Reverse Speech Discovery: “Oh God Are You Alright?” Hidden #WW3 Meaning “See Ya Roll With Ya 3rd War” – When Giraffes Attack.


Earlier in the year I found a hidden messge when I repeated the quotes from a lady during a reported giraffe attack at West Midlands Safari Park. She shouts the words “oh god are you alright?” I said the same words into a speech reversal app and found a creepy hidden message. It translated to “see ya roll with ya 3rd war”. Was this a hidden code planted by news outlets to foreshadow a future 3rd world war? The footage from the giraffe attack at the safari park seemed to be CGI upon close examination of the glass.

On March 23rd I wrote an article which showed how a hostage situation at a supermarket in a rural French town called Trebes was a ritual to mark the day of mourning which signalled the opening and closing of the season of war. The post follows what I wrote back in March. This explains a few dates to look out for and codes the numbers 93 and 39 which I spoke of this week regarding the Facebook Down decode which was gave me reason to believe there will be an event on Sunday September 9 or September 11 9/11. You can go to my website to see the break down on that subject but here is what I wrote in March about the Season of War and the Sali.

Trebes is a medieval town just as is Salisbury I wonder what the similarities between the two areas are, does Google earth show us anything? Can we find anything else within the word Trebes?

Definition of Bes – a grotesque god depicted as having short legs, an obese body, and an almost bestial face, who dispelled evil spirits.

Bes in American. (bɛs ; bes) Egyptian Mythology. a god of pleasure and a protector of women in childbirth and of children. Word origin of ‘Bes’.

Bes. [bes] noun, Egyptian Religion. 1. the patron deity of music, dancing, and children, represented as a hairy dwarf having a tail and wearing a lion’s skin.

A few weeks later I coded dwarfs and elves into the Alfie Evans ritual with Alfie (Alfred) Meaning Elf-Council. Alder (Hey) meant Elf King. The Elf King would trap the souls of dying or dead children just like Alder Hey in the ritual performed in Liverpool this year. You can read all decodes on my website.

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