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Paul Walker Had More Than One Relationship With Underage Girls In Statutory Rape Horrors Possibility.

Paul Walker, best known as Hollywood hit fast & Furious star, had engaged in relationships with more than one underage girl as more Hollywood paedophilia issues are raised with child abuse reports in the entertainment industry reaching fever-pitch.

Walker who rose to fame for his roles in Fast & Furious movies as well as Running Scared, had been in a relationship with a friend of his teenage daughter Meadow Walker.

Paedophile Paul Walker

Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell began dating Paul Walker when she was just 16, Walker was 33 at the time. The couple were together until the time of his death yet she was not mentioned in a new documentary about the much loved motorist cult actor who deceived his fans with his sickening antics.

Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell did not appear in the film called I Am Paul Walker and it is thought the reason for her no-show was that their relationship was highly controversial.

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The documentary premiered over the weekend and failed to highlight the sexual preferences of Walker who also dated Aubrianna Atwell, who, the Daily Mail, state was 28 when the actor died.

She would of met Paul Walker when she was just 16 and the alarming pattern is seen as statutory rape in the State of California where the age of sexual consent is 18.

Paul walker underage girls

Walker’s death did not bury the truth about his paedophilia as alternative news platforms and truthers question why mainstream news outlets failed to highlight the issue of more Hollywood actors linked to child abuse.

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Kristen Lee, from Jalopink reports:

The Alloy drew attention to Walker’s relationship with Atwell and said it was a “disturbing pattern.” The Rooster called it “Paul Walker’s sexual relationship with kids.” The Gloss asked if others were “shocked (and disgusted)” over how Pilchard-Gosnell was underage. The Guardian Liberty Voice stated that Walker “could have been hit with a felony charge.”

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Under age sex with a minor should of been a felony for Walker and his name should not be held in such high esteem with his adoring fans.

Although there is no proof of sexual activity between Walker and his underage girlfriends, the relationships raise concerns about the Hollywood actor.

Had he been found guilty of an offence he would of faced jail under California laws.

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Paul Walker Age Of Consent California Felony
Paul Walker Underage Girls

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