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Russia along with its allies and the West, headed by the United States and NATO have been banging the drums of ww3 throughout the whole of 2016.

Recent escalations seem more serious than ever in Syria with world leaders now faced by the possibility of a first global military conflict being ignited since ww2.

russia-fleet-putin-uk-dover-english-channel-su-27-admiral-kuznetsov-683483Earlier this week, a convoy of Russian warships heading for the Mediterranean, shocked the MoD by sailing down the English Channel – “marked every inch of the way” by the Royal Navy in a move aimed “to test our response”.

Moscow military experts have said Vladimir Putin will not back down, blasting the White House’s “aggressiveness”.

Russian battleships entered the British isles as media outlets mocked the Royal Navy as “tiny and weak”, days after Joe Biden called for an all-out cyber assault on Kremlin emails.

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Kremlin military chief Lt Gen Yevgeny Buzhinsky, added: “Of course there is a reaction. As far as Russia sees it, as Putin sees it, it is full-scale confrontation on all fronts. If you want a confrontation, you’ll get one.”

“But it won’t be a confrontation that doesn’t harm the interests of the United States. You want a confrontation, you’ll get one everywhere.”

Hostilities flared in September after a United States-Russian ceasefire in Syria’s packed airspace was broken when a drone strike killed 62 Syrian soldiers.

A Ministry of Defence statement confirmed British involvement in US-led airstrike that killed Syrian government troops.

MoD spokesman, said: “We can confirm that the UK participated in the recent coalition airstrike in Syria, south of Deir ez-Zour on Saturday, and we are fully cooperating with the coalition investigation.

“The UK would not intentionally target Syrian military units. It would not be appropriate to comment further at this stage.”

The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation then accused the U.S. of igniting World War 3 by deliberately killing Syrian troops and aiding ISIS terrorists.

With the ceasefire abandoned a retaliation was lunched as Russia bombed an aid convoy killing 30 CIA, Mosaad and British intelligence agents with a missile attack in Aleppo.

Russian news outlet Sputnik said: “Russian warships fired three Caliber missiles at the foreign officers’ coordination operations room in the Dar Ezza region in the Western part of Aleppo, near Sam’an mountain, killing 30 Israeli and western officers,”


A cold war now looks to be fully in place with nations arming themselves with next-gen, advanced warfare technology and beefing up nuclear firepower.

Vladimir Putin’s new hypersonic stealth bomber which can strike any target on earth within two hours is nearing completion, a timely announcement was made by Kremlin officials.

“There has been considerable progress in this sphere.”

The Russian foreign ministry on Saturday accused the Obama administration of attempting the “final destruction of relations with Russia.

“If we talk about the last Cold War, we are currently somewhere between the erection of the Berlin Wall and the Cuban Missile crisis”.

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