NovichokNovichok Witness Stole Bus With 16 Year Old Girls

Novichok Fiasco: Most Unreliable Witness Urged 16-Year-Old Girl To Joy Ride Wrong Way On Roundabout In stolen Double Decker Bus Before Posting Video On YouTube

Never mind Novichok a moment, any 21-year-old male who joyrides around a city at night with two 16-year-old girls in a stolen £200.000 double-decker bus causing £30.000 damage has to be seen as an untrustworthy person, fair comment?.

Well, that is what is happening in the video below with key witness to Amesbury poisoning, Sam Hobson, now 29, after he stole a double-decker bus and helped two teenage girls drive it around Salisbury in 2010.

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The footage which he posted on YouTube himself shows cars being crashed into and Sam telling a young girl who is driving to go around a roundabout in the wrong direction

After his release from jail, he somehow found the arrogance to contact his local press via Salisbury Journal who for some strange reason had the time and energy to allow him the platform to speak about his “Prison experience” of which he bragged was not that bad as people had “PlayStation’s and music”.

During his interview, he tells reporter Corey Ross that he hopes to open a garage in the future as he is a mechanic, a remark which was met with disbelief by members of the public who commented on the article to say remind them not to leave their vehicles with Sam.

Since then Sam has not opened a garage but appears to of engaged in serious drug abuse although right now, we have rational thinking members of the public who are not fully sure if that is just an act.

Others pointed out how Sam had not used the media spotlight to say sorry to the company or the people who had damage to their property as a direct result of this idiotic and life-threatening behavior.

Dawn Sturgess recently posted a picture of Sam on her Facebook page where she asks any girls if they would like to date Sam and she jokes about his bus theft with a person who notices him although she has posted the most blurry picture in history, it is not known if she was highly intoxicated at the time the picture was taken.

After watching the footage it begs the question, did this all seem to be an over-elaborate bid to impress two 16-year-old girls who are in an age group that would be seen as totally annoying to most 21-year-old men?

He was jailed for 6 months after being found guilty of dangerous driving, aggravated taking of a vehicle, driving while banned, driving with no license and driving with no insurance.

Sam Hobbs, aged, 21, Amesbury
The face of arrogance

This lends plausibility to my belief that he is not a credible witness.

If his testimony on the double poisoning of his friends was to be part of a trial then the judge and jury would see him as a non-credible witness and he would not make the stand in court.

His reported/apparent drug use and his history of theft would deem his opinion on the case being of no benefit to anyone as questions like “was you cracked up at the time?” or “How can you be sure of what you saw?” would be what every person in the courtroom would be thinking.

Things like this would mean he would fail any cross-examination so why should we the public treat his statements regarding the events in Amesbury any different?

Here I will list a set of quotes from Sam Hobson which put his Novichok story in serious doubt.

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Sam tells us he watched Dawn Sturgess being taken to an ambulance by men in hazmat suits and she had something in her mouth breathing for her, this was between 10:30 and 11am.

He goes on to explain how Charlie Rowley then came and spoke to him as Dawn was being prepared to go to hospital.

Charlie tells him Dawn had been feeling ill and went to get a bath, he heard a thud and found Dawn on the floor having fits with foam coming out of her mouth.

Sam says Charlie is then in a state as Dawn has gone but Charlie stayed to go to the chemist to get his daily hit of heroine supplement from the chemist before they went to the local park area as there was a hog roast and he and Charlie had dinner, though he also says Charlie Rowley was very upset at the time and he had to talk to him to comfort him.

According to Sam, they then go back to Charlie’s property where Charlie begins to feel unwell so he goes to get a shower and when he returns he begins to act strange and is described by the key witness as rocking against the wall, foaming at the mouth, gargling and as national press outlet the mirror put it “acting like a zombie”

I think Sam was acting like a Zombie when he slips up in a major way telling the people of the United Kingdom he then calls an ambulance and they RETURN in hazmat suits and take Charlie away at around 15:30 which is around four hours after Dawn was taken away by chemical weapons response teams.

This line puts valid questions on the table of the head of the operations in each department on the day the poisonings took effect’ or it puts doubt into Sams’ statements.

Either way, we have a situation where we are faced with scenarios that have no place in the world we live in.

Sam having to call back the emergency services means that the property must not of been on lockdown four hours after Dawn was taken away, nobody was sweeping the premises and no measures had been taken to ensure the safety of the general public for Novichok contamination.

Given recent events in the area the assumption that all involved first thought the cause of the emergency was drugs could be classed as an excuse after four hours.

In another interview on the same weekend if not day, Sam tells reporters he had been checked over and had the all clear, presumably for Novichok as that is what he mentions.

Fast forward to the day after Dawn had been reported dead we had a police statement from Chief Constable Kier Pritchard.

He states that 21 people had been checked over for Novichok at the hospital but he assured that none of those people were members of the public and all were from the emergency services

Was this clarification that Sam is either highly confused, drugged up to his eyeballs, or just outright telling lies, and if so can we believe any of his version of events?

It gets worse, and far less believable as Sam talks about how he had visited Salisbury the day before with Dawn and Charlie, they went to Queen Elizabeth Gardens after buying alcohol and it is when they were in the park that he states Dawn and Sam went somewhere for a chat which is rather odd.

Why did they need to leave their friends and why did Sam not know where they had gone?

It is in this void that Sam says Dawn and Charlie must of had a cigarette and been contaminated or touched something which made them fall ill – the next day.

Yes, you just read that right, this was the day before the stricken couple was hospitalised by what is said to be a military-grade chemical weapon that results in death within minutes of contact, not 24 hours for the effects to even begin surfacing.

Again this line puts serious doubts into the whole story and the more Sam talks the more he wrecks what seems to be a script and I am sure those behind it will be annoyed at how badly he has done in his interviews.

This adds more time to symptoms of the seemingly slow-releasing chemical weapon that the media want the whole of Salisbury to be in fear of.

The fact that the government has told the whole country that wiping items with baby wipes and to wash clothes with normal washing powder means I find this whole series of events very hard to believe and it seems orchestrated by media outlets, emergency services, and our all serving government once again.

Is this all another hoax?

UPDATE – Sam Hobson is listed as working for BBC on his Facebook page and Charlie Rowley comments on Sam’s picture in 2021.

It looks like it to me, the more the people we trust to protect us talk about recent events and ongoing investigations the more it all looks totally staged.

In Salisbury in January a very strange event took place when a post office was closed and swamped with a huge police response after what is said to be a suspicious package was handed into staff.

In what seems like another drill, the police and other emergency services acted together to swiftly remove any danger to the public but after watching the official statement from the force It is hard to argue a reason that this was not a drill, just listen to the language used in this video and all will become clear but remember this was portrayed as a real event and serious in nature.

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I am sure you will feel it has police pantomime written all over it.

Salisbury I am afraid it seems as though you are having your emotions pulled from pillar to post with these events and again I make the point that after Porton Down verified that Novichok has been used in both incidents this begs the question of what are they comparing samples to?

To be able to compare the compound reportedly found in the poisonings of Yulia, Sergei, Dawn, and Charlie, Porton Down must of had samples of Novichok at its disposal, to be able to create an anti-dote you must be in possession of the source of the virus or substance.

Watch my live stream where I explain how Porton Down has a history of poisoning the people of Salisbury with a series of shocking experiments in which the city was sprayed with Ecoli and a pathogen that mimics Anthrax in the 60’s and 70’s.

The delivery method was from air land and sea, they sprayed the area from planes and sent plumes of bacteria into the air from ships in a program that seems very much like modern-day chemtrailing of our skies.

Secret work conducted at Porton Down has resulted in the premature deaths of many people in the region so is it not worth questioning someone from there in regards to the alleged outbreak of chemical weapons over the past four months?

The thing various sections of UK media need to realise is that not every person in the nation is as stupid as they think, there are millions of people who fall for your crap but there is also a huge awakening taking place, and day by day people are seeing through your fiasco’s, they can spot your lies and cover-ups, we are deafened by your silences when it comes to reporting the truth and most importantly we are not afraid to speak out when we see it going on.

You can censor us and discredit our findings but we all know that the one thing that can never change is the truth and this is what you need to learn to apply to your work, it has gone beyond a joke.

The people of Britain and around the world do not have to put up with the emotional control and physiological warfare tactics you use on us from the day we are born, shaping opinions, education, lifestyles, communities, laws, wars, advertising oppression and failing to do what you are paid to do, be the voice of the people.

You have failed yourselves and that is why We Are The News.

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