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Former president of the United States of America, George HW Bush, has been placed into intensive care tonight after being hospitalised since Saturday after taking ill with chest pains.

The news comes as a double shock for the Bush family after his wife Barbara was also admitted to a Texas hospital on the same day reports broke of George HW Bush suffering a decline in health.

Barbara Bush, 91, was taken to hospital on Wednesday morning as a precaution after experiencing tiredness and coughing.

It is understood the 92-year-old was not expecting to attend Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday due to his health, but fears now grow for the ex-president and former chief of the CIA.

A statement from staff at Houston Methodist Hospital said: “Shortly after our previous report on President Bush’s condition, he was admitted to the ICU at Houston Methodist Hospital to address an acute respiratory problem stemming from pneumonia,”

“Doctors performed a procedure to protect and clear his airway that required sedation. President Bush is stable and resting comfortably in the ICU, where he will remain for observation.”

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