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The last known movements of Madeleine McCann have been a mystery for twelve years now so let’s make this topic even more mysterious. What we are looking at is a picture of Madeleine McCann, or her look-a-like, pictured in red shoes on a family trip to Donegal, Ireland.

Donegal is the same region from where Ireland’s longest missing person, Mary Boyle was taken 41 years ago aged, 6, or 7 depending on “sources”. Press and public documents say Mary was 6 when she went missing but a memorial site in memory of her claims she was aged 7. You would think someone would have noticed. This makes me wonder if it was put there a year after she disappeared in Donegal and they meant 7 was her age at the time and she was presumed alive? Not sure, to me it is what it is, a mistake that should not be made. It says disappeared aged 7.

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BREAKING NEWS Madeleine McCann 

Madeleine McCann Proof Of Life Funding? What Netflix Won’t Tell You

Madeleine McCann Proof Of Life conundrum leaves huge questions aimed at how missing kids searches are funded…. The point of this article is how I make connections between other missing children. Some have have had high profile coverage whilst family members of others have been let down by authorities and media for at least 30 years. The main issue here is proof of life and funding. We have a situation where one family with no evident proof of life for Madeleine McCann being engulfed with public money. Yet on the…

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