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RAMSGATE | 100+ Protesters Use Their Body’s To Slow Live Export Slaughter Trucks

Over 100 members of animal welfare group KAALE, Kent Action Against Live Exports, have stopped 5 live stock lorries from advancing by using themselves as human barricades in an attempt to obtain video footage and photographs at the latest protests at the Port of Ramsgate on Monday night.

The Isle of Thanet witnessed a large crowd of over 100 people gather at Ramsgate to protest, yet again, against the trade of exporting live sheep.

Sheep have to suffer journeys of many hundreds of miles to Europe in bad conditions before a cruel slaughter.

Livestock Lorries arrived at Ramsgate, just after 7pm (BST), protesters spilled out over the road eager to see the conditions and state the sheep were in.

A member of KAALE at the protest said:”We were shown video footage later that showed a floor on the last vehicle had partially collapsed.

“We advised the police who spoke to Animal Health.

“After examination, it was decided there was still enough room for the animals under this floor so no action was taken.

Police were once again present at the protests towards shipments with over 80 offifers struggling to grasp the situation for the third week running.


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