra Singer Stage School.

It appears acting is something Patsy never picked up in adulthood and has been an aspiring sell-out all along.

This as mentioned earlier, is the same school that has been famed for stars including Masie smith as seen below.

Masie Smith Eastenders same school as Patsy Stevenson - Actress

It does not end here with Patsy.

Her school connections are what confirms the next discovery about the Police bating, man-hating, God particle isolating crisis actor.

When looking at the Twitter account of Patsy the plant, it was noticeable that her profile had only been created in March 2021, just in time for her role.

image of patsy stevenson twitter profile. is patsy stevenson a crisis actor?

We can see it is her account as this is what she has been using since this psy-op began.

You can see how she Tweeted about going viral and she was now monitoring events on Twitter. All of this was from the new account that was recently created.

Patsy Stevenson’s Double Life on Twitter – Quantum Physics Crisis Actor Exposed

The fact that Patsy’s trouble-causing Twitter page had only just been created made me look for other accounts that she may run.

This is what it led to, this account was set up in November 2020.

The profile shows a lady named Patsy Stevenson who is an undergrad in physics at the Royal Holloway University of London.

The photograph used on the account can be seen below.

Patsy Stevenson image of crisis actor patsy stevenson

Patsy Stevenson also has a LinkedIn account that gives us some more insights into this crafty little mare who has become the voice of women overnight as always with these shills.

When we look at her LinkedIn we see it is from Patsy the Quantum Physics geek rather than Patsy the all-action heroine who is ready to battle rapey males, police, and change the world for women, and men.

patsy stevenson crisis actor linkedin page

Further information on the page shows how Patsy has an alleged interest in Quantum Physics which lines up with her Twitter bio.

Patsy stevenson science shill
Patsy Stevenson quantum physics

It is the next line of information on the page that gives us the clearest clue that it is the same woman, as if we don’t know already, but still…

It is the school that Patsy the scientist attended as a child which places her in the same areas as Patsy the actress.

Cecil Jones Academy is the school that the science patsy attended.

When we look into the Cecil Jones Academy, it is in the same areas that Patsy the actress is known to frequent, was educated, or work in.

The school is located in Southend-On-Sea, the same place that it states Patsy is from on her ‘Casting Now’ crisis actors soul-selling page.

cecil jones academy - patsy stevenson crisis actor
Patsy Stevenson from Southend-On-Sea

This would not be the first time we have seen crisis actors connected to particle smashers would it?

Enchanted LifePath reported in 2018 how CERN had become clients of Crisis Cast when revisiting the company who were subject to a once-in-a-lifetime call to the agency in 2016.

The receptionist infamously spilled the beans on the internal wrangling’s of crisis acting.

CERN now clients of crisis cast crisis acting management agency

You can watch the call in the video below.

Is Patsy Stevenson An Agent Provocateur Plant Growing Out Of Another WEF Think Tank Agenda?

Patsy Stevenson is running with a narrative that women are not safe to walk the streets and it is no secret the powers that be have been running psychological operations on the masses throughout the whole of the Covid-19 agenda that has connections to the World Economic Forum.

Behavioural insights teams have been working alongside the British government and SAGE as proven last year by many sources including UK column who reported on findings from the public after information was sent to them regarding the issue.

The World Economic Forum has effectively taken over the world and seems hellbent on shaping all aspects of our lives as part of the Great Reset and the UN’s 17 sustainable goals so it is no surprise to see both organisations linked to agendas surrounding exactly what we are seeing play out now in England.

Why has every event we are going through already been discussed as a major issue at the WEF?

Six women are killed by men every hour in a “global pandemic of femicide” that is being partly hidden by COVID-19 – and the United Nations is calling for urgent action.


They have managed to divide the public beyond repair in the past 18 months.

people who do not believe Covid-19 is behind the deaths that are reported, and rather it is down to genocidal governments are pitted against those who swear by it.

The maskless are frowned upon by mask wearers and vice versa.

Vaccinated versus the unvaccinated.

Sarah Everard is the George Floyd of 2021, the similarities between the two cases are not hard to spot.

YouTube player

It is the police who are the focal point of pre-meditated public anger once again. Just as the race divide was used within an alleged police brutality incident to spark protests and trigger the cancel culture in the Western world. We now see the same ploys being used to divide men and women.

They had to convince the world that Covid-19 was a threat so they paid bad actors to promote the fear.

Steve Legge was an early example of an actor with an actors profile being one of the people snivelling about alleged dead family members.

Steve Legge was covered by Enchanted LifePath in March 2020.

Another bad actor who was exposed by Enchanted LifePath in 2020 was David Abel who was ‘Abel’ to dance around his hospital room despite being a Covid-stricken Freemasonic crisis actor on board the crisis actor cruise ship otherwise known as the Diamond Princess.

Sarah Everard

The image below was on social media but the source was removed, I do not know the response that the original post had on Facebook. Somebody may have come forward and identified it as themselves or a friend and not Sarah Everard.

was Sarah Everard at a protest on Jan 9?

This post on Facebook from a Louise Hampton sheds further light on Sarah’s potential movements, within movements.

Louise Hampton was talking about Sarah Everard and a man known as Edward Remeece Freeman in her post.

Edward then replied on a new account named Dwight Freeman and spoke about Sarah in a bit more detail.

Dwight Freeman was Sent GONE MISSING post about Sarah Everard

Dwight posted a picture that he is saying may be Sarah with what is thought to be Footsoldiers for Freedom members.

None of these people can be trusted, not Louise, Edward, or Dwight, any of them. Controlled opposition alarm bells are ringing.

dwight freeman facebook post about sarah everard at footsoldiers for freedom movement

This is the image he posted.

You can compare the black top that the girl has on in the original Facebook post I showed, to this one and it does appear to be the same girl.

May be an image of 2 people, people standing and outdoors

The next screenshot shows how the man in the large woollen hat being arrested after walking with the lady that people are alleging could be Sarah.

Why is it always these people connected to these movements who the police keep swooping on? Staged arrests have been common in 2021 as well as 2020 and further back as shown many times on this platform.

screenshot shows a man in a large woollen hat being arrested after walking with the lady people are alleging could be Sarah, was arrested.

We can see in the Dwight Freeman profile that he is also stating he is an actor.

These actors, plants and super shills are all over the place.

We can see in Dwight Freeman profile that he is also stating he is an actor. These actors, plants and super shills are all over the place.

Here is the picture that he posted in full.

reecemusic dwight freeman edward freeman actor influencer wannabe - sarah everard

Here is another Instagram account belonging to Edward Freeman aka RemeeceMusic. You can see he is Jehovah’s Footsoldier.

The people connected to these operations follow a pattern of being actors connected to, and endorsing alternative religious cults.

Here is another Instagram account belonging to Edward Freeman aka RemeeceMusic

You can see more at

More picture on the Facebook accounts belonging to the owner of Remeece Music shows a more sinister vibe and the devilish hand signs from his friend as well as Dwight/Edward Freeman’s finger over his mouth depicting silence.

You may notice as the broken and inverted crucifix too.

No description available.

He has ocome under fire on siclal media for his videos containing scantily clad young girls.

Take not of his 666 hand sign also.

If none of this was enough, then seeing him dance around with one of the countries biggest mega shills, Piers Corbyn should top it off for you. You can see how I covered Piers Corbyn’s partners in crime in my Nick Capo video that is on this article when you get to that section.

Sarah Everard’s world of PR connected to ITV and influencers?

The alleged victim of an alleged perverted police officer that triggered this mass movement also has a working history connected to Marketing and PR.

Sarah Everard according to news articles, worked at a digital media agency called Flipside Group. The address in Holborn is quite telling.

Sarah Everard worked at Flipside Group, a digital media agency based in Holborn

I have taken the screenshots, verified the workplace reports, and put the links to the sources in all of the images as usual, but let’s see where this led to.

We can see the address listed on their website and Google Maps is indeed in Holborn, London.

The building has some interesting features in the surrounding area but I will get back to that another time, for now, let’s continue with Flipside.

Other companies that share the same location as Flipside in Waterhouse Square include ITV who has new London offices based on the site.

itv offices in holborn near to srah everard workplace, flipside

Another company nearby, with acting and influencers on its agenda is ITB.

You can see the the location clearly here.

google maps itb location ear to sarah everard workplce flipside

Below is some information from the ITB about us page on the or website.

They also have offices in New York, and L.A.

iTB actors and influencers

We can see that ITB have connections to the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the climate change agenda also.

They specialise in influencers and are on board with the Great Reset narrative.

Take a look at the screenshot below, you can see I have highlighted how they worked with WEF regarding the DAVOS Declaration.

Flipside, who Sarah Everard is alleged to have started a new job with just last month also have clients of interest with GloxoSmithKline listed as one on the website of Everard’s former employers.

GSK teamed up with Flipside to help them with apps that capture data on mosquito’s.

It is no secret regarding Bill Gates interest in mosquito’s, malaria and GSK.

This next image is from Flipside’s website, the next is the bill & Malinda Gates Foundation.

flipside clients include GSK glaxo smith kline
bill gates gsk mosquitos malaria

Sarah Everard and the number 33

Sarah Everard (allegedly) died on one of the most cryptic days of the year with March 3 bringing out a blatant 33. Obviously, March is the 3rd month and the 3rd day makes up that criteria.

March 3 is the 62nd day of the year

We also see that March the 3 is the 62nd day of the year with 303 remaining in the year, funny, they can’t help themselves but we can see their language a mile off and that is why we have them up the wall when we expose the actors and shills within seconds of them creating psychological operations.

clapham common 62 reverse ordinal

We can also see how the word Clapham Common has a reverse ordinal of 62, matching up to the 62nd day of the year.

Sarah Everard was 33 when she vanished and had a 33 year old partner.

The day Sarah Everard’s body was allegedly discovered was March 11, this is another 33 with 3×11. The date is also known as creation day and is also the same day that Covid-19 was given its name and it was declared a global pandemic in 2020.

2020 was 303 years since the foundation of the International Grand Lodge of Freemasonry in London.

Everybody who was born in 1988 turns 33 this year. I noticed this pattern in my Pandemonium 2 article when riots erupted in Barcelona in support of jailed rapper Pablo Hasel, who was WRONGLY listed as being 33 during his civil unrest manifesting pys-op.

This was in February.

Pandemonium 2021

Pandemonium 2 was the follow-up article to the highly banned on YouTube video highlighting the planned chaos around the world with the coverage of last year’s events merged into an esoteric decode that highlighted sinister undertones around what we are witnessing.

Pandemonium Decoded Banned On YouTube – Video Monetized By Ezoic

The article is unmissable also.

The theme of chaos has long been set and the murmurings will not go away. These events in 2021 and 2020 of course seem to all be playing by the same scripts. An incident takes places, the whole country turns into an episode of Southpark overnight and the insane social engineering bandwagon rolls back into town.

We see suggestions from influencers that are then piggybacked by celebs and politicians who are working with a common purpose excuse the pun.

The people involved in the wave of euphoria that the public then ride are thrust onto mainstream television programs such as GMTV that are targeted at the weaker minded, more programmable members of society.

They are then given the platforms on a plate to go shape the perception of reality to one that suits their scheming agenda.

I write this with confidence after six years of reporting on state sponsored media hoaxes.

We have seen countless false flags take shape over the years and come and go as quick as many of Enchanted LifePath’s terminated YouTube channels.

The video below shows how I pointed out how flimsy flare-ups at DFLA marches looked to be staged training drills for police and secret services to train for potential Post-Brexit civil unrest. This video is from September 2018.

You can see for yourself what I was saying in 2018 and spot the similarities to the protests we have seen around the UK in the past 12 months. You can see that the police seem to go around arresting people who are pre-planted. Just like we see with Patsy Stevenson in 2021.

Here is an example of that morning television appearance as Patsy made more use of her acting credentials.

YouTube player

In her interview Patsy, who press have labelled an activist, states she has never been to a protest.

This came after her arrest, and swift release.

Patsy denies being a hired actress and explains how she is at university and has interests in women’s physics groups.

Truth be told, she can’t wangle out of it that fast as we know she has been acting since she was a child and she can’t suddenly announce her Casting Now profile is old and irrelevant because she is now an alleged physics student.

Once an actress always an actress.

You can see how Patsy has a sneaky persona about her in this interview that went after her arrest when she was free to conduct this live stream with giggling friends onlooking who she delivers a sly wink to as she is about to start spouting her rubbish.

Why was she not taken to a police station and made to wait hours in a cell? She states she was taken to a van and given a fine and released.

Why do police need to use that force to issue an on the spot fine?

Why has she been paraded on television?

Because its staged, in my media law friendly, good old ‘honest opinion’.

YouTube player
girl with bandages at parsons green hoax
An injured woman is led away after an incident at Parsons Green underground station in London, Britain, September 15, 2017. REUTERS/Luke MacGregor

Is Patsy Steven woman in bandages at the Parsons Green Hoax?

Patsy Stevenson has been centre of even more attention than she would have wanted, but is she connected to past events, such as the Parsons Green bomb fiasco in 2017?

The lady in bandages has already had her identity scrutinised before now so I thought I would add my memory about those events, to the claims that Patsy is the girl from Parsons Green.

The media are trained liars, the picture above shows this. They have an agenda to follow. How can anybody including journalists not look at this girl pictured below in head bandages and not think she had come out of cosmetic surgery or a beauty parlour rather than a bomb. Minutes after her movie role opportunity she was pictured without her bandages using her mobile phone.

This can not fail to register with you as the article is justifying the claims it is making. How can she need so much medical attention to her head but be able to stand around making calls if she has just near had her head and ears damaged by a bomb?

The woman is known as Victoria Holloway and she appeared in an alleged court case about the incident. You can see her below.

London commuters relive Parsons Green Tube terror | Daily Mail Online
Image credit: Daily Mail – March, 8, 2018

She was seen outside the courts but it was Victoria’s identity that caused a stir with many online observers suggesting she was one of a few people at the time.

You can see the woman known as Victoria Holloway close up below.

Woman burnt in Parsons Green blast tells of moment fire engulfed carriage  as CCTV shows horrifying moment bomb exploded

Her lack of apparent injuries brought attention to her as she did not appear to need the medical headdress or show any sign of pain despite being caught in an alleged bomb that seemed more stage prop.

Questions were then asked if she was seen at the Bataclan incident in Paris on Friday 13th, in November, 2015.

Credit: New York Post – Polina Buckley cries at a shrine for victims of the Paris terror attack at the French Consulate in New York. Christopher Sadowski – November 15, 2015

The woman she was rumoured to be from that night was Polina Buckley, who was the girlfriend of Nick Alexander, who worked for Eagles of Death Metal’s on their merchandise table during the group’s European tour.

I am not saying it is Victoria Holloway, I am just highlighting what was said at the time.


Snopes also had to play down suggestions that Victoria Holloway was an American actress known as Nora Kirkpatrick too.

The woman with red hair in bandages named Victoria Holloway has also been compared to Patsy Stevenson after recent events placed her at the vigil where she was arrested in the name of girl power for Sarah Everard.

Patsy Stevenson has denied being an actress as we now know.

Who is Patsy Stevenson? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Arrested, Victim,  Investigation - Wikibious

Nick Capo’s Wirral Gym Psy-Op Gone Wrong – Liverpool Protests Triggered By Plant?

Nick Capo was another one not long ago. His battle to save the gyms sparked protests in Liverpool that generated fake hope for the masses as the plants continue to stir the pot in our cities.

You can watch how Nick Capo’s Wirral Gym Psy-op went wrong in my video below.

I also pointed out some other shills such as Geyzer Tarjanyi and his partner in slime, Wes Garner who came to the party with his crypto-currency con-artist girlfriend Lisa Marie Holt.

You see more seemingly staged arrests of people who I suspect are plants operating around and within the Fight for Freedom Liverpool group on Facebook.

Nick Capo features in this Enchanted LifePath WEBSITE ONLY video about the Wirral Psy-Op on Liverpool when the cities proud historical spirit was used against us to further divide ourselves in a cleverly manipulated plot with various characters taking part in the events surrounding gyms in Liverpool and the seemingly staged protests that followed.

Nick Capo set the ball rolling when his gym was raided by armed police and his video went viral.

The attention-seeking influencer used the event to then steer the emotions of the public and generate a false feeling of revolt in Liverpool.


Nick Capo allowed world media to portray him as a Liverpool gym owner when in all reality, simple geography and local knowledge proves that his gym is not located in Liverpool.

A Go Fund Me campaign set up for Nick Capo raised over £53.000 and he refunded all donors on February 10, shortly after being confronted online by the owner of the prophecy Performance Centre, who was attacked by police during an ambush on February 7.

Other people that feature in the video are Wes Garner and his girlfriend/partner in Cryptocurrency crime, Lisa Marie Holt, otherwise known as Lousy Lisa Marie Holt for the purposes of this hilariously entertaining yet informative video.

Let’s not forget about Wes and Lisa’s friend, the unmistakable clown known as Geza Tarjanyi, a former fracking activist site geg who has a bad name in the anti-fracking community for hijacking their cause and making it look idiotic.

When the Nick Capo Circus Protests Came To Town

Geza Frackman as he is known was on hand in Liverpool to do exactly the same thing, all the while posting his bank details constantly and asking for funds for this, that, and the other, as we like to say in Liverpool.

The Wirral psyop was well and truly underway and protests followed, all stared by Nasty Nick Capo and the egotistic ways that manifest as he speaks more like a seasoned politician than an ex-convict.

Everyone goes on about the £50k but truth be told that was chickenfeed and free advertising.

Nick went from 23k to 85k followers on his Instagram page, this was a huge increase in his business’s potential with his self-branded gym wear and clothing ranges as well as the new worldwide attention on his gym bringing many contacts in his industry as he said in his own words.

The £50k was never going to be paid to Nick and in my honest opinion, they have simply found a way to get the money back to the people. The money was just an emotional prop.

Nick was never getting the money but he was getting put on a pedestal in the Western world and the people of England flooded to support Nick and Liverpool not knowing they were being deceived.

There was no big hope, there was no Liverpool passion that was going to lead anywhere because even the protests appeared to be ridiculously staged with Merseyside Police seeming to round up crisis actors, plants, and shills along the way.

This was key in triggering scenes of civil unrest and pre-fabricated unity.

The government have every single base covered with the phychological operations they are launching on the public day in day-out.

Many people in the city of Liverpool find Nick to be “highly annoying” and “odd”.

The see-through media push behind him was projected to do exactly what happened when the public mood was manipulated to one of rebellious self-pride.

This would only lead to further problems for Scousers if we did kick off and take more of a stand against the restrictions.

The Tories would love to see Liverpool fall first, that is why an illusion of Liverpool rising first was generated and the emotions to create that mindset were dropped into the gameshow like a program in the matrix and that was that.

Agent Nick Capo was just one of the characters in the movie, just like Patsy and the pantomime police playing part in these scams.

Try not to be fooled so easily again.

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