Prince Philip Is Dead

Prince Philip Is Dead! Buckingham Palace Releases Statement By Queen Elizabeth After The Death Of Her Husband On Friday, April 9, 2021.

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It has been a while since we had a royal death announcement by natural causes with the Queen Mother being the last I can think of and we all know Diana did not allegedly die of natural causes.

So, seeing as royal deaths are like rocking horse plop, now that one has come along is it going to be like the busses?

Are the royal family, the press, and flag wavers nationwide now on ‘single lovebird syndrome watch’ with the Queen now? Is the media about to put a timer counter on the queen’s every last living second?

I expect realistic (and not fabricated) stats can show how the still married very elderly often pass on shortly after their dearly beloved leaves them alone without the glowing energy they had when they first met.

The queen is 94 years old now, she has been batting for the Mountbatten family for an extremely long time.

But, she is tough as old boots and she will probably live to 105 to oversee this Covid-19 bs without performing her duties and protecting us, the subjects of her monarchy, while her elected Prime Minister and the government have run amock with our lives.

I can hardly say I am surprised, she is the Queen of Druid’s afterall, or she was until she was stripped of that title recently.

Watch her Druid initiation to just days before her Coronation to be crowned Queen of England in 1953.

All this while we put up with Prince Charles and William acting like cheerleaders for the not-so-Great Reset.

Harry the Fancy Dress Nazi is parading around the States in exile, telling us all via Oprah that his wife was racially abused. You can see more about Harry and his Royal f*ckery on the article at the bottom of this page.

What was the breaking news again? Oh, yes, I almost forgot, Prince Philip is dead…

Another thing I almost forgot about is that time when Jimmy Savile took a young girl to Prince Philip in Buckingham Palace as he admitted in this horrid interview from when he had the whole of the entertainment industry up his backside, including Alex Belfield who sounded smitten as he conducted Savile’s last ever interview. That video can still be seen on Belfield’s YouTube Channel.

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Here is Alex Belfield’s interview with Jimmy Savile. It is one of the most odd and creepy, and very cryptic things I have ever heard in my life. Alex Belfield is very happy to be talking to Jimmy Savile in the notorious sex beasts Yorkshire home. Alex Belfield conducted the interview for BBC Radio 2. It was the BBC who were blamed for covering up Jimmy Savile’s vile actions.

Jimmy Savile Last / Final Exclusive 40 Min BBC Interview “I Got Away With It” – BBC Radio 2

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You may have heard me talk about connections between Prince Philip and his precious Outward Bound Trust that he stepped down his ambassador role and handed it to Prince Andrew before his Epstein ordeal resurfaced in 2019.

Jennifer Arcuri is connected to Outward Bound Trust and you can see why she may be part of a Honey Pot Trap concerning Boris Johnson regarding her alleged affair with the wayward Prime Minister.

See more and watch the video on my article below. It has an lot about the royals on it that’s for sure.



Jennifer Arcuri admits to Boris Johnson Affair but what grim connections does this bring back to the surface?

Jennifer Arcuri has again spoken of her alleged affair with Boris Johnson and has also suggested, the now Prime Minister, sought sexual photographs to alleviate him from the stresses of his work.

Jennifer Arcuri has spoken about her time with Boris Johnson in a new interview that you can see in brief below.


Jennifer Arcuri’s recent interview has served as a reminder of an article from Enchanted LifePath in 2019 that highlighted various connections between Elite members of the British establishment, Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell. US President Donald Trump, US law enforcement and counterintelligence services, and more.


The new updated and republished article also highlights research from Alun Roberts who had posted a series of Tweets in September 2019 regarding Jennifer Arcuri’s very deep connections that also highlighted her huge potential for a honeypot trap surrounding Boris Johnson.


This new event places Arcuri in the spotlight and is a chance to update the public via the full 2019 article which contains research and reports that I gathered, and made about Boris Johnson’s reported ex-lover Jennifer Arcuri 

You can read the full 2019 article with all of the sources via the Enchanted LifePath website only.

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