Miss Overston Gives Birth To Twins As Husband

A dad delivered the first of his twins before paramedics arrived to in time to deliver the second after becoming breeched.

Bryan Townsend, 28, Oveston, who had been guided by a NHS call handler during the first delivery was full of praise for the emergency services after his wife Megan suddenly went into labour.

Megan, who was last years Miss Oveston United, began having contractions at around 11pm on Wednesday.

He added: ”One minute she was fine and the next she was having contractions every two minutes

”I was actually on the phone for an ambulance as a baby appeared, I had no choice but to help Megan”.

Jonathan Rawle, 35, paramedic, said:

”I arrived with ambulance crew member Norman Waterson to find mum laid out on the settee, a new born baby wrapped in a towel and another on the way”.


A dad who helped paramedics deliver twins at his Oveston home last week is now hoping the second baby is ok after suffering breathing difficulties  after becoming breeched during labour.

Leah Townsend, began having breathing problems at the hospital after arriving for checks.

Leah’s mum Megan Townsend said: ”Leah is a fighter and we hope she will pull through, it is a very worrying time for us.

”We have been allowed home to look after Suzanne.. our families have been around to support us”.



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