Mobile Weather Modification Machine Caught Making Clouds By Drone - Chemtrails And Geo-Modification

Mobile Weather Modification Machine Caught Making Clouds By Drone – Chemtrails & Geo-Engineering

Proof they modify the weather then tell us its our fault and climate change is a problem that they will tax us on and it is them doing it by land air and sea using many technologies for different reasons and results. Open your eyes. They are spraying us using planes on a daily basis, look at the sun rise and sun sets each day, they begin spraying early morning and a few hours later when the chemtrails spread out we no longer have clear blue skies but a thin white haze cloaking the skies of not only Britain but all around the world. A lot of people are putting a lot of hard work into bringing you this information so please look into the topics before playing them down. This is already all your kids know, they have never seen skies like we did when we was young.

Earlier This Morning I woke up to a barrage of chemtrails being created over Liverpool. I filmed it and explained briefly some of the dangers they have us under, literally.

This 3 minute video was around 9am on Saturday, August, 12, 2018. I tell you in it that our nice skies and nice day will be ruined by midday.

It is now 2pm and I am about to upload another video to Facebook to show I was right, now I am no weather man, this is just a viscous pattern which I see above my head every day., I tell people about it and for some reason unbeknown to me they just can not see it. This is the reason I have added these videos to the mix today because now there is around 4-500 people who have seen it and they have been posting pictures of the sky from around the country, relating to what they are seeing in the video which is filmed in Liverpool. Here is the follow up, remember this is just a few hours later. The morning was glorious I had been out early. Now look, again I am not the MET Office.

This stuff is in our food chain, the water supplies, the grass, the trees which is why we are seeing so many forest fires as trees filmed are literally burning from within.

Here is the 3rd video of the day and it shows the weather was modified in our city today.

The chemicals attack our reproductive system. they are made up of light metals such as aluminium and Barium, other solutions sprayed on us include phosphorus which is highly toxic. I know this because just a few days before Hurricane Harvey and Irma hit the US, I watched a weather modification committee meeting in Texas where the storms hit hard, in the meeting they were extending grants to government organisations who conduct in weather modification, they say they use phosphorus flares. Days after this meeting Texas was flooded and severe damage was done by dangerous winds and heavy rain. Here is the video. I do have it with better audio on one of my channels and as soon as I find my file I will upload it for you as the sound is not good, in my one I amplify the sound. You also hear them talking about the planes they use.

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They actually laugh at the imminent Hurricane after they have been cloud seeding. It was part of their job to dump a load of water on Texas, this is going too far. They tell you they poison you from the sky and they tell you they played a part in the creation of the conditions which caused so much pain for so many families.

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