Michael Jackson Is Alive – Wacko Jacko Watched His Own Funeral In Disguise As Dave Dave On CNN

Michael Jackson Death Hoax Exposed?

VideoMichael Jackson Is Alive – MJ Watched His Own Funeral In Disguise As Dave Dave On CNN – MJ Death Hoax

The video shows very much what appears to be MJ getting out of his ambulance alive.

He then appears again after his alleged death watching his own funeral live on CNN dressed up in disguise as burns victim, Dave Dave.

They say Dave Dave is formerly known as Dave Rothenberg before he changed his name because his dad set him on fire in the house.

Listen to Michael Jackson’s pretend Dave Dave voice as he talks to Larry King and calls his father a criminal, a bad man.

The vocal mannerisms are extremely comparable to Michael Jackson’s unique way of speaking.

The interview is an eye-opening WTF moment that can’t be missed.

Other things to look for, apart from that voice was the way he talks over Larry King with confidence, only the most elite stars would even dream to speak over Larry the CIA King of Operation Mocking Bird turned CNN fake news presenter…..

Why did Dave Dave feel comfortable enough to talk over Larry King? If this is Michael Jackson playing his disguises game, what on earth was Larry King doing?

What do you think? Is Michael Jackson alive? Did Michael Jackson disguise himself as Dave Dave? Do you think Dave Dave sounds like Michael Jackson?

These are all plausible questions right now as you have probably spent some time rewatching the interview and listening very closely.

Did Michael Jackson fake his death? Did MJ really appear on CNN after he died? Questions, questions, questions.

This is brilliant.

God knows what the life insurance companies must be thinking with all these hoaxes being exposed “He’s a bad man he’s a criminal”

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