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With the annual Southport Air Show cancelled on Friday due to adverse weather conditions on Merseyside, a lot of people were sad they had missed the chance to see the much loved mile high madness of the planes skimming dangerously close to each other around the skies, the deafening roar of the engines, or the thrills and gasps of the crowd as the daring pilots free fall into a seemingly kamikaze decent before climbing back up to the clouds with the elegance and beauty as the pilots release the colours we all relate to these flying festivals of fun.

The Southport Airshow did take place on Saturday September 10 2016, I was present for the Liverpool Echo as part of the live Tweet journalists team for @WhatsOnEcho here is the footage from the day.

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But for one niggling reason I got the feeling this was nothing new to me.

I had seen quite a lot of this type of activity in the skies of Liverpool in recent years, planes filling the skies with trails and making shapes in the sky.

The only catch being, the times I’m thinking of don’t excite me, it is the total opposite, they bring me to ask questions every time i see them, questions each and every one of us should be asking.

I have spent the past 12 months observing and documenting a toxic attack of the poison planes taking place day and night in the skies of Liverpool which puts all public health at immediate serious risk of cancer and Alzheimer’s disease to name just a couple of the fatal consequences.

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A covert weather Geo-modification operation has been ongoing that involves spraying the skies with harmful chemicals and light metals such as aluminium and barium which are also highly environmentally dangerous.

The poisonous nano particles are mixed with coal ash which helps the chemicals settle in the sky.

What appears to be normal passenger airliner condensation trails are in-fact chemicals which unlike usual contrails left behind by planes, spread out for miles and thicken up over hours until they join and fill the sky with a cloudy haze of disguised metals which most people would think is normal.

The substances then linger in our atmosphere and play a huge part in the artificial engineering of the Earths climate.

These metals in the sky act like a conductor as they float in the ionosphere.

They are hit by energy waves from HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program)

Blocking The Sun?

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