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William Farrington CIA Photographer Roger Farrington, Clinton’s Friend?

Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged suicide photographer William Farrington caused a stir with his photographs after he managed to be on the scene to take his suspicious shots. This live stream shows how William Farrington is really Roger Farrington who is a famous photographer of the elite and has had secret service clearance at the White House in the past. The man who took the pictures that the world are talking about has been busted for his misleading ways thanks to Enchanted LifePath. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and website so you can receive…

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BREAKING BREAKING NEWS Jeffrey Epstein Jeffrey Epstein Suicide Mystery 

Jeffrey Epstein Suicide Photographer William Farrington That’s Not Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein suicide photographer mystery. ENCHANTED LIFEPATH FAIR USE DISCLAIMER: All images belonging to WILLIAM FARRINGTON on this article are being scrutinised as possible evidence that they do not appear to show JEFFREY EPSTEIN. This has been a great cause for public debate so it is high interest for the public that these images be available for criticism, comment, news reporting, as is the case here as well as teaching. No copyright infringements are being committed by Enchanted LifePath reports that show images taken by WILLIAM FARRINGTON and WILLIAM FARRINGTON…

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