Candus Wells Shocking Rape Claim Made In 911 Call?

A 911 call made by the mother of missing 6-year-old Summer Wells may contain a disturbing, unheard before claim.

Candus Wells, also known as Candus Bly, contacted police in October 2020 during a disturbance at the family home, 110 Ben Hill Rd, in Rogersville, Tennessee.

Candus is talking to a female police dispatch call centre operative as Summer Wells can be heard yelling for help from her mum.

Attention was drawn to the call and it was studied by Enchanted LifePath on January 6, 2023.

This is when the Independent News and Media platform host was listening to the call in detail for the first time, and he heard what appeared to be Candus saying somebody had been raped.

You can hear Enchanted LifePath’s oncoming shock at what was being said, as it became a possibility that the topic of rape was discussed during a 911 call concerning a well known incident involving Don Wells and Jose Roman. (Link to WVLT report).

Candus Wells appears to respond to the police dispatch officer asking “Yes I’m still here, what’s going on?”, by replying “he fucking raped her”.

The police call was made public in December, 2021 after it was obtained via a freedom of information request to Hawkins County Sherriff’s Office.

It also appears that somebody follows the “he fucking raped her”, comment by asking, “aren’t you wearing panties?”, as the call becomes even more shocking upon observation.

Other quotes include “he’s always trying to hurt Summer”.

It is not known who the “he”, or, the “she”, is, that is referred t in the call.

It is also not known if the alleged incident took place, nor is it known why Candus appears to say a rape had taken place.

Although many are in agreement that the word “rape”, can be heard, it is debated as to what is said in the build up to that being said.

Enchanted LifePath reported that it seems like it states: “He fucking raped her”, whereas every other YouTube channel to report on the call has said it is “he tried to rape her”, or he’s trying to rape her”.

This debate changes the dynamics of the alleged crime and the timing of when it would have taken place.

This would be part of the evidence that would go on to be made known to a court, via information gathered by officers investigating such a case.

Screenshots from the Enchanted LifePath video on the subject shows how the wording changes the legalities of the case, and how the claim is made.

Summer Wells Game Changer? Candus Wells Claims R4p3 In 911 Call! Attempted? Did? Past V Taking Place
video image of Summer Wells Game Changer? Candus Wells Claims R4p3 In 911 Call! Attempted? Did? Past V Taking Place

This all comes as the father of Don Wells has been in the news for a recent outburst on YouTube, that followed an article on the dubious family website, in which he claims that his remaining kids have been kidnapped by childcare services.

Summer Wells vanished form their home on June 15th, 2021, and her brothers were removed by Child Protective Services shortly after.

Since then, Don Wells has served time in jail for a DUI in October 2021.

Summer’s mother, was left alone and began to appear more frequently on YouTube before keeping a low-profile for months.

The pair are back in the spotlight after Don was released after serving his time.

The disjointed parents have been asking for $10.000 to get a good lawyer who Don, describes as needing to be “a good liar”, to help him retain his boys.

Tiffany Marie’s Damage Control Or Hiding The Truth, And Why?

Questions have been raised about a YouTuber known as Tiffany Marie, from Westerly, Rhode Island, after she appeared to conduct yet another damage control operation after the 911 call discovery was made.

Tiffany Marie, who hosts her channel that boasts 17.4k subscribers, wrongfully claimed Enchanted LifePath had stated that Summer Wells had been subjected to abuse.

Despite numerous disclaimers in each video, Tiffany ignored the fact that all was said is what was heard in the call, no names were mentioned.

Tiffany told her subscribers that she was going to teach them how to take down the Enchanted LifePath platform by performing mass strikes against the independent news and media outlet.

She can be seen doing this at the 41 minute mark on her video that is linked and timestamped here. (She may set the video to private to hide it from people gathering evidence of her ways)

The live stream was titled: That’s How It’s Done, Standing For Summer.

The video below was made by Enchanted LifePath to show the extent of Tiffany’s claims in a short video that shows what she was saying to her subscribers.

It was during this live stream that Tiffany Marie used manipulation tactics to ensure her subscribers took a siege mentality against the information presented by Enchanted LifePath instead of taking it on board.

Tiffany then went on to do a live stream in which she played the WRONG section of the call, that did not contain the rape claim, but she quoted a totally different part but said “That is not what I hear, I hear get away from her”, instead of “he fucking raped her”.

It is around the 17:15 mark of this next video that we see what Tiffany did to distract and sway her audience away from the truth.

Full Call

Tiffany’s attempts to disrupt anyone reporting on the contents of the October 2020 police call from Candus, resulted in her avertedly proving Enchanted LifePath correct after she endorsed a version of the call that was hosted on her friends channel.

Despite making numerous false claims that ELP had altered the call audio, Tiffany continued her campaign by stating that only her friends video should be used as an official source.

The video still contained the same part when it appears that Candus told the police officer on the phone that someone had been raped.

The audio can be heard at 24:56 of the video below.

YouTube player

Tiffany misled viewers in a way that was intended to damage the reputation of Enchanted LifePath, in a bid to bury information that may be helpful in understanding possible past behaviours from people at 110 Ben Hill road.

It is not known if Tiffany Marie is harbouring guilty knowledge concerning the case of Summer Wells after she has been known to do all she can to stop people reporting on the case in a way that raises suspicions.

Tiffany Marie’s actions were reported t police TBI, HCSO, and 55 Westerly Rhode Island Police, to alert them to how she operates and how there may be potential for plenty of digital evidence to be found within her devices.

This was not the first time Tiffany Marie had lied to disrupt Enchanted LifePath reports, after she had performed a sinister smear campaign against the Liverpool based media outlet host in June, 2022.

This came after ELP had played a key role in exposing her lies regarding a fake $1500 donation which she alleges she sent to the Summer Wells Reward Fund.

Tiffany’s lie resulted in a court case being being filed at Hawkins County Chancery Court after Enchanted Lifepath and friends sent a letter to Church Hill Rescue Squad, to raise concerns in June 2022.

The fund was halted and left for the courts to decide the fate of the money which will likely trigger a full audit given the amount of evidence against those who participated in unlawful activities.

The Official Summer Wells Reward Fund, was hijacked by bogus Youtuber’s who unlawfully raised over $32000 before sending it to the Church Hill Rescue Squad accounts for the official fund.

This was confirmed to be criminal activity by the Tennessee State Attorney office investigators at the Charitable Solicitations Division in November 2021 after they reviewed evidence sent to them by Enchanted LifePath.

Disclaimer: Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. No names are mentioned in the title of this article or the footage as to who may or may not have R4p3d, or if it even happened. This is solely an analysis of what we hear, and NO ONE IS BEING ACCUSED of a crime. Thank you.

This information has been sent to Westerly Rhode Island Police, TBI, FBI, Hawkins County Sheriffs Office.

You can read all about that as well as watch the videos attached to this article to see what a mess Tiffany’s big mouth created next, and how Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office were dragged into it along with the 55 officers from her state, along with the TBI.

Nana’s 3 Angels Is The Latest To Attempt To Discredit ELP But Made Herself Look Like A Proven Liar

Another person who has tried to perform ruthless damage control operations against this report is a YouTube channel known as Nana’s Angels who said in a live stream that she is going to prove to everyone that Enchanted LifePath edited the voice in and it is actually my accent that can be heard in the 911 call and not Candus and she is going to prove it.

This laughable claim was met with a swift response from ELP on YouTube via a video that was uploaded on June 13, 2021, following this outrageous statement from a grown lady who should know better than to tell lies and especially in missing kids cases.

Video: Nana’s Angels Outrageous Candus Wells 9-1-1 R Call Cover Up – Says It’s ELP’s Voice In Oct 2020 Call

YouTube player

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