Tony Bellew V BJ Flores Press Conference | Liver Buildings | Liverpool | Monday 10 October 2016

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Champion Tony Bellew and BJ Flores came face to face at the Liver Buildings today for the pre-fight press conference ahead of their WBC cruiserweight world title fight at Liverpool’s Echo Arena on October 15.

Bomber’ Bellew was sharped tongued as ever during the hour long press conference taunting his opponent after he was filmed asking his corner how to block the ring off when in trouble during a previous fight.

Flores, who responded to taunts about his positioning, said: “I had never been in with a cruiserweight who ran so much”.

The former Rotunda ABC boxer expressed his confidence ahead of Saturdays showdown.

Bellew said: When I hit someone they feel it, trust me when I hit you for the first time you are going to think, what was that”.

“He can say whatever he wants and in the first round he’ll see the difference and see what I am talking about.

“I am going for a knockout. I don’t plan on going the distance and I don’t feel I need to go the distance.”

Tony Bellew took time to remember the early days of his career in the ring and paid tribute to his hero and late boxing trainer the legendary Jimmy Albertina.

Speaking fondly after the press conference to Enchanted LifePath Tv, he added: “Going all the way back to my decisions as an amateur, they were some mad decisions I made”.

“I had my first couple of amateur fights at a place called Stockbridge ABC but before i fought at Stockbridge (ABC) I went to the Rotunda and spent time with a man called Jimmy Albertina.

“I punched a bag a few times, I’d had no bouts, he asked me a couple of questions.

He said “have you boxed son”?

“I said no, Jimmy said “Kids who have not boxed do not hit the bags the way you just have”.

Jimmy Albertina pictured with Steven Smith at the Rotunda ABC

Bellew then spoke of how he asked Jimmy when he could have his first fight and after being told 18 months Tony left the Rotunda and joined Stockbridge ABC under the guidance of Mark Kinsella and Noel Quarless where he had three or four fights before returning to the Rotunda where he met Jimmy Albertina again.

A moment the WBC crusierweight champion of the world described as life changing.

“When I linked back up with Jimmy Albertina I honestly hand on heart can say my life changed because it was up on meeting Jimmy Albertina that I realised how hard boxing really was and how much you would have to give it if you was going to win something”.

“I trained under Jimmy for two years then Jimmy left us and passed away, I have got Jimmy’s name tattooed on my arm the only things I have tattooed on my body are my kids names and dates of births, I have Jimmy’s name, so, understand the importance of how much Jimmy Albertina means to me.

“jimmy Albertina is the reason I am where I am today, there is no denying that”.

“The people Jimmy Albertina has saved off streets, the hundreds and thousands of hours he put into that gym (the Rotunda ABC) for nothing, I deal with people now in a business and I pay people, Jimmy Albertina was looking after me for nothing and showed me a way of life and showed me how to become what I am today”

“I still see the family, still see Bernie his wife, I still see James and Mickey (Sons) I still see Dukey and all of my amateur coaches.

“Rotunda ABC changed my life, without the Rotunda ABC I’d be that kid off the streets still. People forget about Jimmy, but for as long as I am living breathing and talking,  Jimmy’s name will never go forgotten, ever.”


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