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Ralph and Denise Bulger books side by side breakdown continued…

This article is an extract of my main article which is a review of books, news articles, television productions, and interviews that are available in the public domain. The article leads to certain questions being asked about quotes that are made from the parents of James Bulger in their books and other sources. The horrific story of James Bulger has been told a number of times via the media. 1000s of articles and broadcasts can be found but none of them seem to go into any more detail than the story we all know so well. There have been many key-points overlooked by 100s of producers and publishers and these factors add more layers to the story, they raise more questions.

Ralph and Denise Bulger Books Comparisons Raise Further Questions

Another event that stands out in both books is when Denise and Ralph spent six weeks in Australia at a time you would expect them to be putting all their efforts into protecting, and bonding with their new son Michael.

We also find out how Denise and Ralph totally contradict each others stories about the trip to Australia when Michael was born. The differences in what they state in their books about the holiday are about the time spent away from the UK and who organised the holiday.

Ralph states in his book, My James, released in 2013, that the holiday was planned by Denise behind his back and he knew nothing about it until he got home from work and was whisked off to the airport for what he states was the start of 6 weeks away, where they “lived a fairly normal life”.

In Denise Fergus’ book titled “I Let Him Go”, published in 2018, she claims that it was Ralph who organised the holiday and that it was only 2 week break and she could not have managed any longer away from Michael.

Denise repeats the two weeks claim again in her book leaving one of them looking like they were not telling the truth about who arranged the trip and how long it lasted. All the information in the screenshots is from the pages of the books themselves.

Ralph Book Denise on holiday in Australia
Ralph Bulger Book: My James

In his book, Ralph Bulger explains how Denise planned the whole trip without any of his knowledge or input, he goes into great detail on this aspect of the trip. He tells how they stayed with his Aunt Moira Jim. Ralph describes being stunned when Denise broke the news to him as they were about to leave for the airport. He had just got home from work and was none the wiser.

The next screenshot shows Ralph talking about the six weeks away and how they spent time wishing they were back home with Michael.

denise and ralph go to Australia
My James – Ralph Bulger

Imagine packing your suitcases while your husband was at work, booking flights to Australia then going away for 6 weeks leaving your newborn baby with family after you have already lost two babies? Then going on national television and telling the nation how much she idolises Michael and never lets the kids out of her sight. He was newborn, he needed his mother? He was left for 6 weeks while Ralph and Denise lived what Ralph said in his book was “a normal life” for the “6 weeks” they were there. It was the day they got back that Ralph left her and Denise called the police to report his car stolen after he had got off and the police came back telling her he was found in his back seat with someone. All I am doing is pointing things out in their own books that do not make any sense whatsoever. Watch the video and look at the book pages, does this make sense to you? I find the books highly weird.

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Below we see Denise mention the holiday in her book and how she felt at not seeing Michael for so long. But we see another issue here also, because, as you now know, Denise does not say she was away for six weeks, she states it was just two.

Playing things down a bit this statement isn’t it?

It confuses me how without Ralph knowing as he states in his book that Denise booked flights, packed their bags, organised staying with the family in Australia, and arranged for newborn Michael to stay with Barbara (who agreed with the plan) for the 6 weeks and got a car round to swiftly take them away when he got in from work. This is a mum who has just lost her child and in any normal walk of life, your senses would be going berserk with worry at the thought of leaving the country without him.

How does a mother and father spend 6 weeks away from their new baby who was in the opening stages of a vital bonding period with his parents after what had happened? The talk of saving their marriage may be an explanation they have offered but I just wonder how they could have done it? how did Denise if it was her have the strength to book such a trip away without her husbands opinion? How did she do it despite the emotional aspects around being a new mother?


Below we can see Denise Fergus, who was Bulger at the time, confirms the holiday took place by stating it in her book as you can see below.

Ralph Book Denise on holiday in Australia
But we see
denise bulger 2 weeks holiday in oz
Denise Fergus Book: I Let Him Go

Ralph said in his book that they lived a rather normal life for the 6 weeks in Oz. He goes into detail. So, how does it happen that Denise states it was only 2 weeks? Was it a mistake? Was it a lie? Would a little white lie about that time frame be enough to not have people question how she could leave newborn Michael for over a month? Denise has stated in numerous tv interviews and articles, how she never lets her kids out of her sight since that happened to James. She said in one interview she had to tell their school teacher that under no circumstances were they to have their phones confiscated under school rules because she needs a hotline to them at all times. All this is very well and said but how does going to Australia for 6 weeks but saying it was only two, play into the overprotective and traumatised mother role? Denise probably made the two-week claim without realising Ralph had already said 6 in his book. Ralphs book was released first.


We can see below how Denise then claims in her book that it was Ralph who organised the holiday and she repeats that she was only away for two weeks.

Ralph was very specific in his book, stating he had no idea what Denise was plotting and he only found out when he got home from work that day and was told he was being taken to the airport and going to Australia. Ralph states he was upset at having to leave in a hurry and was having paranoid thoughts, it was not a good start to the holiday and put extra pressure on the couple.

He leads the reader to believe he was not mentally ready for this to be thrust on him so fast. He paints a picture of being sent through such an emotional whirlwind without any notice. He says things that let you know the way it happened, and the magnitude of going away in this manner had negative psychological effects on him.

How did Denise think it would be okay to go behind her husband’s back like this? what about his work? He arrived at home expecting his tea and was put on a plane to the other side of the world.

Any normal person would be happy with a fantastic surprise, but this was no normal couple at the time and post-traumatic stress levels would be high, Ralph states in an interview with Loose Women how he had no counseling about what happened to James, no phycological support. Why would any parent want to leave their newborn child in such a hurry given the scale of the whole situation surrounding the family and what is alleged to have happened to James?

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Denise adds more emotion to the situation by saying “In all honesty, I couldn’t have managed any longer without Michael”.

This was in her book that was released in 2018, 5 years after Ralph’s book.


We have two books from two of James’ parents and they both completely contradict each other on these events. One of them is lying, who is telling the truth here? Who is lying?

You can see these statements in the top and bottom section of the highlighted area from Denise’s book. We now know that Denise was away for 6 weeks and not two so did she actually manage an extra 4 weeks on top of the two she says was unmanageable?

denise bulger denise fergus says ralph organsed the oz trip
Denise Fergus Book: I let Him Go

It is written in her book that the day they got back is when they split up. What happened on that holiday that made Ralph leave instantly as soon as they got back?

Denise then states that Ralph went out as soon as they returned and never came back. She then claims that his car was missing (even though he was probably out in it) and she reported it to the police who then came back and told her they had found the car and Ralph, but he was not alone, and he was in the back seat. Denise should have known Ralph would be out in his car and not made claims that it was stolen to the police. She states that the car was still there when he had left, how was the car still on her path when she looked outside before looking out again shortly after to see it gone, but the police found the car with Ralph in it?

I doubt the car was still on the path when she alleges she looked out the window, and right now, I have no reason to believe anything that Denise Fergus says.

This means Denise basically used the police to track down Ralph, the information that the police then returned gave her grounds for divorce.

You can see it from the screenshot from the book below.

The get-up and go trip would have cost a fortune to book flights to Australia at such short notice. But Hello Magazine will have paid a lot of money for these photoshoots with Denise and Ralph when she was pregnant with Michael and after Michael had been born. The Austalia holiday was possibly courtesy of OK Magazine with money raised from payments for these photoshoots. Denise and Ralph were also awarded a sickening amount of compensation for what happened to James with the figure quoted being less than £10.000. You can’t put a price on the death of a child but was this part of the tabs being kept on Ralph, have him all over every magazine and newspaper in the country? In my main article that this info is from, I explain how Ralph’s book also hs him saying how he felt he was being watched by Secret Services who were seen breaking into his home and remotely exploiting his brother Jimmy’s PC’s.

After all these years, it seems Denise and Ralph have still to get their stories straight. You can see even more in my main article covering all topics.

This article is an extract from the main article titled: James Bulger: Denise Fergus Ignored Call Saying “We’ve Got Your Boy” You can read the full 15000- word article with even more strange topics that are discussed when analysing the books from the parents of James Bulger.

Denise Fergus says in this interview with Loose Women that she wants to stop living in the past and going over what happened. This is fine, but would it be okay to stop the public reliving it all each year with books, documentaries, tv appearances, a charity that runs events all, in the name of James Bulger. This interview was in January 2019. A new documentary featuring Denise Fergus was released on Channel 5 in March 2021. When will it stop? How do we know what emotions and claims are true or false anymore?

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Other questions that make up this main article include:

Q) Why did Denise Fergus not think much of someone calling her at her mums at least 30 hours after James was taken telling her they had her boy over and over again?

Q) Why did Ralph fear both himself and his brother Jimmy were being watched by secret services up to ten years after the killers had been jailed?

Q) Why did Ralph have concerns that a paedophile network had used the boys as decoys to take James without any blame falling on them?

Q) Did Denise Fergus know about Esther Rantzen’s alleged connection to paedophiles when they teamed up to bring vulnerable kids to the Red Balloon Learner Center with access to a caravan site where bullied children can go with their family.

Q) Did Denise Fergus claiming in various news outlets that she had a tip-off with the whereabouts of Robert Thompson which she followed up on and located him saying she was close enough to see him, mean he will have been relocated and given a new identity at the taxpayers cost? Was he awarded compensation for this?

Q) Did Denise Fergus play a role in the closure of the News of The World after the phone-hacking scandal left Venables and Thompson eligible for compensation and were News of The World, or any other journalist, or outlet involved in obtaining/sharing information about the killers whereabouts that has led to them being relocated and given new identities?

Q) Did Ralph Bulger’s public declaration that he would hunt down Venables and Thompson consolidate their bid for anonymity and should Ralph have not made that statement which made it harder to win his bid to secure the release of their identity and wave their anonymity?

Q) Do the killers keep benefitting most from information leaks in the media?

Q) Did Merseyside Police investigate claims from a man on social media platforms stating he was James Bulger and he wants to speak to Ralph and Denise on Jeremy Kyle after a similar incident involving Heidi Robinson who claimed she was missing tot Katrice Lee in 2019 and received an 18-week prison sentence that was suspended for two years?

Q) Did James Bulger House Memorial Trust ambassador, Tina Malone neglect her child, Flame Chase, when she took her on a free holiday to Disneyland and only had one packet of crisp for her family for a number of days after appearing on television about her alleged identification of Jon Venables?

Q) Has Tina Malone generated interviews so her fees can be donated to James Bulger Memorial Trust?

Q) How did very lapse security in Bootle New Strand miss 3 hours of the two boys in the shopping complex after they had allegedly already tried to take a child at least 180 minutes before James? Has Bootle New Strand’s role been overlooked in all of this?

Q) Was the video evidence of the first attempted child-grab ever shown in court?

Q) Why were the boys not connected to the incident earlier after they were reported missing on that day also?

Q) Is it time for a public inquiry into the death of James Bulger?

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