Soleimani Salami Red Flag Trump & The Jewish Year 5780 - Shia Crescent - iPet Goat 2 #Iran #USA #WW3 #Videos BREAKING BREAKING NEWS LATEST REPORTS The Awakening - An Enchanted LifePath The War On Humanity WW3 Build Up YOUTUBE YouTube Videos 

Soleimani Salami Red Flag Trump & The Jewish Year 5780 – Shia Crescent – iPet Goat 2 #Iran #USA #WW3

Soleimani Salami Red Flag Trump & The Jewish Year 5780 – Shia Crescent – iPet Goat 2 #Iran #USA #WW3

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NHS Cyber Attack Fall-out Begins – UK Government Accused Of ‘Concerning Attitude’ To Cyber Security

The UK government has been accused of having a concerning attitude as the fall out begins after the NHS was hit by a ransomware cyber attack which spread to 99 countries causing mass confusion with the list of effected businesses still growing. Hackers are ‘alleged’ to of used tools obtained from the NSA to launch a worldwide cyber attack. EU Law enforcement agency Europol says the global cyber attack is of an “unpresidented level”, which was not inline with the narritive being pushed by mainstream news outlets and government officials…

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April 21 Green Moon Played Down, But Was It An Attack Omen For 111th Day Of Year | Build-up To May 1

As I was working away on a video edit for my YouTube channel, a friend messaged me on the Enchanted LifePath Facebook Page to ask me if I had heard anything about the ‘Green Moon’ on April 21, 2017. He told me it was being played down by a few news outlets and not being ran by any mainstream news platforms, this made me think there must be a reason this is being cast into our minds, so I took five minutes to go find all I needed to present to…

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Two UFOs Spotted In Skies Of Liverpool? International UFO Hoax

AS SEEN IN (Click Images) Other Websites: Aussie News Network What I did to get into numerous news outlets around the UK world. The UFOs were balloons. Two Unidentified flying objects have been recorded flying over Liverpool this afternoon by Enchanted LifePath Tv Alternative News & Media and uploaded to YouTube. Footage captured with a camera set to 168x zoom shows two objects flying parallel to each other in Halewood at around 16:00. An Enchanted LifePath TV Spokesman said: “I was looking out of the window and I could see…

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British Teenage Cancer Victim Frozen After High Court Ruling A Week Before Her Death

A teenage girl who took a case to the high court be frozen after her death and won, has now been cryogenically frozen, to be brought back to life in hundreds of years. The 14 year old who can not be named wrote a letter to the judge which said:  “I don’t want to die but I know I am going to…I want to live longer…I want to have this chance.” “I’m dying, but I’m going to come back again in 200 years.” The girl had taken the case to High…

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Members Of The Public Campaign To Ban Live Exports From Ramsgate

Members of the public have spoken out against the live export industry and called for shipments of live cattle from the UK to be banned. A recent report from Enchanted LifePath TV regarding the latest protests at the Port of Ramsgate has created a reaction from members in support of KAALE, Kent Action Against Live Exports. Speaking on the Stop Live Exports From The Port of Ramsgate Facebook page, concerns were raised and calls to ban the shipments were repeated. One supporter said: “Ban live animal exports,  it’s a cruel barbaric and inhumane…

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Website Videos | Enchanted LifePath Tv #Uncensored

SIMPLE PROCEDURE TO TAKE YOUTUBE DOWN? I have said for years if everyone on YouTube, popcorn channels included all hosted our work on our own websites and simply uploaded a short video to YouTube saying new video on website and left the link it would bring YouTube down within 5 years. I first said this two years ago. Why would it be harmful to the company that promotes censorship? We would see shares affected as they are flooded with our own adverts. Truth be told and thoughts will become things.…

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The Lumineers Decoded | Cleopatra |1000 Points Of Light | Riddle Me This #TheIllumineers

 CLEOPATRA FULL ALBUM Listen With Me THE ILLUMINEERS? DECODED By Enchanted LifePath Now This Is Just The Start Here, A Blank Page, Lets See How Far We Can Take It. I’ve Been Listening To Some Music Today For What Feels Like The First Time In About 6 Months. So Whilst I Just Found The Lumineers Had A Few New Songs On YouTube From Their New Album Which Is Called Cleopatra, I put the First Song I Seen On, I Felt The Words In The Song was Quite Odd, With All…

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