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Radio Enchanted LifePath Is Here | Tune In To The Future

Radio Enchanted LifePath     ENCHANTED LIFEPATH LIVE STREAMS & PHONE-INS Enchanted LifePath TV Live is now going one better and introducing phone-ins and talk shows to bring more interaction between myself, my friends, followers as well as the rest of my present and future audiences. When you see PHONE IN on any of my live streams on any platform you can come to the website and follow the links to call me on Skype and the other methods listed in the tabs above. So far I have added Skype…

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Connected Dots, The Writings On The Wall, We Live Under The Firmament With A Local Sun & Moon

Hahahah, Just heard a song and thought hmmmm the dome? Riddle me this. Well, would ya believe it, look – Stereo MC’s | Connected.   We have another popular 1990s song, and track cover, telling us we live inside a dome that they are trying to crack which is below the firmament with waters above the firmament what separate us from the Heavens, this is the truth in plain sight about the shape of our surroundings with the moon inside the firmament and the stars behind the moon, telling us we…

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LIVE London Protests: Grenfell Tower Fire Fall-out | Temperer Watch

We need to expose the black op government sponsored provocateurs who will be setting fire to buildings and cars and blaming it on the people so they can use more force on the people, this is exactly how I’ve been saying it will play out, when the fires start trust me it won’t be the people setting them it will be hired shit stirring groups of people funded to provoke more anger, this is a very sad week for the freedom of the people of the United Kingdom which will…

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SHOCKING Hillsborough Blood Sacrifice Mockery | The 96 Ritual Meaning | LIVE


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The Pink Moon | Cryptic Corker From The Cryptic Corner | Pizza’s, Clowns, China, Nick Drake, Advanced Warfare, Hades, Trump, ISIS Egg

The Pink Moon | Cryptic Corker From The Cryptic Corner | Pizza’s, Clowns, China, Nick Drake, Advanced Warfare, Hades, Trump, ISIS Egg.

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George HW Bush In Intensive Care As Wife Barbara Also Hospitalised

Former president of the United States of America, George HW Bush, has been placed into intensive care tonight after being hospitalised since Saturday after taking ill with chest pains. The news comes as a double shock for the Bush family after his wife Barbara was also admitted to a Texas hospital on the same day reports broke of George HW Bush suffering a decline in health. Barbara Bush, 91, was taken to hospital on Wednesday morning as a precaution after experiencing tiredness and coughing. It is understood the 92-year-old was…

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#J20 Coup Civil War | Trump Inauguration Civil Shootout Planned In DC? | Live Stream

Over 50.000 armed people are heading to Washington DC this week with various other elements adding to the fact nobody in the whole of America would deny there is a very hostile atmosphere building around the capital in the days leading up to president-elect, Donald Trump’s, inauguration on Friday, January, 20, 2017. Thousands of bikers are reported to be planning to form a wall of protection around trump and surrounding areas to block off violent protesters to see a peaceful inauguration, 1000’s of protesters including the #DiscruptJ20 movement, over 5000…

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LIVE | Police Report | George Michael Probably Murdered – Illuminati Exposed

POLICE REPORT!! ‘GEORGE MICHAEL “PROBABLY” MURDERED’ !!?? – ILLUMINATI EXPOSED A Entertainment Streamed live 21 minutes ago POLICE REPORT!! George Michael ‘Probably’ Murdered – Detectives investigating the death of George Michael say it is looking increasingly likely that the singer was murdered. ILLUMINATI EXPOSED Article –…

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Live: Parents and Schools Raise Alarm to Police After Paedophile Caught Grooming Children On Social Media App Roblox

Parents and schools in Merseyside have contacted police after a paedophile has been found using children’s social media based gaming app Roblox to stalk children. Roblox is a user-generated online social gaming platform developed and published by the Roblox Corporation. In the game, players are able to create their own virtual worlds and design their own games within the platform. This is not the first time the safety of the app has been brought into question with various reports of child-sex predators lurking within the platform since it’s release in…

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