Charlotte Campbell You Are The News – #Manchester Remembers Your Lies

This is Charlotte Campbell You will remember her snivvelling face from the fall out of last years Manchester Arena Bomb hoax fiasco. She played the part of Olivia Campbell’s idiotic mum. You will of watched her interviews on programs such as Good Morning Britain as the national press and media liars all got in bed with the latest wave of crisis actors as they all pushed this bullshit onto the masses. You was fooled because thos woman is an actor and she was at other staged events prior to the Manchester Arena pantomime. Below you will see her playing the role of a grieving family member to alleged victims of another hoax event in Glasgow on December 22, 2014.

Crisis Actors wind me up. I asked someone to show me one dead teenage girl in the image below from the blast area not one person could show me one dead girl. I offered £50 per dead girl identified and still no one has claimed it. I also offered to sing a full Abba album in Liverpool city centre in a ballet dancer dress so it was cash reward and public self humiliation. Not one person has took me up on my offer to this day. Look at the image and say what you see. I see around 35 people not 22 dead and not over 100 injuries. I see adult sized people only not a concert full of teenage girls. I see no pink balloons I see no damage to the room. No lights blown out. Do you see what I see?

Guess what I else have for you? A video from inside the blast area showing actors walking around with fake blood and fake injuries as tbey wait for the next queue to act out their roles for the staged event  You will see medics walking casually as if lookibg for a drinks machine, you can’t make this up.

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