Authorities in England today are claiming Big Ben will be closed for four years in a safety measure to help restoration workers escape being deafened by the famous clocks chimes.

Big Ben has been ringing its bells for 157 years continiously without a break in service, but that will change from noon on Monday, August 21, 2017, in a contraversial move which has been defended by Parliament.

A spokeswoman said: “The chimes are being stopped to provide a safe environment for the people working on the scaffolding. 

“Constant proximity to the chimes would pose a serious risk to their hearing, and would prevent efficient working.”

The spokeswoman added: “People will be working on the scaffolding day-in day-out throughout the works, and, while protective headgear could be provided, it is not desirable for individuals working at height to have their hearing obscured as there is concern the ability to hear each other and any alarms could be affected.”

Steve Jaggs, Keeper of the Great Clock, said: “Big Ben falling silent is a significant milestone in this crucial conservation project.

“As Keeper of the Great Clock I have the great honour of ensuring this beautiful piece of Victorian engineering is in top condition on a daily basis.

So riddle me this in a world of imagination and insanity we have Big Ben being silenced until 2021 for repairs and upgrades, now, my point is, we’re not stupid in the head are we?

We all know how companies who carry out these jobs after being given the contracts tend to go in and while they are doing the pampering up work they also rig these landmarks out with bombs then blow them up and say look ISIS did it, but then you get people saying no to the government clearly did it themselves then blamed ISIS.

After years of seeing Bin Ben blown up in many films and London falling time and time again in what is known as predictive programming it is entirely safe to sit here and suggest that Big Ben is getting it soon, I mean come on look at this video from Nicki Minaj called No Frauds in which the producer is called Big Benny Boom.

The funny thing is the day after this little Illuminati witch filmed this satanic video we saw the attack on London Bridge where the fiasco unfolded on the spot she stood.

Nice knowing you Big Ben.

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Next point. What does this mad woman even go on about really? It sounds like hell complete hell it rapes my ears and gives me frowny forehead and eyebrows every time her music comes on.

It does something to the waters in me they go all out of sync up like the way we see water being affected by frequencies, be them good or bad if we freeze water with evil words on and look at the ice under a microscope we see it all distorted.

Yet if we write happy chirpy words like I love you and pretty happy cute butterfly on a glass of water before freezing it we then see all harmony in the ice, so you tell me what on earth happens to the water in our bodies when rubbish like this is blasted over the airwaves by the second.

Then you wonder how they control our every emotion, or do you? Have you ever even wondered?

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