Jeremy Kyle Show left in limbo after guest dies one week after filming.

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Jeremy Kyle guest ‘died of drug overdose after failing lie detector test’

The love/hate show was suspended indefinitely yesterday as news of a mans death came to light one week after he appeared on the ITV program that is powered by public humiliation.

Jeremy Kyle Steve Dymond Before His Death

The guest who died one week after the show has been revealed as construction worker as Steve Dymond, 63.

Mr. Dymond appeared on the show to take a lie detector to prove he didn’t cheat on his fiancé Jane Callaghan.

He failed the test and it is believed he then took his life after a drugs overdose one week after filming.

It is believed to be Steve Dymond who suggested that he and his fiance appear on the show to prove he had not committed infidelity during their relationship.

The test that is thought to be around 96% accurate leaves room for 4% inaccuracies and this is where the problems begin with this story.

A friend of tragic Steve Dymond told how he was certain he would be cleared of cheating claims by appearing on the ITV show, which is filmed in Salford.

4 in 100 tests will come back with the wrong result amd a friend of Mr. Dymond states that Steve 100% had not cheated on his partner and it was he who wanted to go on the show to prove his innocence.

Friend Michael Bradley claimed Steve had told his landlady he was feeling suicidal after the show, the Mirror reports .

He said: “He told her, ‘I’ve had enough, I’m going to kill myself.’ He failed the lie detector test but was adamant he hadn’t done anything wrong, saying, ‘I’ll come up with flying colours, I’ve never cheated on her.’

“He got made out to be wrong but he wasn’t. Those lie detector tests aren’t 100%.

Members of the public left condolences on Steve Dymond’s facebook page as news of his alleged death spread across the nation.

Jeremy Kyle Steve Dymond Condolences On Facebook

Another person posted on my YouTube video regarding the matter to say that her friend appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show and lied during a test but passed it.

She also says that her friends and herself all knew he was lying and he even admits to it in another public insight into the under fire program.

In 2012, the Philpott family killings took place after the father, Mick Philpott appeared on the Jeremy Kyle show, the mother and father burnt their family house down killing 6 children.

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On Friday 11 May 2012, Derby woke up to the news there had been a fire at a house in the Allenton area.

Within hours, the five children who lived at the home were dead, while a sixth was critically ill in hospital.

By the end of the month the children’s parents, Mick and Mairead Philpott, stood accused of starting the fire.

Jeremy Kyle

Jeremy Kyle was born in Reading, Berkshire, and is of Scottish descent.

His father was an accountant and personal secretary to the Queen Mother (Oh really?).

Kyle has one sibling, Nick, who Kyle said later became a drug addict.

In 2000, Kyle moved to the Century FM network, taking this format with him.

The show was called Jezza’s Confessions. It was broadcast between 9 pm and 1 am.

On 1 July 2002, he made his first broadcast on Virgin Radio, presenting Jezza’s Virgin Confessions every weekday from 8 pm to midnight.

In mid-2003, he broadcast the show from 9 pm to 1 am every weekday, and in January 2004 the show went out from 10 pm to 1 am, Sunday to Thursday.

He left Virgin Radio in June 2004. From 5 September 2004, Kyle presented the Confessions show on London’s Capital FM.

In late 2007, Kyle began a new show (The Jeremy Kyle Show), broadcasting across GCap Media’s One Network, of which Orchard FM, Invicta FM and BRMB, his previous employers, were a part.

The programme differed from his previous shows in that he interviewed celebrities.

Kyle also began broadcasting a new programme, on Essex FM, in November 2007.

Kyle joined Talksport on 21 September 2008 to present a lunchtime sports show every Sunday called The Jeremy Kyle Sunday Sports Show.

As a result of Talksport’s Premiership coverage on a Sunday, Kyle’s show was cancelled, and he left the station.

In September 2007, Manchester judge Alan Berg described The Jeremy Kyle Show as trash which existed to “titillate bored members of the public with nothing better to do”.

He went on to say: “It seems to me that the purpose of this show is to effect a morbid and depressing display of dysfunctional people whose lives are in turmoil.

“It is human bear-baiting.”

The judge characterised it as such “after a husband was provoked into headbutting his wife’s lover in front of Kyle’s studio audience”.

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In February 2008, The Jeremy Kyle Show was again criticised in court after a man who found out during the recording of a show that he was not the father of his wife’s child later pointed an air rifle at her.

Since 2015, Kyle has presented two series of The Kyle Files, a primetime show on ITV.

In March 2019 Jeremy was allegedly chased by a gang of so called knife wielding thugs.

Media reports tell us the presenter was filming with the programme’s camera crew in a London park when he found himself caught up in a scary gang fight, leading him to run for his life.

On May 13, 2019,the recording and broadcast of The Jeremy Kyle Show was suspended after a guest died shortly after appearing on an edition of the series.

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