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Mystery: 60 Ducks, Geese & Chickens Found With Hearts Ripped Out

60 birds have been found dead with their hearts removed leaving residents of Bairro Alto, in Curitiba, Brazil, confused without explanation after the mysterious discovery at a chicken coop. The shocked owner found the dead animals with precise cuts on the chest, back and neck. The birds did not show any signs of bleeding. The owner, Sidnei dos Santos, explained there was no signs of intrusion and how the birds usually acted as an alarm, making noise if anybody was near-by, but even that did not happen. Santos said: “I have…

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80 KAALE Members Attend Halloween Protest At Port Of Ramsgate Live Export Shipment

Halloween at the Port of Ramsgate was the stage to the latest KAALE protest against live exports with over 80 people present as 4 live animal transporters arrived at the Nethercourt roundabout bound for the live animal export ‘ship’ Joline. The police, after many discussions, had decided to make the exporters slow to walking pace as the trucks passed to try to stop campaigners risking their lives in a bid to stop the vehicles so other protesters could obtain videos and photographic evidence to add to a growing dossier of…

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RAMSGATE | 100+ Protesters Use Their Body’s To Slow Live Export Slaughter Trucks

Over 100 members of animal welfare group KAALE, Kent Action Against Live Exports, have stopped 5 live stock lorries from advancing by using themselves as human barricades in an attempt to obtain video footage and photographs at the latest protests at the Port of Ramsgate on Monday night. The Isle of Thanet witnessed a large crowd of over 100 people gather at Ramsgate to protest, yet again, against the trade of exporting live sheep. Sheep have to suffer journeys of many hundreds of miles to Europe in bad conditions before…

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Farm Firework Display – Cause for Concern say Firework ABatement Campaign

Halloween and bonfire night are just around the corner, many animals suffer greatly his time of year with animal welfare groups campaigning for the fair use of fireworks near areas where animals are held such as farms and rescue centres. The RSPCA also wants firework displays restricted to just four major celebrations a year so that owners can protect their animals from the mayhem caused by powerful explosions. Another group campaigning are Firework Abatement who are requesting the number of days to be reduced from the legal 365 days to just 10 days a…

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RAMSGATE | 80 Live Animal Export Protesters Halt Slaughter Lorries

Live animal export protesters at the port of Ramsgate have caused lorries to come to a complete standstill. Around 80 KAALE members voiced their concerns as a shipment was due to take place. Three animal export lorries which contained over 1200 sheep arrived at the port of Ramsgate at around 1:30pm, Monday, October 10, 2016. The lorries were due to be loaded onto ships with live sheep being sent out for slaughter in Europe. Anti live export campaigners caused the vehicles to a halt for around ten minutes as  some…

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