Candus Wells Shocking Rape Claim Made In 911 Call?

A 911 call made by the mother of missing 6-year-old Summer Wells may contain a disturbing, unheard before claim.

Candus Wells, also known as Candus Bly, contacted police in October 2020 during a disturbance at the family home, 110 Ben Hill Rd, in Rogersville, Tennessee.

Candus is talking to a female police dispatch call centre operative as Summer Wells can be heard yelling for help from her mum.

Attention was drawn to the call and it was studied by Enchanted LifePath on January 6, 2023.

This is when the Independent News and Media platform host was listening to the call in detail for the first time, and he heard what appeared to be Candus saying somebody had been raped.

You can hear Enchanted LifePath’s oncoming shock at what was being said, as it became a possibility that the topic of rape was discussed during a 911 call concerning a well known incident involving Don Wells and Jose Roman. (Link to WVLT report).

Candus Wells appears to respond to the police dispatch officer asking “Yes I’m still here, what’s going on?”, by replying “he fucking raped her”.

The police call was made public in December, 2021 after it was obtained via a freedom of information request to Hawkins County Sherriff’s Office.

It also appears that somebody follows the “he fucking raped her”, comment by asking, “aren’t you wearing panties?”, as the call becomes even more shocking upon observation.

Other quotes include “he’s always trying to hurt Summer”.

It is not known who the “he”, or, the “she”, is, that is referred t in the call.

It is also not known if the alleged incident took place, nor is it known why Candus appears to say a rape had taken place.

Although many are in agreement that the word “rape”, can be heard, it is debated as to what is said in the build up to that being said.

Enchanted LifePath reported that it seems like it states: “He fucking raped her”, whereas every other YouTube channel to report on the call has said it is “he tried to rape her”, or he’s trying to rape her”.

This debate changes the dynamics of the alleged crime and the timing of when it would have taken place.

This would be part of the evidence that would go on to be made known to a court, via information gathered by officers investigating such a case.

Screenshots from the Enchanted LifePath video on the subject shows how the wording changes the legalities of the case, and how the claim is made.

Summer Wells Game Changer? Candus Wells Claims R4p3 In 911 Call! Attempted? Did? Past V Taking Place
video image of Summer Wells Game Changer? Candus Wells Claims R4p3 In 911 Call! Attempted? Did? Past V Taking Place

This all comes as the father of Don Wells has been in the news for a recent outburst on YouTube, that followed an article on the dubious family website, in which he claims that his remaining kids have been kidnapped by childcare services.

Summer Wells vanished form their home on June 15th, 2021, and her brothers were removed by Child Protective Services shortly after.

Since then, Don Wells has served time in jail for a DUI in October 2021.

Summer’s mother, was left alone and began to appear more frequently on YouTube before keeping a low-profile for months.

The pair are back in the spotlight after Don was released after serving his time.

The disjointed parents have been asking for $10.000 to get a good lawyer who Don, describes as needing to be “a good liar”, to help him retain his boys.

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