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Meet @ImPoppy – MK Ultra Monarch Butterfly YouTube Star Who ‘Foresaw’ COVID-19 in 2016


Meet @impoppy the MKUltra Monarch Butterfly YouTube Star Who 'Foresaw' COVID19 Back in 2016

Global Agenda

Mark from Global Agenda says:

I had never heard about this MK Ultra Monarch Butterfly Slave until I read Jim Stone’s blog today, but now I know who she is and I now know why YouTube Censored so many of us who were calling out the Coronavirus COVID 19 as a Flu Hoax back when it came out in early 2020. Poppy is just part of the Devils Game that went along with Bill Gates, the Rockefeller Group, Fraud Fauci, the WHO and every other Satanic being that gave us so much ‘predictive programming’ prior to releasing this Made in China Virus on us back in early 2020.




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