Enchanted LifePath performs an extensive breakdown (video below) of events at the Nashville, Covenant School in the words of witnesses and people casting views via the media, most of these who are made up of crisis actors, entertainment personalities, and media influencers.

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Also: see article about the police helicopter that dispatched 2 minutes before any calls were made to 911.

Nashville PD helicopter left airport the exact minute that suspect shot out school doors to enter the building.

FlightRadar24 records show that the Nashville Police Department helicopter took off 2 minutes before any 911 calls were made about the alleged mass shooter event at The Covenant Presbyterian School.

Enchanted LifePath used the FlightRadar24 site to check when the police helicopter was dispatched and logs show the aircraft with the callsign N849NP left Nashville, John C. Tune Airport, at 10:11 on March 27, 2023.

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A video uploaded to YouTube (above) shows how the Nashville PD helicopter takes flight at 10:11 before loitering in the air for a few minutes and then arriving at the Covenant School at around 10:19.

The flight log shows the journey was scheduled to leave at 10:11 and dispatched on time.

The screenshot below shows the data about flight N849NP on March 27, 2023.

Nashville PD Helicopter Took Off 2 Mins Before 911 Calls Made

Nashville PD helicopter N849NP can be seen in information below that confirms it is the police chopper that oversaw the alleged Covenant School shooting.

It is not known if the chopper was scheduled for a routine flight at 10:11, on March, 27, or if it is a clue towards prior knowledge of what was about to happen at the Covenant School?

We are told that police were first called at 10:13, two minutes after the helicopter took to the skies of Nashville.

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