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King Charles III: Did Jimmy Savile Advise Diana’s Unlawful Killing?

A recent Netflix documentary called: Jimmy Savile – A British Horror Story, highlighted how King Charles III was seeking counsel from Jimmy Savile on matters of interest.

The new King would heap praise on Savile for writing speeches for him 52:48.

Savile was advising Prince Charles and other members of the Monarchy on how to respond to disasters, he spoke to them about events such as the Lockerbie bombing, and how to improve the image of the Royal family.

Jimmy Savile was the go-to man for advice for Charles at times of friendly need.

This makes me wonder if Charles asked for advice on how to deal with Diana, and more to the point, did Savile come up with the plan to kill Diana? Was it Savile’s idea that Diana spoke of when she wrote about her fears that Charles will have her killed in a crash?

This of course is just a question, based on added knowledge of the level of communications between Savile and Charles.

It is widely known that Diana claimed Savile awkwardly acted like a marriage counselor for the detached Royal couple on behalf of Charles.

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Podcast Episode 2: Madeleine McCann E-Fit And Ghislaine Maxwell: A Call To Scotland Yard

A call to Scotland Yard from 2019, after my earlier reports on the case of Madeleine McCann. Listen On Spotify – Listen On iTunes Related Articles Enchanted LifePath Truth Podcast is a collection of research and reports from the Number 1 independent news platform in Liverpool. Catching crisis actors, exposing false flags and media hoaxes, highlighting occult rituals, weather modification, and more at Enchanted LifePath Truth Podcast is courtesy of Radio Enchanted LifePath, and ELP TV. Listen to the latest episode on Spotify, Google Podcasts, or Apple Podcasts via…

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