Not sure what to make of this…..

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1) Why does he do all he can to keep his face off camera?

2) Why does the shop keeper give him so much advice on buying 4 cans of Strongbow?

3) Does it actually look like Charlie Rowley? (see Image In Comments)

4) We see the shop keeper speaking to Charlie but we hear no voices, a second later we see Charlie bang his head on the nuts and the packaging makes a sound, why could we not hear any voices?

5) Are these people play acting for the camera?

6) Is this man the same body shape or height as Charlie Rowley?

7) The picture of Charlie Rowley below is from 2015, did he grow his hair back?

8) Why did we have no news crews at the hospital to film Charlie leaving after his release?

9) Is it normal for an alleged crackhead to pull out about £200 at half ten in the morning?
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