It was late July 2021 that I stumbled on a very eerie true crime case in the United States in regards to an alleged missing Tennessee 5-year-old girl called named Summer Moon Utah Wells.

This was to be a course of direction that I will never forget.

Occult True Crime

The name struck me as Pagan and I wondered if Summer Moon was part of an occult ritual sacrifice with outrageous amounts of chaos magic and energy harvesting taking place in and around the story.

There were many factors to my thinking, and I will show you how I came to pose that question based on what I had seen during the early stages of studying the case.

I will begin to connect several other true crime cases in the United States which also appear to be shrouded in the occult.

Most observers of such cases will not realise the extent of the pointers towards the occult being a factor with missing children because the subject is socially taboo, meaning the claims are often overlooked.

The ritual dates and lunar cycles that surround these events are also noticeable with many of them falling on or around the Solstices or Equinoxes, as well as around full moons on key dates.

Is it possible that the missing, and sadly deceased children, who will be covered in this article, may have been taken in-line with occult pagan, or even satanic calendar dates?

Orrin and Orson West, Cash Gernon, Summer Wells, Michael Vaughan, make up the foundation of this study. Other cases will come into this. The main question I want to pose, and try to answer is, is it possible to connect multiple cases by dates and occult references? A follow-up question would be, if so, then why?

I wonder if these cases accumulate to some sort of sick in the head modern day ‘Running Man’ reality re-enactment Sodom and Gomorrah.

Leviticus 20:1-5

The Lord spoke to Moses, saying, β€œSay to the people of Israel, Any one of the people of Israel or of the strangers who sojourn in Israel who gives any of his children to Molech shall surely be put to death. The people of the land shall stone him with stones. I myself will set my face against that man and will cut him off from among his people, because he has given one of his children to Molech, to make my sanctuary unclean and to profane my holy name. And if the people of the land do at all close their eyes to that man when he gives one of his children to Molech, and do not put him to death, then I will set my face against that man and against his clan and will cut them off from among their people, him and all who follow him in whoring after Molech.

Classic and Cincere

Below we see the Amber Alert for Orrin and Orson West, the boys were reported missing on December 21st, 2020. To me, this event marks the start of the pattern that I observed when looking back into the cases of other missing children that had been covered in the past by the American True Crime community on YouTube.

The first thing I want to point out is that these boys were reported missing on the Winter Solstice in 2020.

This caught my attention because Summer Wells was reported missing on June 15th, 2021. This was 6 days before the Summer Solstice that followed the 2020 winter Solstice when the West boys were reported missing.

Wreaths were laid for Summer Wells at a local church named Solomon’s Temple Baptist church. I felt this was odd because wreaths are for respecting the dead, and at that time Summer was only known to be a missing child, and still is for that matter.

I could not believe I was seeing a missing child named Summer Moon Utah Wells being spoken of alongside a building called Solomon’s Temple whilst wreaths were laid.

I found it even more alarming that the wreath laying stunt was pulled over the Summer Solstice.

The video below the screenshot explains the origins of Solomon’s Temple and child sacrifice to Ba’al and Moloch. The screenshot links through to the original article.

wreaths laid on solstice for summer wells occult


The day after the boys were missing was the solstice which is listed on the Satanic Calendar. The screenshot below links through to the source and it shows the full year. I have highlighted key points at that can be seen at the bottom of the page when it explains methods and reasons for certain dates that rituals will be performed on. If we think of the Summer Wells case, we have often heard her father, Don Wells speak of Saturn.

The West boys were reported missing on December 21 with the energy of the matter being harvested over the Solstice and Saturnalia. It is thought that the boys were in-fact, murdered in September.

occult calendar

I will get back to the dynamics of that time of year shortly but September has many dates that contain warning signs too. First I want to concentrate on the Winter Solstice a moment.

Occult satanic calendar orrin and orsen west winter solstice ritual?

If we look closer at the date, and time of year, in other calendars, or Pagan festivals held between the different empires, we see that the Roman celebration held in the run up to Christmas is known as Saturnalia.

saturnalia and classic and sincere west. Orrin and Orsen west and pagan calendar occult dates

Saturnalia is held in honour of the Pagan false god, Saturn. Saturn worship. We can also see that sacrifices were made at the Temple of Saturn. The festival ran from December 17th, to the 23rd. This falls inline with the Solstice, and ends just before the birth of the new sun which is what is celebrated on Christmas day and not the actual birth of Jesus Christ which was in Autmun, potentially on 9/11.

The next screenshot shows the connections to Saturn, Ba’al, Moloch the Sun God, child sacrifice and it also gives insight into the build-up to Beltane with a 13 day window known as the 13 days of preparation when victims of are taken and kept alive in preparation for the Beltane fire sacrifices to Ba’al in the first week of May.

The 13 days of preparation is one of many key windows of the year that are known as a season of sacrifice. The best way to describe the importance of April 19, through to May 1, and the rest of the first week of May, is to explain how ancient rituals are still carried out on the masses.

These ritualistic events can also be repackaged into new, modernised, seemingly innocent versions of the same ritual, meaning the public can unknowingly lend their energy to the ritual giving it consent as well as spiritual strength.

Most of our red-letter calendar dates are in fact, repackaged ancient Babylonian, Greek, or Egyptian festivals that were honoured in celebration to gods or deities that their worshipers often made human and animal sacrifices to.

YouTube player

April 19, is the start of a season of sacrifice that lasts 13 days up until the start of Beltane. The Beltane Fire festival begins on May 1st, otherwise known as May Day, and ends of the 6th. It is during this first week of May that we often see many fires breaking out around the world. These fires are in hounour to the god of fire, Ba’al, otherwise known as Nimrod (The Sun God), Saturn (Satan), Moloch and many others depending on which culture is being quoted.

This satanic time of year is particularly dangerous for children who are the main focus of sacrifices to Ba’al. Beltane is the time of year when Madeleine McCann (May 3rd, 2007) went missing and I will explain more about that later on in the article.

666 and Orrin West

Orrin West was born on August, 4, 2016. This gives us our first clue of many esoteric references hidden in plain sight. Occult means hidden.

August the 4th is the 216th day of the year, this date embeds a hidden 666 because 6x6x6=216. We also see that Orrin was born in 2016. I have often pointed put that in gematria and numerology, those who practice mystery teachings, such as Freemasons, do not recognise the number zero. This means we tend to get rid of it during decodes. This would mean the number 2016, is now 216.

We have two sets of 666 within Orrin’s date of birth.

august 4th is the 216th day of the year. 6x6x6=216

A popular abbreviation of Summer Wells name is SMUW, which is made from her initials.

When I checked the numbers game with the letters SMUW the image below is what came out of the gematria calculator. You will see that SMUW is 216 in the Satanic chart. Another 666.

summer moon utah wells smuw gematria table

Orson West was born on June, 11, 2017, he was just 3 years old when he was reported missing with his brother Orrin.

6×11 is 66, I always take note that there are 66 books in the Holy Bible.

The boys had their names changed by their adoptive parents. They were changed from Classic and Cincere Pettus to Orrin and Orson West. In Gematria, numbers are put in place of letters. This is an ancient way of decoding, or, interpreting the Hebrew Scriptures. It is also used a a secret form of communication whereas a message can be embedded within a word, or combination of.

Classic and Cincere to me reads as CC which is converted simply to 33 with C being the third letter of the alphabet. The two C’s in the name stand out to me when I see the names.

The number 33 is regarded as one of the most commonly used numbers in rituals, missing persons cases, psychological operations, sacrifices, celebrity deaths, and state and media sponsored hoaxes.

The numbers, or words that make up a headline, or the people, and places within an event can contain subliminal messages, such as CC being 33, which are prompted onto our psyche in mainstream news reports as the story is played out.

These can alert people in the know that the event is not all as it seems, and something more sinister is happening than even the official story may suggest.

That may be as dark as an actual sacrifice taking place, or the event may be created for what is referred to as chaos magic that is designed to mock and exhaust the masses. Either way both are bad.

The number 33 is associated to the 33rd degree of Freemasonry and it is thought that Freemasons are the wizard behind the curtain in many events that capture national, or global attention. The question is often posed as to why it seems that certain cases are handpicked out of the 100s that take place per day per country?

There are a plethora of connections to the number 33 that I could go on about for paragraphs, and I already have in this website, but the most common one is Jesus being 33 when he was crucified on the cross. Freemason’s openly worship Lucifer, this is mockery of Jesus.

Orrin reminds me of Orion, so I had a look at general info on Orion aside from the pyramids alignment to Orion’s Belt.

Orion is one of the 88 constellations, that number is going to turn out to be very prominent as this goes on so take note of it now. We also see the word Hunter highlighted in the image above. This is something we are going to see quite often too, so pay attention to how the numbers all unfold and follow a pattern as we continue. Remember we are seeing if, and, or how, all of these cases have certain synchronicities’ which connect them. I am not suggesting you forgot, I am just keeping you alert to this info if you are new to it. I also emphasise that we are just getting started here, just warming up.

Pagan’s have been sacrificing people, children, babies, and animals to their fake gods for for 1000s of years.

These rituals took place (and still do) on key dates on which the sacrifices were performed at festivals that where held in honour of Pagan gods that were repackaged from empire to empire throughout history.

Diana is known as the Goddess of the Hunt and she is depicted with a moon. Diana the moon goddess.

Orion the Hunter gave us the word Hunter. Diana has many names and Artemis is one of them. The Fordicia Festival held on April 15th is a key ritual date that I can show you when a ton of events have taken place. It is observed in honour of Diana, Artemis. The information below is from my decode article about the Notre Dame cathedral fire which took place on the Fordicia Festival in 2019. We can see how Leonardo Da Vinci ties into the decode around that event after he was named in the Winter 2019 publication of the Economist. The magazine often puts forward cryptic predictions for the following year. This was one that came from the 2019 edition. There is much more though.

The first part shows a break-down of events on April 15th throughout history.

1452 Fordicia β€“ Birth Of Leonardo Da Vinci β€“ Born on Fordicia and died during The Beltane Fire Festival some 500 years ago on May 2nd 1519. Da Vinci was featured in the World In 2019 front cover and article as reported on by Enchanted LifePath in December 2018. Leonardo Da Vinci Full Reduction = 88.

1865 Fordicia β€“ Abraham Lincoln Assassination β€“ 1865 is 911 (1+8=9) (6+5=11). Abraham Lincoln Reverse Full Reduction = 93, Notre Dame Spire height 93 meters. Number 93 meaning, Sun worship, sun allegedly 93 million miles away. Thelema Alistair Crowley 93. Lincoln death came 413 years after the birth of Da Vinci. 4Γ—13 = 52 which reduces down to 7. Building 7 WTC.

1912 Fordicia β€“ Titanic Disaster β€“ 47 years after Lincoln, WTC Building 7 had 47 floors 911.

1955 Fordicia β€“ Birth of Dodi Fayed 43 Years after Titanic – (4+3=7) Dodi Fayed Died August 31, 2007, next Princess Diana (Goddess of the hunt) in Paris.

1989 Fordicia β€“ Hillsborough Disaster β€“ 34 (7) years after birth of Dodi 96 Liverpool Football Club fans died after being crushed in a mass Fordicia sacrifice at Hillsborough stadium, Owlerton, Sheffield.

2013 Fordicia β€“ Fake Boston Bombings β€“ 3 reported deaths 24 years after Hillsborough (24/42 mirrored a rainbow can only be seen at 42 degrees) 2+4=6 but 6 is not a master number so it can be reduced to 33 which is a master number so we stick.

2014 Fordicia β€“ Boko Horam Kidnapped 276 School Girls β€“ 2+7+6=15. Dates of Fordicia. The child grab is alleged to have happened 365 Days after Boston Bombings – 365 is 3Γ—11=33 3x(5+6). 

2019 Fordicia β€“ Notre Dame Cathedral Fire β€“ Thought to be as symbolic as 9/11 the fire took place on April 15 Day 105 which is the 15:06 time the match was abandoned at Hillsborough (15/1+5=6).

What is the link?


What is Fordicia?

The Roman Pagan Festival in honor of Tellus, the Roman earth goddess Diana the Huntress, The Mother of All Gods, and here she is all over the Notre Dame Fire and all the other historical, tragic or staged events listed above.

The deity that all these events are connected to.

During the festivities, a pregnant cow was sacrificed, the calf fetus burned and the ashes saved for the Parilia festival (an agricultural festival performed annually on April 21). The whole event was governed by the Vestal Virgins and the Pontifex Maximus.

In the image above you can see Diana is depicted with the moon, a dear with Antlers which represents Pan or Cernuous depending on which belief system is in play be it Roman, or Greek. Remember the route of all of this is ancient mystery Babylon. We also see a white rabbit. This is all paganism based on the worship of nature in defiance of God.

key events taking place on the same dates
Other Date Patterns Related To Major Events In Years Gone By

We have now seen the Hunt in association with Orrin West, and I noted this because whenever I see Hunt references, or Hunter, or Moon, I think of Diana the Goddess of the Moon and Hunt. She requires sacrifice.

YouTube player

This may or may not take your mind to Summer MOON Utah Wells and the name Hunter, known as H. He is another person connected to the story.

The word Hunter brings up interesting Gematria with the number 96 making an appearance. This is a reference to As Above So Below.

88 is also back again and we see the number 28 which I like to highlight how the WTC Twin Towers stood for 28 years before being demolished in a September 11, mass ritual sacrifice.

We are still working within Orrin West’s name decode here but I want to highlight how the number 88 connected the stories of Summer Wells and Gabby Petito.

I had fired a date watch alert out after putting the date that Summer Wells went missing into an well known online date calculator called Time and Date.

I added 88 days to June 15th and the result was September 11th, 2021.

I then made videos and live streams telling my subs on YouTube to await the 88th day of Summer Wells being missing for something to happen.

You can watch the video below.

It turned out that it was on September 11th that Gabby Petito was reported missing, the news was not made public until September 15/16th, so we had a delayed confirmation. I think it was the 16th because if it was the 15th I would have made a point of the story breaking on the Ides of September.

There was an awful lot of cryptic symbolism in the Gabby Petito case from the same butterfly related poses often seen performed by MK Ultra mind-controlled celebrities.

Below is a collection of screenshots I put together during the Petito case.

The 88’s are flourishing on this article already and we are only just getting into the nutty gritty of this decode.

The thumbnail on the last video just above the Petito images shows that the Gematrinator result for the phrase ‘Summer Wells Missing’, is 880 in the Satanic tab.

The 88 is on display again and this is one of the first things I found when I became aware of the Summer Wells case in July 2021.

'Summer Wells Missing', is 880 in the Satanic tab

The patters are beginning to build now and it is the next screenshot that shows how Candus Bly Wells, and you can probably imagine my line of thinking when Summer Wells’ mum, Candus appeared at a prayer cult vigil for Summer in a Dallas Cowboys jersey on with 88 and Lamb on the back.

It does not end there either because we can also see how Lori Daybell also wore the same jersey whilst performing a song for karaoke with friends and it made me wonder if she is a just a crisis actor it was that nuts.

Candus Wells 88 top and Lori Daybell 88 top

Another reason why I drifted into the Gabby Petito story a couple of moments ago is because there was a Hunter embedded in there too.

YouTube player

Can you remember TV Chef Hunter Lee who alleges he had an encounter with Gabby Petito’s boyfriend turned killer, Brian Laundrie? He deleted his TikTok account after I had been on it during live streams exposing holes in his story and pointing out how he had stated he had done television work before. I was wondering why it is always these actors or influencers who are the witnesses at these events?

We have a Hunter in the cases surrounding Summer Wells, Gabby Petito, the West Boys, and the Idaho 4.

Reports on the disappearance of the West boys held a few things that I collected early in 2022.

One of them was this still of a bowling ball with Headhunter on display.

I felt this looked out of place in a missing kids case but I also noted the Hunter that popped up once again. You can click the image to watch the original video on YouTube.

If I refer back to the image below again, we have much more to look at within the information that is held within it, so now I will carry on breaking this down and see what we find.

I have spent a while on Orrin West’s name, so let us look at Orson West for a moment as I have just taken the chance to explain how a pattern of Pagan festivals are prominent constants in a sea of variables within these cases. We can continue to build on that foundation now.

Orson West was born on June 11th, 2017, as we know, so what is within his name and what did it make me think of when I began to look?

orsen west name meaning. orsen is bear cub

Orson means bear and as soon as I saw this I remembered one of the first press conferences that was held for missing 5-year-old Michael Vaughan.

Michael was reported missing on July 27th, 2021, around 42 days after Summer Wells vanished. 42 days is 6 weeks and the 4+2=6. I highlighted that as a partial side-note.

Well, it was a partial side-note for all of 2 minutes. I was mulling over talking about 42 degrees which is a biblical reference to the rainbow that was seen after the Biblical Flood. But there is so much I could talk about in regards to the number 42 so I will point out a couple of noteworthy synchronicities.

The date that CV was declared a global event was March 11, 2020. This is 11/3 or 3/11. Another crafty 33.

I added 42 months to this date and the result is September 11, 2023.

Other points in reference to the number 42 include:

42 in the boble
rainbow seen at 42 degrees

Back to the Michael Vaughan press conference. I noticed the lady who I believe to be the sister of Michael’s mum, had a Teddy Bear vest top on with stand out bright colours. Michael’s dad was wearing a t-shirt that had “Sideshow”, written across the chest area.

YouTube player

I mentioned Orson meaning bear and how it made me think of the interview with Michael Vaughan’s parents, and this is why. We went from hidden bear cub references with Orson West’s name, to a bear cub on display in the footage above.

I also noticed Michael’s parents did this interview in front of a house numbered 911. I am not sure if they live at 911, or it the property belongs to a neighbour?

YouTube player

Pettus Let Us Look At This Name

We have seen how the West boy’s had their names changed from Classic and Cincere Pettus to Orrin and Orson West. I had a look at the name Pettus and it led me back to a lawyer who represented the US Sentate until his death on July 27th, 1907. He was active in the Klu-Klux-Klan and had a bridge named after him for his services in rounding up and imprisoning African-American’s. His name was Edmund Pettus.

July 27th is a key date on the Satanic Calendar which makes the vanishing of Michael Vaughan hold other questions that not many are willing to ask, or comprehend.

The screenshot below shows a section of the Satanic Calendar that overlays a few of the cases that are on this article, or are still to follow. Most people within the US True Crime community on YouTube are aware of all of these cases.

The years of each event vary but here we can see how Madeleine McCann, Summer Wells, Michael Vaughan, along with JJ and Tylee Vallow, all had ill fated dates that lined up with occult calendars.

You can see July 27th is known as the Grand Climax and is 5 weeks, 1 day after summer solstice. I will refrain from describing the rituals held on that date but you can see a few examples below.

satanic calendar. summer wells, michael vaughan, madeleine mccann, jj and tylee vallow pagan occult dates

This is now three synchronicities between the story of Michael Vaughan and the West boy’s. The name Pettus, July 27th, and the bear cub.

The number 88 and 11 appear in the West Boys name when we combine them.

The boys both had the surname West, this gives us two West’s and the location of their last known place was in the West, in California City and Bakersfield. For this to have any relevance, I am going to have to go into some what we will call ‘spiritual geography’ for this next part.

Back to Summer Wells were I will have to go into detail about some discoveries that I made which connected these these cases on Google Earth in some videos that although very likeable, the main point has been overlooked. But it is a good way to explain the significance of the path of the sun and moon in reference to East and West in the occult.

Summer (Sun Worship) Moon (Moon Worship) Utah (West) Wells (Pagan Witchcraft Wells) – Serpent Ley Line and The Path of The Sun and Moon (East to West)

The video above takes us on a journey of how I used Google Earth to add place markers around locations during research of the Summer Wells case. The places are very interesting because as it all came together, it revealed that the home of Summer Wells has an alignment with Serpent Mound in Ohio.

This gets quite intricate but bear with me as I tie this part into past, and even more current events.

Sol is the Pagan false deity Sun God of Roman culture. Helios is Sol repackaged into Greek mythology/religion. Ra is the Egyptian god of the sun and all fake pagan gods. Horus is the same thing as Ra, but is known as god of the sky whose right eye was considered to be the Sun and his left the Moon.

The Sun and the moon are often depicted with deities, we have seen the moon associated to more feminine deities, such as Diana who we have discussed earlier. Thoth is an Egyptian Lunar Goddess. We see the sun and moon in relation to the occult as it shows the duality of the world we live in. The Alpha and Omega, fire and ice, good and bad, opposites. Darkness and light.

The path of the Sun and Moon

solar deities in the occult

The path of the sun and the moon is written within the name of Summer Moon Utah Wells. The sun rises in the East and sets in the West as the Moon chases it across the sky we see the Moon follow the same path, rising in the East before setting in the West.

Summer Wells went missing in the East (Tennessee) Her names, Summer and Moon, are the sun and moon reference, and Utah is in the West. This means we have Summer going missing from the East where the sun and Moon rise, before they make their way over to the East which is the location of Summer Moon Utah’s last middle-name.

The Freemasonry Network Website states: The Masonic Sun is almost always seen alongside the Masonic Moon. The foremost feature of these suns is the commonality of the 8 or 16 rays. This is usually, although not always the case. Both the Sun and Moon frequently contain a human-like face.

The other site referenced in the screenshot below is from Richard Cassaro. It has lots of information regarding the sun and moon in the occult.

freemason un worship occult

In addition to the sun and moon references, we see the name Wells which, when combined with the other factors, strikes me as another Pagan/Druid/Wiccan link.

  • Summer – Sun – East to West – Solstice
  • Moon – Opposite of the sun – East to West
  • Tennessee – East
  • Utah – West
  • Wells are associated to Witchcraft

A double murder of school girls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman shocked the UK in the early 2000s with the alleged killer being once known as Ian Huntley.

August 4, is the day that Orrin West was born in 2016, but it also marks the date (2002) that Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman were allegedly murdered by Huntley.

Once again we have a Hunt reference, pair that up with the Wells and the August 4th 216=666 date.

Serpent Mound It is an effigy mound in the shape of a 1350ft snake with a curled tail located on sacred land in Peebles, Ohio. It was built in alignment with the Summer and Winter Solstices as well as the Equinoxes. During the Summer Solstice, the sun sets into the mouth of the serpent. Human sacrifices were performed at Serpent Mound. It sits within a meteor crater which was allegedly formed when a meteorite impacted the area over 200 million years ago.

YouTube player

I was looking for sacred land in the area where Summer Wells lived, and even connections further afar, areas of significant spiritual interest may be linked by ley lines, so I began by looking at them in across the United States.

The image below shows a red dot which I placed on the image, it roughly marks Hawkins County, East Tennessee on the map. We can also see that the dot is located just above the northern tip of a triangle, just above what would be the capstone on a pyramid. This caught my attention and was an early ‘hmmm’ moment, during my Summer Wells research. The tip of the triangle here is called Mystery Hill, NC, which was also noted.

serpent ley line from florida to hawkins county summer wells then to serpent mound in ohio

If we go from the red dot, down to the right side of the triangle, to it’s end point which is located in Florida, we see how it is not far from the bottom left tip of the Bermuda Triangle.

It is from here things get interesting.

If we run a line from the base of the Bermuda Triangle on it’s left side, up past the base of the triangle that runs to Mystery Hill in NC, then through 110 Ben Hill Road, and carry on all the way to Serpent Mound in Ohio, we get an alignment.

Ley lines are straight lines which form energy grids, that stretch across the earth in every direction. The ancients were said to have mapped out and marked these lines with monuments, spiritual sites, and pagan temples.

Sacred locations are often connected by ley lines so this is why it is a big thing that 110 Ben Hill road lines up with Serpent Mound from the area near the base of the Bermuda Triangle, and the huge triangular ley system that we see within the breakdown. We have at least 3 points of interest within one straight line.

I began to look closer at the maps and I want you to as well. I am going to briefly point out how I spotted what I labelled the ‘Rogersville Serpent’. This plays into a pattern of serpent themed locations within various true crime stories. I need to hit on this for a moment before I continue with the occult meaning of the path of the sun and moon within Summer’s name, and the ley lines. This does blend into that somewhat too so pay attention to all details and know that even if I drift off, I will always connect it back to where I started along the way.

The area where Summer Wells was videos playing on rocks near a waterfall was a known landmark at Laurel Run Park which is just north of Summer Wells house at 110 Ben Hill Road.

The map below shows the Rogersville Serpent and how Lauren Run Park is located in the head of the snake.

The area has a few locations marked off in relation to the Summer Wells case, but it is an area that is slightly out of shot that is highlighted within the story too. Warriors Path and the Horse stables.

Rogersville serpent, hidden Tennessee. enchanted lifepath report on summer wells occult true crime

Warriors Path State Park is known to be historical, and sacred lands which were originally used as a trading path by the Cherokee,

warriors path trading location - summer wells - david dotson

There are lots of Native American references within the Summer Wells story and David Dotson is another that we can add to the Warriors Path trading location.

We saw Dotson play his Native American Flute at Warriors Path and in the Summer Wells news report he featured in.

Warriors Path Horse Pond is where Summer Wells was filmed on what is alleged to be footage from June 15th before she is alleged to have vanished from 110 Ben Hill Road.

The eye of the snake looks over directly towards the region that has Warriors Path, Summer Wells Kingsport SDA Church, which is less than a mile from the Kingsport Masonic Lodge.

The other locations mapped out are Hope House which is connected to Kingsport SDA. We see the prayer vigils location hosted by Lamplight Theatre which we will get too shortly.

Snake River

All of this talk of serpents was repeating in other stories in True Crime. I take us back to my Gabby Petito reports and how we connect the case to others, including the Idaho 4 story with Brian Kohberger, Michael Vaughan and others.

Miranda Baker was an alleged witness to Brian Laundrie’s whereabouts during the Gabby Petito story. She appeared to be an attention seeking proven liar who had appeared in the press in the past after pulling a stunt regarding her love life in a bid to go viral before her ex-boyfriend provided screenshots of conversations to show she was not telling the truth of the matter.

Fast forward to the Petito case when Miranda Baker said she picked Brian Laundrie up on his travels after he allegedly killed Gabby.

Baker claims Brian told her he had been camping along Snake River.

Cringy crisis actor Baker puts on quite a display of strange hand gestures when describing her encounter with Laundrie. It looked like she was doing some sort of witch craft, cult like hand sigils as she deceived the masses with talk of serpents, and dubious meetings with true crime suspects.

Her unnatural hand positions drew my attention as she joined a list of many so called witnesses to the Laundrie and Gabby case, who were all either influencers, fakers, attention seekers, and expert finger dancers from fraternities in a nightclub for Luciferian finger dance-offs.

And on that note, how could we forget Nina CeLies? The devil hand signs, and 666’s from her were awful.

Snakes, and Jacob’s Ladders, or Snakes, and Rivers? Don’t even answer that, let’s carry on.

All of these locations in the True Crime genre are connected by the most finer details that many would not think to consider, or look into. I mentioned Michael Vaughan in relation to Snake River, this is because Idaho’s Fruitland, were he lived, is located near Snake River also.

Fruitland is known as the Big Apple of Idaho, it strikes me as too close for comfort with more than a hint of Biblical Mockery with this one and it’s obvious references to the Garden of Eden and the story of Adam and Eve.

We have the Serpent mentioned via Snake River, the Apple is mentioned, and Fruitland reminds me of pagan fertility.

All of these locations in the True Crime genre are connected by the most finer details that many would not think to consider, or look into. I mentioned Michael Vaughan in relation to Snake River, this is because Idaho's Fruitland, were he lived, is located near Snake River also. occult

Snake River in relation to Gabby Petito, Michael Vaughan, and the Idaho 4, is in a region which contains other landmarks such as Hells Canyon, and Seven Devils Mountains.

We are seeing patterns pop up left right and, well, pretty much left to right, so let me get back to the East and West element that we started on and the map that brought us to Serpent Mound, via Ben Hill Road, and the Bermuda Triangle.

I explained how Summer’s name depicts the path of the sun and moon and how it also demonstrates geographical synchronicities to the same path via Tennessee to Utah.

The image below shows the path of the map from the north tip of the Bermuda Triangle, all the way across Tennessee to Utah out in the West and it stops at a location called Grosvenor Arch.

A straight line up from Grosvenor Arch, going directly north, brings us exactly to the location of the JJ and Tylee Vallow murders.

The two lines from the tip of the Bermuda Triangle and the bottom left corner, both contain a 33.33.33 Degrees alignment as they make their way in to 110 Ben Hill Road at the centre of the small red square. You can see the two 33 degree points highlighted in red circles.

screenshot from enchanted lifepath video titled - Summer Moon Utah Wells Ritual Map: Ben Hill To Bermuda - The Serpent Ley Line Twin 33rd Parallel - occult

Don Wells also has lots of history along the line from Grosvenor too as we can see below.

Mystery Hill which was mentioned earlier was also very interesting.

When I observed the area on Google Earth it seem to resemble the same sort of Egyptian Sun deity that we have spoken of on this article. Ra. Notice the bird headed humanoid?

This is quite telling, especially when we consider how Gabby Petito featured in a 2013, Sandy Hook tribute music video.

Sandy Hook is up the coast and north from the Mystery Hill bird head.

It gets even more alarming when we look at the view of the school at SH from above and we see it is shaped like a crowned serpent.

How is it that so many of these locations shaped like feathered and crowned serpents, snakes, or bird headed hybrid humanoids?

Even the Gabby Petito story took place from East to West with New York being the starting point of the journey to Utah.

crowned serpent at sandy hook school gabby petito decoded
crowned serpent at sandy hook school gabby petito

Athena Strand

Another case of a missing child, who was then allegedly murdered, that carries another these that makes me think of the story of the Garden of Eden is that of Athena Strand who went missing from her home in Paradise on December 2nd, 2022.

Athena Strand murder suspect Tanner Horner

Athena Greek strand

Viking Princess

Lost In Paradise

Found near water

Found at Trinity River

“I Put A Spell On You”

Hocus Pocus

Athena Greek strand

Viking Princess

Found near water

Found at Trinity River

"I Put A Spell On You"

Hocus Pocus
Athena Strand murder suspect Tanner Horner facial comparisons

Cash Gernon MK Ultra Monarch Mind Control?

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