CERN – 1000+ TEV – Opening Of The Abyss – Floating City Over China – 7.5 Earthquake – Earth Shields Ripped Apart – Multiple Entity Discoveries – Portals Opening – 2015/16

COSMIC QUESTION TIME  Ever Wondered How To Open A Portal To A Parallel Universe And Threaten To Tear A Hole In Time & Space When You Go To Work?. ANSWER No, Well The Mad Scientists At CERN, Switzerland, Geneva, Have Been Working Hard To Do Just That. SO RIDDLE ME THIS Did a parallel universe open up in China? Hundreds see ‘floating city’ filmed in skies above city in China. CHINESE TV news reports have told how thousands of residents in TWO areas reported separately seeing a huge city form…

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18 Days To Climate Chaos – 200.000 Endangered Antelopes Dead – DNA / Genetic Attack Testing???? Mass extinction

                                 Mass Animal Deaths for 2015 If the information on this page causes you concern regarding the future, then see what must I do to be saved?   Mystery of what killed 200,000 antelope in one MONTH solved? Normally harmless bacteria appear to have turned on the endangered animals 60,000 saiga antelope perished in just four days at the peak of the die-off Toxins from normally harmless Pasteurella bacteria found in the animals This caused…

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