Paradise is often described as a “higher place”, the holiest place, in contrast to this world, or underworlds such as Hell.

I see some crafty bastards. Well riddle me this, after hitting on the Garden of Eden theme running right through the Liverpool Liver Birds and the city Liver (Regeneration) Pool of Wrath we now have more devilish shit to shine a light on with George Ezra’s catchy new song called Paradise.

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As usual you look into these things after watching a video full of as above so below references and and the flashing from blue to red in it the merging of the two well I just could not help look into the word Paradise and yes there is nothing new under the sun. I will show you what the sneaky song-writer is up to in his video and how it is the same thing as what Lynsey Copple spotted when Leonardo DiCaprio visited the Pope with a story that you would think was all lovely and nice and holy, but no when we look into a certain satanic artists called Hieronymus Bosch we see the bigger picture. it was far from it.

We will start with Mr Ezra’s song Paradise and the things I found on this.

Paradise” is a song by English singer-songwriter George Ezra. The song was written by Ezra and produced by Cam Blackwood. It was released to digital retailers on 19 January 2018, as the second single from Ezra’s upcoming second studio album Staying at Tamara’s.

January 19 2018 = 11911 a 911 mirror which is calculated by taking the 1 from January and the 19 from the date and then 2+1+8=11.

You just know Ezra is going to have a hidden meaning. Probably a reference to the bible through Satan or a mockery on God Kingdom which is the theme of these findings, so let us waste no time in having a look.

  • A priest among those that returned to Jerusalem under Zerubabel ( Nehemiah 12:1 ).
  • The “scribe” who led the second body of exiles that returned from Babylon to Jerusalem B.C. 459, and author of the book of Scripture which bears his name. He was the son, or perhaps grandson, of Seraiah ( 2 Kings 25:18-21 ), and a lineal descendant of Phinehas, the son of Aaron ( Ezra 7:1-5 ). All we know of his personal history is contained in the last four chapters of his book, and in Nehemiah 8 and 12:26 .

In the seventh year of the reign of Artaxerxes Longimanus (see DARIUS), he obtained leave to go up to Jerusalem and to take with him a company of Israelites ( Ezra 8 ). Artaxerxes manifested great interest in Ezra’s undertaking, granting him “all his request,” and loading him with gifts for the house of God. Ezra assembled the band of exiles, probably about 5,000 in all, who were prepared to go up with him to Jerusalem, on the banks of the Ahava, where they rested for three days, and were put into order for their march across the desert, which was completed in four months. His proceedings at Jerusalem on his arrival there are recorded in his book.

George Ezra Barnett (born 7 June 1993) is an English singer-songwriter, podcaster and musician. After releasing two EPsDid You Hear the Rain? in October 2013 and Cassy O’ in March 2014, Ezra rose to prominence with the release of his hit single “Budapest“, which reached the top 10 in several countries around the world, reaching number one in Austria, Belgium, New Zealand and the Czech Republic. His previous work was with singer-songwriter Jordan Grey.

June 7 is the 158th day of the year (159th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 207 days remaining until the end of the year.


27 = 9+9+9 which is 666

June 7 is the same day Prince was born. Prince died on April 21, 2016, just two days into the April 19-May 1, annual 13 days of sacrifice in preparation for the Beltane fire festival which consists of human and animal sacrifices to Nimrod the Sun God.

The Video to the song Paradise has a lot of subliminal messages but they are pretty easy to pick them out so let’s go. Straight away you see two triangles they are opposite each other with one being above and one below. The top triangle is illuminated whereas the bottom one darkened out, there is void or a space in between the two. The illuminated triangle is depicting the heavens above whilst the bottom darker one is representing hell otherwise known as Seol in the book of Enoch. The void in between is showing us earth and I do wonder if the two flat planes in the middle are showing us the earth is flat. We see the word Paradise in the void, it is in pink this makes me think of Pink Paradise. Is this another mockery on Gods Kingdom?

The word Paradise first shows up after eleven seconds. (11) Biblical numerology describes number 11 representing imperfection, disorder, disintegration, dis-organisation and chaos. Number 11 in biblical sense portrays transgression, evil, peril, sin. Also it is looked upon as with dual character. Many think that number 11 is to do with biblical prophecy. 11:11 has been associated with the awakening which many of us are going through. Twin pillars are archetypal symbols representing an important gateway or passage towards the unknown. In Freemasonry, the pillars are named Jachin and Boaz.

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The rest of the video is just as cryptic and devilish considering it has taken its name from the Garden of Eden. The whole video is a song and dance about living life up to the max, Alistair Crowley style, “Do What Thou Wilt”. We see George Ezra playing his guitar in paradise located in the void area between the two triangles, he is accompanied by two other men who are making it 3 people in the shot. 3 Is a common theme of these people when they shoot videos as well as 5. The 3 represents another triangle where as if you ever see people dancing in formations of 5 this usually depicts the Baphomet 5 sided pentagram. The 3 triangles also show us a hidden 666. Each triangle has 3 sides and 3 points, the men forming another triangle gives us a third triangle in this frame. Three triangles = 666. They are standing on the dark triangle telling me they are singing their song from a standing point of hell whilst rising up into paradise, utopia, earth.

This is all shot in this sort of blue hue, other scenes in the video are in red also which shows me sacrifice. There is also a black and white sequence in this which is another masonic reference. Below we see a 6 sided hexagon which is made up of studio lighting. The Hex is associated with witchcraft and Saturn worship. This also depicts the worker bee’s from the hive mind which is how we live in slavery to our rulers. This was a reason we seen the Bee used in the aftermath of the Manchester Arena bomb. They are forever taking the piss out of us.

The next thing I noticed was on 33 seconds, a guitar is slammed down into the floor 3 times. You hear this with the beat of three snare drums. The snare drum, conveyed instructions to soldiers and accompanied their marching in European infantry regiments. But beyond these, the meaning and symbolism of the drum has a much deeper significance to the traditional American Indian in the search for meaning to life.

On 47 seconds (4+7=11). This is when three cheerleaders walk towards paradise in between the two triangles as discussed before this is another 666.

This image below is taken from 1:19 of the video. It is something I did not really have to point it but the small point I can make may teach you something. It is the Boxers Hoodie, the hoodie is representative of the gown which Jesus wore and when we see boxers entering the ring which is a square (Alchemy) wearing the boxers hoodie this is again another mockery of Jesus. It is also one of the first red and blue messages we see in the video. “And in the red cornerrrrrr” You get it.

My heart (my heart)
My boom-boom heart
It’s a beat and its a thumping
And I’m alive

The next part is pretty self explanatory, we have a heart that has been ripped from its body and is still pumping in the hand of the person holding it, this is the epitome of the vision of sacrifice if ever I have seen it. These are showing us the heart being ripped out of paradise. The Garden of Eden being destroyed by Satan and his fallen angels. Does it refer to “a person who has a demon’s hand and a saint’s heart”? Or does it refer to “do something with a demon’s hand, but in a saint’s heart”? I will let you decide the answer to that one before we move onto the next part of this report which is Leonardo DiCaprio’s private meeting with the pope and we see the exact same story with different ways of telling it.

If it feels like paradise running through your bloody veins
You know it’s love heading your way
If it feels like paradise running through your bloody veins
You know it’s love heading your way
Paradise, hold on hold on
Meet me there, hold on hold on
Paradise, hold on hold on

Leonardo DiCaprio meets the Pope: “Thank you for this private audience”

Well what has a private meeting between Leonardo DiCaprio and the Pope have to do with the Garden of Eden? Why is all not as it seems with these two iconic figures putting on a show for the cameras and just who is that man with the glasses on smirking? Why is he so smug? I will show you now. I hope you watch the 2-minute video right through.

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What was the hidden message in the footage? What did they see in the book? It is paintings from an artist called Hieronymus Bosch. His art work was given to the Pope as a present from Leonardo DiCaprio as the actor made a private visit to see him. When he opened a book containing the artwork of Bosch the Pope’s eyes lit up. Leo then told the pope that his father had hung this artists work over his crib as a very young child. He then tells the pope he never understood it as a child but now he does. He see’s it as this beautiful utopia we have been given, this paradise. So when you look into who on earth he is talking about and what is in the book, it is a book of Bosch art, when you look at his art work it is all a satanic view of the Garden of Eden being destroyed by evil. In the pictures you see sodomy, rape, humans hunted and killed, and a pregnant Jesus. Bosch depicts hell on earth and Leonardo DiCaprio and the Pope somehow found it to be fascinating.

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Why would Leonardo DiCaprio’s father hang this over his child’s bed? Why could he not hang something childish? Why did it have to be this art? What type of person does this? What type of life do they live?

To answer all these questions we are going to have to look into Leo’s father George DiCaprio who is is an American writer, editor, publisher, distributor, and former performance artist, known for his work in the realm of underground comix, where he collaborated with such notables as Timothy Leary and Laurie Anderson. The theme of his comic books and art is another abomination of Gods Kingdom with drug taking, gay sex, strange sex and rape.

George DiCaprio’s most notable work has been published under Greaser Comics, Forbidden Knowledge and Cocaine Comix. DiCaprio played an important role in his son’s early career as an actor. He used to screen scripts for him, and was instrumental in getting Leo to play Rimbaud in the 1995 film Total Eclipse.

You can read between the lines to look deeper into this man than you can see. Even at face value, you just know his beliefs are of the occult and this is why he raised his child to admire such a mind-set. These life-styles often come hand in hand with abuse.

George DiCaprio met Leonardo’s mother, German-born, Irmelin Indenbirken, in college in New York in 1965 with Leo coming along nine years later when he was born in 1974. It is thought financial stress put pressure on the relationship and they split the same year. George and Irmelin lived as neighbours and even shared a garden in an area surrounded by brothels and prostitution rings. George it seems has swapped Irmelin’s hairy arm-pit’s for cobwebs with his new partner Peggy DiCaprio formerly known as Peggy Nee Farrar who is an Amritdhari Sikh

It may or may not come as a surprise to hear it took Leonardo DiCaprio until 2016 to be crowned best actor at the Oscars. His performance in The Revenant ensured he joined Hollywood’s Elite at the 88th annual awards ceremony which is cram packed with people from an industry built on rape, child abuse, and satanic teachings.

Leo the lion was at the Oscars with his parents who brought their new partners along to the red carpet which is symbolic of the bloodline which all these Freemasonic celebrities all originate from.

Leonardo DiCaprio is an Order of Eastern Star member and it is suggested to be the reason he was cast by James Cameron for the role of Jack Dawson in Titanic alongside Kate Winslet who was a member of the same secret society. Leo also admitted to being a Freemason in a 1995 German TV interview which he abruptly cut short before reportedly being forced into silence by another sect known as the Sons of Belial.

So the question we must ask is what is a man like George DiCaprio who hangs evil paintings over his kids bed and writes obscene comic books  doing meeting the Pope? Why on earth would the Pope want to meet Leo give his links to Freemasonry and occult teachings? These people and their secret agenda’s all represent the same thing, the fall of paradise.

Another thing you may notice when looking at art work of Bosch is the amount of paintings he did which have references to the earth being flat. I will leave this one to you to think about and to come to your own conclusion.

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