Queen Laughs As Grenfell Tower Fire Victim Screams Are Heard In Makeshift Medical Complex Weeks After Reminding Manchester Bombing Hospital Staff They Had Just Trained For Event And Tells A Patient She Looks Like She Has Recovered Already.

Anyone would think the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower Fire incident would of been a time for compassion, certainly from The Queen of England. But you would be surprised to find this blink and you missed it moment from her sympathy vote trip around the London Hospital and a certain incident at a makeshift relief centre for Grenfell Tower fire victims.

The Queen, whose outfit that day resembled the colours of the Israeli flag, sniggers as screams are heard from a victim who should clearly be in hospital if that is the extent of the injuries, not some fall out centre, this was not a war zone.

The nervy moment was caught by news reporters’ camera crews but not many picked up on it, until now.

The screams are loud as The Queen is talking to emergency personnel after the royals were met by around 40 people at the Westway Sports Centre near Grenfell Tower a couple of days later.

It is not known if the screams are from a patient who has burns because not many injuries were reported, you either got out unharmed or died so the fact a person is in a makeshift medical complex and not in hospital 48 hours after the fire begs questions about what the hell was they all doing down there?

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This visit to meet people affected by the fire followed another hospital visit in Manchester when she had another famous slip up when she reminded staff at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital that they had trained for a bombing just a couple of weeks prior to the May 22nd Ariana Grande concert.

Then she went on to tell a patient she looks okay as she lay in a hospital bed. and a lady with the most unrealistic victim account in living history where an actress tells The Queen of England that she lost a friend killed at the bombing and she herself has shrapnel injuries which went in one side travelled 16cm and ca,me out the other side of her body. She also states she needs to go to surgery, one small detail she missed, there is nothing wrong with her.

She just told you she was practically shot by nuts and bolts, these people can not stop smiling as they speak because they have been paid a fortune, it is dupers delight at its finest. If you want to keep believing these easy to spot liars then that is your choice but my advice to you is do not donate money to crowdfunding accounts after these staged incidents.

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