FA Cup Final

FA Cup Final Magic Or Tragic? Will Away Fans Boycott The Etihad In 2019/20 As City Face Financial Fair-Play Dismissal From UEFA Champions League in 20/21?

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FA Cup Final Magic Or Tragic?

I played in a 5-a-side league at the Pitz, Liverpool. After dominating every game a league organiser asked us to stop beating teams so badly as we are disheartening people! We laughed at the time. Was The FA Cup Final fair? Did #ManCity bully #Watford? Kids left in tears? Was the match entertaining? I fell asleep at 2-0 as it was not even a competition it began to bore me they were so far ahead in every department it was getting stupid. Was there any need for many City to destroy a team as they did when they played Championship side Burton in this years League Cup Semi-Final and beat them 9-0 in the first leg at the Etihad rendering the return leg at Burton’s ground totally pointless.

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The point here is again the club had taken the piss out of another side in what seems to be a footballing lack of respect after Man City suffered a couple of losses mid-season they then went relentless on teams such as Burton and Watford as we have seen in two high-profile cup games. One game being a a semi and the other the FA Cup Final. Watching the match live for 50 minutes then Match of The Day last night the lingo was all how much of a brilliant performance it was from Man City and I agree it was but they was that far ahead it bored the living daylights out of me watching it and I felt sorry for the Watford fans who had traveled.

FA Cup Final Domination

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The city fans throwing the Poznan in jubilation. I am not saying should Man City lay off teams and reduce the competitiveness of our leagues but if they want to carry on taking the piss out of teams who had no chance anyway then the fans who support other clubs should just not go to the Etihad and let them play in self advocated closed doors with their own fans who can sing their own songs and watch their own team with their own atmosphere and leave them to it. If they want to act like they are in their own world then let them be in their own world. Literally!

FA Cup Final Heartache

Imagine you took your son or daughter who was about 5 and traveled all the way to London to watch that and they did that to your team and your kid was crying all the way home to (for example) Liverpool lets say it was say Everton yesterday in that final (and don’t get stroppy Everton fans because this is a brilliant example) as a club who have not won any Cup Final since 1995 to then be that excited to go to Wembley only to get there and be smashed out the ball park without even a kick and you had to calm your kid down for 6 hours getting home out the congestion etc and your head was done in yourself. You would think I am never going to watch them horrible bastards ever again. If they carry on like that I guarantee you will see their away ticket sales dropping like flies.

A Cup Final Horror Show As Man City Beat Watford 6-0

The gulf in class was something we are all well aware of but is it any surprise that City were so dominant considering their substitutes bench cost around £300 million and watfiords whole team cost less than £70 million?

Man City face being kicked out of the Champions League the season after next for allegedly violating financial fair-play laws in football that are in place to ensure clubs only spend money they they have generated within the club.

Man City’s billionaire owners have been found to have allegedly pumped around 360 million into the club via a sponsorship deal that is connected to the club owners meaning they may have broken the regulations that are there to stop such activity.

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