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A huge fireball in Siberia has turned night into day and sparked onlookers to label it as a scene from the apocalypse.

The spectacular night sky event was seen across regions of the Republic of Khakassia and South Siberia on Tuesday evening.

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The meteor which burnt in the atmosphere before hitting the ground was witnessed by locals as it shook buildings and set of alarms.

One witness said: “We saw a flash, and in about two minutes our houses vibrated and we heard thunder, and car alarms went off”.

A local woman added: ‘I went for a walk with my friends. We stopped by the shop and my friend screamed when she saw a bright flash, and then there was an explosion.

‘All the car alarms immediately went off. We were so scared. My father said windows were vibrating. We think it was a meteor.’


The Meteorite came as sky watchers worldwide were observing on a night billed as ‘Night of the Comet’ by BPEarthWatch who offered his explanation of  incoming activity over the coming days before the Siberian event took place.

BpEarthWatch is well renowned on YouTube with over 246.000 subscribers to his channel.

BpEarthWatch said: “Comet 45P/Honda (45P/Honda–Mrkos–Pajdušáková) was discovered the year Israel was announced as a nation.

“There’s going to be a lot of things happening this year, there is something else about the Comet 45/p Honda.

“It’s coming in we start t see visibility again around new years, February 11th 2017 is the Comets closest approach to our planet but before that close approach it’s going to be between us and the Sun for a few weeks so we are going to have to watch it closely during that period of time”.


People were skating on Ice as the night sky turned to day in Siberia at around 6.50pm local time and people were fast to react in disbelief.

A young witness said: ‘It was as bright as daytime. I did not understand at first what it was.

‘Then an explosion followed and the boom came from a long distance away.

‘I’ve seen shooting stars before, but nothing like this.

Could the event be tied to debris from incoming Comet 45P/Honda’s tail?

BpEarthWatch suggested we will so keep our eyes to the skies.

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