Queen Of England Caught Laughing At Grenfell Fire Victim & Tells Manchester Survivor She Is Okay

Queen Laughs As Grenfell Tower Fire Victim Screams Are Heard In Makeshift Medical Complex Weeks After Reminding Manchester Bombing Hospital Staff They Had Just Trained For Event And Tells A Patient She Looks Like She Has Recovered Already.   Anyone would think the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower Fire incident would of been a time for compassion, certainly from The Queen of England. But you would be surprised to find this blink and you missed it moment from her sympathy vote trip around the London Hospital and a certain incident…

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#Tomorrowland | Summer Festival Of Satanic Rituals – The Dragon Breathes Fire Of Lucifers Re-birth

A fire which broke out on stage at Tommorowland festival in Spains Santa Coloma de Gramenet, a city just north of Barcelona, has raised eyebrows with blame being pointed at Satanists performing rituals in a summer to be remembered for going up in flames. The fire resulted in the mass evacuation of a reported 22.000 people and holds another set of clues and synchronicities dubbed as “cryptic corkers” by Enchanted LifePath. Are you awake yet? It’s Time…. To Be Enchanted. The great flood of the Bible was the birthing of a new…

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UNBELIEVABLE VIDEO: Grenfell Tower disaster parallels in House of Cards, 1993. This is sick

Grenfell Tower disaster parallels in House of Cards, 1993. from Al-Jazz on Vimeo. Originally broadcast on December 12th 1993, these edited excerpts from the BBC’s ‘House of Cards’ are incredibly prescient, in light of the events of last Tuesday. The obvious satirical commentary of the show highlights the withering opportunism of governments and media alike to jump on such stories. The points are made in general, but I found the arguments around social injustice, and the nature of the cause of the tragedy – a gas explosion in a run-down…

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Grenfell Tower Satanic Fire Ritual Happened June 13 Israel Year Of 58 – Fathers Day Attack Warning

Grenfell Tower Satanic Fire Ritual Decoded – Again I’ve been thinking the #Grenfell Tower fire will of happened, and be documented by press in other countries, as taking place on the 13th of June, places like Australia, America or India will of seen this on the 13th not the 14th, the breaking news posts in other countries will all say published on the 13th…. Time and date in Liverpool, United Kingdom right now as I am writing is 02:44 am, 18/06/2017. We see the time right now in New York is Saturday,…

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