This May Not Be CCTV Footage Of Charlie Rowley – Novichok Actor?

Not sure what to make of this….. Questions 1) Why does he do all he can to keep his face off camera? 2) Why does the shop keeper give him so much advice on buying 4 cans of Strongbow? 3) Does it actually look like Charlie Rowley? (see Image In Comments) 4) We see the shop keeper speaking to Charlie but we hear no voices, a second later we see Charlie bang his head on the nuts and the packaging makes a sound, why could we not hear any voices?…

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Novichok: Key Amesbury Witness Who Stole Bus With 16-Year-Old Girls Confused?

Novichok Fiasco: Most Unreliable Witness Urged 16-Year-Old Girl To Joy Ride Wrong Way On Roundabout In stolen Double Decker Bus Before Posting Video On YouTube Never mind Novichok a moment, any 21-year-old male who joyrides around a city at night with two 16-year-old girls in a stolen £200.000 double-decker bus causing £30.000 damage has to be seen as an untrustworthy person, fair comment?. Well, that is what is happening in the video below with key witness to Amesbury poisoning, Sam Hobson, now 29, after he stole a double-decker bus and…

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