Tim Mullen was sharing Kingsport SDA posts as far back as November 28, 2020.

There is another money shot further down which changes everything, but for now, just let me build my case.

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Was Tim Mullen aware of Robin? Was he friends with any of the SDA church?

I have a good few Facebook posts, from Tim, before Summer vanished.

Tim was also sharing all the posts for the homeless mat making day, which takes place each Tuesday from 12-3pm at Kingsport SDA Church.

Mullen was sharing them on his Kingsport Free News Kingsport.ME Facebook Page in April and May, it was then on Tuesday, June 15th, 2021, that Summer “got gone”.

Janessa Botticelli live streamed David Dotson at the Easter play on April 3.

David Dotson first appeared at Kingsport SDA on March 27, as far as we know.

Tim Mullen At Kingsport SDA Church On Mothers Day, May 9? david dotson at warriors path

On April 1st, Robin Lane posted a video on her YouTube channel titled: Midnight in Gethsemane, in which David Dotson was playing his flute.

This means they met, got an otherwise unheard flute session recorded, and turned it into a video, all in 3-4 days, as just new friends, partial strangers.

Dotson then appeared at Warriors Path on April 3rd, 2021, at the Kingsport Easter Play streamed by Botticelli.

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It is when I looked at Tim Mullen’s Kingsport.ME and searched Janessa Botticelli using his page’s Search Bar, that I found a load of posts from Botticelli.

Look at the date below, it says, February 11, 2021.

This is a post that was created in full by Tim Mullen, he has not shared one of Janessa’s here, of which I have more than 5 which I am saving for my videos.

Tim Mullen At Kingsport SDA Church On Mothers Day, May 9?

The next image shows how Tim Mullen appears to have taken a picture of Kingsport SDA Church, before making a post on his page, and giving his Kingsport.ME image credit.

This makes me think he took the picture.

This proves Tim visited, and promoted Kingsport SDA Church as far back as November 28, 2020.

The post is from his own page as shown below.

Tim Mullen At Kingsport SDA

That was in 2020, but in 2021, the posts go from as far back as Feb, March, April, May, all the way into June.

This proves without doubt that Tim Mullen was sharing Kingsport SDA related posts, from Janessa, who is pictured at the SDA Bible classes with David Dotson and his son (as seen below).

Let’s go all in! Here is Tim tagging himself at Kingsport SDA church on Mothers Day, 2021.

This will have most likely been the day after Summer Wells gave Robin Lane a yellow necklace.

The SDA Church hold their service on a Saturday and the church is likely to have been closed on Mothering Sunday, unless it was open for some reason and Summer was there that day?

Mothers Day was May 9, 2021, in the United States.

Tim placed himself there.

Was he there the day before too?

Tim Mullen At Kingsport SDA Church On Mothers Day, May 9?

Questions have been asked about the footage from Kingsport SDA church and who was filming when it was not Robin or Pastor Dave Ryder?

The Robin Lane Mothers Day picture with Summer Wells, who gave her Sabbath teacher the yellow necklace, can be seen on Robin’s Facebook profile.

Robin clearly states herself that Summer gave her the necklace “for Mothers Day”.

Tim Mullen was possibly lurking around outside taking pictures of the church the very next day, what a small world we live in.

Who knows, he may have even been inside the church at some point

Was Tim Mullen inside the church for any reason, on, or around May 9, 2021?

robin lane summer wells mothers day pic

This all looks like Tim was maybe more aware of Robin and the SDA church than he tells us, because Robin was singing at the Easter Play too.

Pastor David Ryder was there but not close enough to anyone to be too touchy feely, thank God!

If Tim was aware of Robin, and Robin was taking Summer out to places, did Tim spot Robin with Summer?

Did he see Summer on Mothers Day?

Tim refers to the SDA church as somewhere he had only ever visited once.

He said in his own video when he also claims to have met Robin Lane for the first time after seeing her for the second time.

This is when Lane was making bread at the Kingsport SDA church when Tim began calling her “the bread lady”.

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tim mullen calls robin lane the bread lady

We all know Tim has many websites, and social media profiles!

I found his blog about him making a motorized mountain bike transforming it with a lawnmower engine, but that is just a side note, the man is beyond odd!

His Facebook Page shows how he also potentially filmed Robin at Christmas festivities back in 2018, as depicted below.

This is from the videos section of Kingsport.Me Facebook Page. Not entirely sure if it is her though?

tim mullen filming robin lane in 2019?

Below is a closer look, and be sure to compare it to Robin’s face in this Zav Girl video from January 9th, 2021, showing Summer with Robin at the SDA church as Candus was asleep.

The ballad of Tim Mullen – Sandman’s Song

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