A Major incident has been declared in England after the NHS was hit by hackers resulting in chaos on friday afternoon.

Around 40 NHS trusts have been held to ransom by a cyber attack which has taken down computer and tele-comunication systems resulting in the national health service being reduced to using pen and paper with many lives being left at risk.

Although it is now said up to 74 countries are affected by the hack, earlier reports suggested no patient data has been compromised during the ransomeware attack although this is likely to change over the coming weeks.

Prime Minister Theresa May said: ”This is part of a wider international attack and there is no evidence patiant data has been compromised”.

The fault in Windows computers was thought to of been discovered by the NSA in 2016, it is believed they kept the vunerability to back engineer it until it was suspciously leaked and ‘hackers’ were blamed.

Windows released a fix patch to renew security agaisnt the fault which is easily available, but many NHS trusts failed to update security systems leaving them vunerable to this type of cyber attack.

In an alarming statement, Regioanl Director for london, Dr Anne Rainsbury, said: NHS are operating as nornal and has well tested plans for a range of incidents including business continuity plans in place which are now being used.

Earlier, reports claiming sixteen trusts had been effected quickly changed to around 40 hit by the scam which was asking for $300 payment to a Bitcoin account to decrypt the NHS system, it has now raised to around $600 or all files will be lost in one week.

Cyber security analysts told Sky News: “some NHS Trusts have spent no money at all on cyber security”

As of now the ransom is still in place and many trusts are locked out of their own servers causing confusion around the country ahead of the weekend.

Serious questions must be who has done this and how was they able to do it?

Was the attack staged by internet security companies who are set to benefit hugely?

Did the government know it was going to happen and do they blame the NSA for having people employed who leaked the information about the fault in windows systems?

With trusts stating they have not been able to offer care, how can they stop people dying until the ransomware is lifted?

Is anyone going to pay the $600 ransom to free up the NHS I.T systems?

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