The Queen Looks Nervous As Rabbi Gets Over Confident

Footage from the Queen’s trip to Manchester Royal hospital to meet NHS staff and victims from the alleged May, 22, Manchester Arena bombing.

During the clip you see a man speak to the Queen in a way in which you have never seen anyone talk to her. He leans towards Queen Elizabeth 2nd with arrogance and tells her to “be well”. Be well is also defined as meaning f**k you, blow me, evaporate.

Was this a slight lapse in concentration from security? Was the man mocking the Queen and did she react nervously?

In the video we look at how security lapses have resulted in what would appear to be serious near misses as we see how shots have been fired at the Queen in New Zealand in 1981 and at Prince Charles in Australia in 1994.The ease and swagger in which the man addresses the Queen will catch your attention because it is such a one-off in regards to how we are taught the queen should be spoken to and the correct time to speak to her.

This means this footage is something that does not sit right. The Queen’s bodyguards are not close enough to her as the man motions his body towards her. Not one person bats an eyelid as the Head of State is spoken to like a commoner. The Queens seems to reflect on the moment briefly as she smiles through her teeth and continues on her meet and greet trip to the post-Manchester bombing public outing.

Most of the country missed this but it has bugged me for a while so it was another topic I wanted to raise with you as I have been updating my work on the events surrounding the Ariana Grande concert incident.

Where is the man now, do you think it was a form of mockery or a genuine pleasant remark?

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